Big Alberta Black Bears #335

Big Alberta Black Bears #335

This Alberta Outfitter in late 2022 purchased an existing but very excellent, bear hunting operation and he has reached out to us for assistance. We wanted to sample it ourselves and give our clients the first jump on this bear hunt. Both Ed our company president, and his Dad, Butch the VP, reserved 2 of the May 2023 spots and fast acting clients another 4. A total of 8 hunters, they took 13 bears. Every sit produced bears for every hunter, except for 1 sit. Often multiple bears were seen. Ed took two bears, one that had a 20” + skull and the carcass skinned and minus head and paws scaled 283 pounds, putting it around 360 pounds’ live weight. A second bear can be added!! And there is excellent river fishing for pike and walleye, and even grayling. Bring a rod along for mid-day fishing.

The operation itself is well established (superb references)- and the old outfitter is now assisting and guiding. He is a very qualified guy also. Having in effect two outfitters will insure that the high level of success remains high! He now has a bear allocation for 16 spring bears (8 hunters taking 2 bears) for 2024. He has several local guides and he himself has both a law enforcement and military background. He supplies you with a detailed list of equipment; supplies you a list of your travel needs and documents, and sends you trail cam pix as the hunt get closer! All our 2023 clients complimented him on his responsiveness, his details and his frequent trail cam pictures. From our personal observations, this is a caring guy who will bust his butt for you!!

Bears over the past 10 or so years have averaged around 6 feet, with some reaching 7 feet or a bit more. Success has normally pushed 100% and we see no reason to think that will change. Huge heads seem common, meaning 18 to 22 inches. Big old melon heads! Hunts will be between May 14 to May 27 and dates will be assigned in the order that reservations are received.

This area has a reputation for having lots of bears and bears with large heads. Some color Phase bears too. Our personal hunts in 2023 convinced us of the large bear numbers in this concession. And for 2024 and beyond they are adding on a boat and motor and will have a number of stands reachable by water only, in areas that have not been hunted in many years. We can’t wait to see what comes from those stands! Also we thought it great that every bear seen had luxurious shiny coats- every bear!

So you may sit an inland site on day 1; then move to a water site on Day 2- whatever it takes. Most importantly with their small number of hunters they will have an excess number of available baited stands, all pre-scouted and pre-baited before your arrival. As you can see from the first picture — there is no shortage of bears- that picture has 4 in a single frame! Mornings are for baiting, resting or going fishing; you only hunt the afternoons. It stays light a loooong time, so be prepared with snacks, butt cushions, insect nets and the very useful Thermacells, a flashlight, water, a pee jar, rain gear, etc. Our 2023 hunts had us on stand from 3PM to 10PM or later. Be sure to bring a camera or video, filming bears is fun!

We got a chance to meet, talk with and observe their in-house taxidermist and he stayed in camp. We scoped out pictures of his finished work. He was diligent to the extreme in caring for hides and caping out. This means we were able to simply turn everything over to him for mounting and shipping. Nice!

A boat was added for 2023. Almost untouched is the river fishing for pike and walleye. Reports were that many fish were caught constantly. Mainly pike and walleye, but a grayling was lost and there are better fast water areas for grayling. Fly or spin. Butch was literally drooling on one bait site watching the grayling sample flies in the 50’ wide stream below him. Cost is minimal- covering gas, oil and wear and tear- Just $100/person/day for ½ day. Fun way to spend the slow mid-day hours.

This is a wilderness tent camp. Wall tents, sleeping bags (furnished), solid cots with thick foam mattresses, wood stoves, a shower area and a cook tent and a dining area with netting. Nothing fancy, but it gives you a great atmosphere and a fun experience.

Fly or drive to Edmonton or Calgary, AB and then take a 1.5-hour plane ride to Fort McMurray, where you will be met and driven about 1.5 hours to the camp. PLAN TO ARRIVE BEFORE NOON!


6 DAY HUNT $4300US (Includes one bear) Second Bear tag: $1500 US

DEPOSIT IS 50% of hunt price due on booking. Final balance is paid to outfitter NLT April 14.

2025 Dates:
May 13-19 (6 spots)
May 19-25 (6 spots)

PRICING INCLUDES: Your license, the 6 day hunt, your food and lodging, guiding, round trip transport to camp from the airport and back to Fort McMurray.

EXTRAS: The license at $350; the SECOND BEAR TAG with guiding at $1500, tips for guide and staff, trophy transport, any hotels for you elsewhere (airports). NOTE: If you wish to continue hunting after taking your first bear, you must pay the $1200 second bear fee. That fee includes your second tag.

This outfitter acquired 2 moose tags for 2023 and we sent two clients there for the inaugural hunt. This hunt takes place on the Athabasca river. Clients who elect to fly will travel to Edmonton and rent a car for the two hour drive to Athabasca where they will be met by the outfitter. Accommodations will consist of a wall tent camp with generators providing hot water on demand with showers. Wood stoves and a full kitchen with home cooked meals will also be provided.

Hunting will consist of spot and stalk calling as well as running the river searching for love sick bulls looking for cows. There will also be a couple of quads in camp to access further reaches of the area. The goal will be for bulls in the 40”-50” range. Only 2 spots available both with 1×1 guiding. A full 7 days of hunting with the opportunity for some mid-day fishing. Also a great chance of taking a wolf. Tag for wolf will be included in the cost of hunt but a $500 trophy fee for successful harvest will be charged.

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; all prices in USD)


7 day hunt $10,500 per person 1×1 guiding

Dates: October 1-7, 2025 (2 spots)


New for 2024 this outfitter will be offering 2 bow zone whitetail deer tags. He has personally hunted this area for years and has done extensive scouting and placed several tree stands in productive areas. He has multiple trail cameras out during the year specifically during the season in search of big rutting bucks.

The hunt will be conducted during the peak of the rut from tree stands on private property adjacent to public lands only accessible through their property. Accommodations will be cabins with home cooked meals. If you tag out early on your buck the outfitter will take you coyote hunting at no additional charge and supply the rifle.

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; all prices in USD)

7 day hunt $5,500 per hunter

Dates: November 4-10 or November 17-23, 2024 ( 2 spots)

PLEASE Talk to us at Hunt Nation about passports, gun permits and US Customs form 4457.

If you have a DUI conviction or other similar things, please talk to us about requirements for entry into Canada.

Firearms: You are allowed to bring your personal firearm with you. This includes your rifles, shotguns or muzzleloaders (NO HANDGUNS, SUPPRESSORS OR AR-15-TYPE RIFLES!). For your firearms, a simple one-page form is required to be filled out to obtain a temporary Canadian firearms permit. This form can be down-loaded or mailed to you well in advance from The Royal Canadian Mounted Police at FORM 5589. Completing this in duplicate in advance should reduce your time clearing customs. DO NOT SIGN IT UNTIL YOU APPEAR IN FRONT OF CUSTOMS, but fill it out. A confirmed declaration costs a flat fee of $25, regardless of the number of firearms listed on it. It is only valid for the person who signs it and for those firearms listed on the declaration. IF YOU HAVE A DUI OR A CRIMINAL RECORD, CALL US! YOU MAY BE DENIED ADMITTANCE. NO FORMS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING YOUR HUNTING BOW INTO CANADA!

You will also need a U.S. Customs form 4457 – easy and no cost to obtain. It is simply proof of ownership from U.S. Customs. Mandatory basically! Go to nearest U.S. Customs office, and bring your gun along.


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