Plains & Dangerous Game Safari South Africa #300

Plains & Dangerous Game Safari South Africa #300

Huge-kudu-300x199 As we do with all outfitters that are new to us, we investigated this operation before signing them on, including contacting their references. Rarely have we heard such rave reviews of an outfitter! We simply didn’t encounter a single negative comment. Everyone was thoroughly impressed with everything, from start to finish. But beyond just being impressed by the quantity and the quality of game, people seemed most impressed with the staff, particularly the PH and his wife. One hunter said that despite enjoying a fabulous hunt and taking 8 trophies, his fondest memories of the trip were his time spent with the PH, whom he described like this: “He’s gold! You won’t find anyone better.” Here’s how another hunter put it:

“A person can go lots of places and feel welcome, but not many places can make you feel like family! That is exactly how I felt!” – Dwight S.


This PH has guided clients all over southern Africa to truly memorably safaris for over 20 years. They will custom-tailor your safari (including archery hunts) to suit your tastes, desires, schedule and budget. And they hunt a variety of game-rich areas in South Africa, all with luxury accommodations, including Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and Free State. You can also choose to hunt 1-on-1 with the PH, or share your safari and hunt 2×1 with a friend or relative and save a bit of money. Then you simply pay a trophy fee for each animal you harvest – it’s that simple.

If you like to bowhunt, this PH is that he will let you choose how you wish to hunt. Most bowhunting in Africa is done over waterholes, and you are certainly free to do as much of that as you wish. But if you’d rather spend your day instead hunting in the classic African way of covering ground in a safari vehicle and spotting & stalking your quarry, that’s up to you. And you can use a bow or a crossbow.

Big-warthog-300x300 IMG-20170421-WA0013-300x225

2024 PRICES (all prices are in USD and are subject to change without notice until deposit received)

As is the case with most safari operators in Africa, pricing consists of a base daily rate for whatever number of days you’d like, plus trophy fees for all species harvested (or wounded). We like this pricing structure because you only pay for those species that you bag, and there is lots of incentive for the PH to put you on game.

  • $450/day per person 2×1; $550/day per person 1×1; Non-hunters $250/day per person (less for children)

RIFLE HUNTING TROPHY FEES (Please ask for pricing for Big Game hunts)


Baboon $215
Blesbuck, Common $800
Blesbuck, White $1100
Blesbuck, Golden $1750
Bontebok $2000
Bushbuck $1750
Bushpig $2000
Caracal $2700
Civet $2700
Common Reedbuck $1950
Mountain Reedbuck $1500
Duiker $650
Eland, Cape $3500
Oryx (Gemsbuck) $1900
Oryx Golden $3000
Giraffe $4250
Genet $2400
Honey badger $2500
Red Hartebeest $1950
Spotted or Brown Hyena $5500
Impala $700
Impala (Black) $3000
Impala (White flank) $3500
Jackal $220
Kudu less than 55′ $3800
Kudu more than 55′ $4800
Kudu more than 60′ $7000
Vervet Monkey $160
Klipspringer $2300
Nyala $3000
Ostrich $950
Red Letchwe $3500
Roan $8500
Sable to 40′ $6500
Sable over 40′ $8500
Serval $3225
Springbuck $800
Springbuck (Black) $1400
Springbuck (Copper) $1900
Springbuck (White) $1900
Steenbuck $550
Tsessebe $3000
Warthog $700
Waterbuck $2700
Blue Wildebeest $1750
Black Wildebeest $1650
Golden Wildebeest $3500
Kings Wildebeest $4200
Zebra, Burchell’s $1900
Zebra, Mountain $2150

Dangerous Game

Cape Buffalo under 40″ $11500
Cape Buffalo 40-42″ $13500
Cape Buffalo cow $5400
Crocodile $9110
Hippo $11500
Lion – non-exportable $8000+
Lioness – non-exportable $5500+


  • Pick up and drop off to/from O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg
  • Accommodations
  • 3 meals per day
  • Local beer and wine in moderation
  • Water and soft drinks
  • Daily laundry
  • Full time service of a licensed and experienced Professional Hunter (PH)
  • Trained courteous staff, including trackers and skinners
  • Field care of your trophies
  • Transportation within hunting area

Not Included:

  • All flights
  • Trophy fees on animals shot or wounded
  • Crossbow/rifle hire of $70/day
  • Dipping, packing, taxidermy and/or trophy export costs
  • Gratuities
  • Administration fee ($200/hunter)

They also offer a variety of package prices that consist of a pre-set list of various species and include trophy fees. Please ask us for their current available specials.


All accommodations are deluxe, with ensuite bathrooms and some even have a swimming pool. Their chef offers a gourmet safari menu (along with famous South African wines and beers), and they can even prepare dishes using game you harvested (we think every hunter should have the chance to try the meat from their successful hunt).

Room-3-300x232  Room-1-300x225

You will fly into O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and your outfitter will pick you up there for the 90-minute drive to the lodge.

No special paperwork is required to bring your bow or crossbow into South Africa. However, because some bow cases can look similar to a rifle case, it is helpful to attach a sticker to the outside of your bow case indicating “No Rifle, No Ammunition”, to hopefully avoid it being directed to South African Police for special inspection upon your arrival in Johannesburg.

In terms of airlines, South African Airlines may exempt “sporting equipment” – such as your bow case – from the usual weight limits of your luggage. It’s worth checking into!

This outfitter also offers guided photographic safaris in Kruger National Park and surrounding areas, and guided tours of Cape Town (one of the most beautiful areas of South Africa). Many clients choose to add 2 or 3 days of such excursions to the start or end of their hunting safaris, to make for a perfect vacation for the whole family. They will customize these trips to suit you.



This PH has extensive professional hunting experience throughout southern Africa, and he is excited to now be offering hunts in Tanzania (some great river fishing can be added too). He will be hunting in the Mbarangandu Block, Category 2, Namtumbo District in the Ruvuma Region, just south of the game-rich Selous Preserve. Hunters will stay in classic East African tent camps, with ensuite bathrooms.

His introductory pricing is well below other operations in Tanzania! In addition, he is offering (for a limited time) Hunt Nation clients a 10% discount on the daily rates.


Plains Game – 10 days @ $1,250/day + $1,500 Hunting Permit
Buffalo, Plains Game – 10 days @ $1,500/day + $1,500 Hunting Permit
2x Buffalo, Plains Game – 12 days @$1,750/day + $3,000 Hunting Permit
2x Buffalo, Hippo, Croc, Plains Game – 12 days @ $2,250/day + $3,000 Hunting Permit
Leopard, Buffalo, Plains Game – 14 days @ $2,500/day + $4,500 Hunting Permit
Elephant, Buffalo, Plains Game – 16 days @ $2,750/day + $4,500 Hunting Permit
Lion, Buffalo, Plains Game – 16 days @ $2,750/day + $4,500 Hunting Permit
All Species – 21 days @ $3,500/day + $4,500 Hunting Permit
Non-hunting observes – $350/day ea.
Rifle rental – $70/day + ammo

African Wildcat $400
Baboon (yellow) $250
Bushbuck (Chobe) $1,200
Bushpig $900
Cape Buffalo 1st $3,500
Cape Buffalo 2nd $4,250
Cape Buffalo 3rd $5,500
Cape Buffalo 4th $7,000
Caracal $300
Civet (African) $400
Crocodile (Nile) $4,500
Duiker (Common) $450
Duiker (Red) $750
Eland (Livingston) $3,000
Elephant 20-25kg $15,000
Elephant 25-30kg $18,000
Elephant 30kg+ $33,000
Genet Cat $400
Hare $40
Hartebeest (Lichtenstein) $1,390
Hippo $4,500
Honey Badger $600
Hyena (spotted) $1,500
Hyrax $200
Impala (Southern) $650
Jackal (Black-backed) $300
Kudu (East African/Greater) $3,500
Leopard $9,000
Lion $20,000
Mongoose $120
Monkey (Blue and Vervet) $200
Porcupine (Crested) $300
Reedbuck (Bohor) $1,200
Sable (Roosevelt) $4,500
Grysbok (Sharp’s) $700
Warthog $450
Waterbuck (common) $1,500
Wildebeest (Nyasa) $1,600
Zebra (Burchell’s) $1,900

Dip & pack is $1,200-$1,900, depending on safari. Trophy export permit is $500. Air charters from Dar es Salaam to hunt area are $1,750 per person round trip, and will also require a 5+ hour drive to camp. Private charters will run $4,000-$6,000 per person round trip.