British Columbia Elk, Moose, Sheep, Goat, & Caribou #192

British Columbia Elk, Moose, Sheep, Goat, & Caribou #192

Copy-of-BC-192-elk-2008 This outfitter has nearly 6,000 square miles to hunt, with nine species of big game including Stone Sheep, goat, Mountain Caribou, moose, elk, grizzly, black bear, mule deer and whitetails, plus lynx. The outfitter is located in northern British Columbia just over 100 miles west of Fort Nelson. This outfit has been in the business for nearly 25 years and his hunting area includes two major river drainages that include wide variety of terrain and wildlife. Hunting is primarily from horses.

This outfitter’s clients tag some impressive elk. Bulls range from 300- to 350-inch class on average. Truth is, bulls averaging better than 300-inch class are tough to find these days except at very high cost, with nearly impossible draw odds, or with wildly expensive landowner tags. Well-to-do clients routinely spend $20,000 or more for a chance at elk in the 350-inch class and up. While this outfitter’s elk hunts are certainly not cheap, his nearly 100% success rate every year on bulls in the 300- to 350-inch class certainly raises some eyebrows. The mandatory 6 point minimum on a side insures these big 300” to 350” plus bulls will be there for you! This outfitter’s rifle hunts take place during the early bugle season when trophy bulls are screaming. Hearing elk that are hot and vocalizing is extremely exciting! Most of the bulls taken are called into range. There’s nothing like a screaming, fighting mad bull coming in hot! It doesn’t get any better than that. While no-one can guarantee a 300 to 350″ bull, that is a reasonable expectation. These folks have a huge area and they also manage it by rotating hunting areas yearly and by cutting in new trails to previously un-hunted areas. They do controlled burns and also are one of the most remote outfits in BC, sitting at the end of the Rocky Mountains.

The valley they hunt is game rich and has a relatively mild climate, helping insure their game prospers. Clients stay in tents or cabins. There is a six-point minimum in this area, which ensures plenty of mature, branched-antlered bulls. The 11-day hunt takes place in early September. This can be a very physical hunt so prepare, get in shape and come ready to hunt. We suggest adding on a black bear tag and/or a wolf tag- you only pay the trophy fee!


This outfitter’s moose may be even more impressive than his elk. The outfitter’s success rate has been 100% and that’s for bulls averaging 50 to 65 inches. This may be some of the best moose hunting in Canada right now. The outfitter only takes 25 moose out of this huge area when he could easily take 100 moose without any ill effects. These hunts are guided 1 x 1 hunts from either cabins or wall tents with all the amenities. Ideally you’ll be hunting moose during the rut when they readily respond to calling. Moose in this area must have three brow points or 10 points total to be legal so bulls are given a chance to mature and grow trophy antlers. If you combine with goat, the billy’s at that time have their winter capes and make gorgeous mounts.

Hunting takes place about 80 miles from the Yukon border, so moose will approach Alaska-Yukon sizes pushing the 60-inch plateau. A 50- to 60-inch brute is a reasonable expectation. Six of the top 20 Boone & Crockett bulls in the books for Canadian moose have come from this area.

Mountain goats consistently score either side of 9 to 10 inches. Goats require good conditioning, so get ready for that, although sometimes they are in easier areas. Hunting is via horseback, but a good amount of hiking is required, too. Given the size of his moose, the outfitter’s pricing is very reasonable and if you combo with a goat or Mountain caribou the price represents a heck of a bargain. These are full, 14-day trips with 1 x 1 guiding. The outfitter’s Mountain caribou are gorgeous in September and have tremendous capes then. This area is known for some of the world’s premier caribou with big white manes making for a great trophy. Mountain caribou are the biggest caribou specie. This is mountainous country and hunts will be physical. Goats the toughest of course, moose and caribou less so, but none of these hunts are a walk in the park The moose hunts can be tailored to be a bit easier, to meet your physical ability, so if that is a concern we want you to talk with the outfitter.

Most of their moose hunts are on horseback, but there are lakes to hunt where they use boats, which makes these hunts a bit easier. Hunts include black bear and wolf as animals of opportunity at no fee, but you must buy the tags ahead of time.



Hunts originate out of Fort Nelson, BC via Edmonton or Vancouver using Central Mountain Air. The outfitter will pick you up in Fort Nelson and drive you to their base camp. From there you’ll fly into whichever outpost camp will be your base. If you take the Alaskan highway expect two very long days.

2025 PRICING: 2024 (Sold Out) (All pricing is subject to change until hunt deposit is paid)
2025 Price List and Information Sheet

Stone Sheep Hunts 1×1 10-day Backpack or Horseback
July 29 – August 10; August 10 – August 23; August 23 – September 4 $85,000.

Trophy Elk Hunts 1×1 10-day Backpack or Horseback
September 4 – 16 (1×1 11-day) $15,500
September 4 – 16 (2×1 11-day) $12,500.

Moose or Caribou Hunts 1×1 10-day Horseback or Boat w/fishing $24,500
August 29- September 9 (2 spots); September 9 – September 20;
September 20 – October 1; October 1-11 (2 spots)

Goat Hunts 1×1 & 2×1 10-day Backpack / Horseback / Boat $17,500 1×1 $13,500 2×1
September 1 – September 10; September 16 – September 27; September 27 – October 8

2 Species Combo Hunt 1×1 12-day Horseback or Backpack $29,500
Moose, Goat, Caribou, Elk. Any 2 included

Harvest Fees for extra animals:
Moose $16,500
Caribou $16,500
Goat or Elk $9,500
Black Bear $5,500
Wolf (Free)

*only applies when carrying additional tags on A single species hunt (Main animal is included in price)
Trophy Fees will be paid by Cash or Certified check IF ANIMAL IS WOUNDED OR KILLED.

Additional Costs
Air Charter Flights $3,500
Gun Rental $750
Non-Hunting Companion -Optional $6000
Trophy Inspection/Boiling/Cleaning/
Import Export permits
$895 – $1195

License Fees
Non-Resident Big Game License $602
Stone Sheep $694
Goat $392
Moose $280
Elk $280
Caribou $258
Black Bear $180
Wolf $56
* NOTE: All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change

WOUNDING: Wounded animals which are rare are considered your animal. You and your guide will spend remainder of the hunt trying to locate that particular animal. They will also continue to monitor the area afterwards for the animal if it is not found to hopefully recover it at some point if possible. If you are not comfortable with your shot please do not take it, and practice prior to your hunt – please.

DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS You must pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Your deposit is nonrefundable. The balance of the hunt is due June 1st by Wire transfer, certified check or cash. Prices are subject to change without notice. Cancellations will result in the forfeit of the deposit unless you provide a replacement for the hunt. All prices subject to 5% Gov sales Tax. Hunt dates booked two or more years in advance require a 25% deposit to book and an additional 25% paid by Nov 1st of the prior year of the hunt. All hunts must be paid in full NLT June 1 of the hunt year.

BOWS AND GUNS: You are allowed to bring your personal firearms with you. This includes your rifles and/or shotguns. For your firearms, a simple one-page form is required to be filled out to obtain a temporary Canadian Firearms permit. This form (CAFC 909) can be down-loaded or mailed to you well in advance from THE CANADIAN FIREARMS CENTRE at click on the link on the left hand side for visitors/non residents, then download the NON RESIDENT FIREARM DECLARATION (form CAFC 909). Completing this in advance should reduce your time clearing customs. BMOA can help you complete it. Do not sign it until you appear in front of Customs- but fill it out. A confirmed declaration costs a flat fee of $25, regardless of the number of firearms listed on it. It is only valid for the person who signs it and for those firearms listed on the declaration. It is a simple form to fill out. IF YOU HAVE A DUI OR A CRIMINAL RECORD- CALL US! You may be denied admittance with a firearm.
You cannot hunt within six hours of flying. Also no hunting is done on travel/changeover days, as the crews need time to get ready. Also, expect to lose a bit of time on a combo hunt, when one trophy is taken, and needs to be properly caped and saved. This can consume a good part of a day, but needs to be done. Normally, transport of large portions of meat is not economically feasible, but if you want it, let us know and we will work on it with you.

EXTRAS:  Licenses are not included. Outfitter will send you an application form for the licenses of your choice, once you have actually booked. Charter fees are not included and vary with camp you will be assigned to. The charter fee may not be known exactly until close to your trip due to changing fuel prices, but we can get you an estimate. You must pay a GST tax on cost of hunt and the trophy fees. Non-hunters are extra. Shipping of meat or trophy is not included, although the charter fee will include flying out your trophy.

MEAT/TROPHIES: Taking 50 lbs of meat per hunter is allowed if you so choose. If you wish to take more than 50 lbs. or the entire animal, it will need to be arranged prior to the hunt and extra charter fees will occur. Bring a soft cooler bag to accommodate the meat which the motel can help by putting the meat in the cooler overnight for the next day carry on.

Shipping of Trophies: All trophies will need to stay at Terminus to be cared for. Government inspection, Import & Export Permits, boiling, cleaning, and proper paperwork will be done after the season. They will be crated and shipped directly to the destination of your choice from Spokane, WA. More than one trophy will fit in one crate. Additional charges will apply for all this work. If you have any questions or need additional info, please call us at Hunt Nation.

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