This outfitter in southeast British Columbia offers hunts for 11 different big game species, being elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, Shiras moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, lynx and wolf – a true multi species bonanza (there is no better place that BC for multi-species hunts)! They will work with you in terms of style of hunting, and will use horses, hiking, ATVs and 4x4s – whatever works for you. You can stay in spike cabins or wall tents and even in smaller tents on some extreme hunts.

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ELK (includes 1 Mule Deer or Whitetail)
This outfitter hunts the Kootenay Region, which has the highest population of elk in British Columbia. You are only allowed to harvest bulls that have a minimum of six (6) points or better on one side. Bulls range from 270” to 350”. Hunting the rut is one of the most exhilarating experiences. The sound of bugling bulls is what draws most hunters back, often year after year.

251.2012-cloutier-bighorn-sheep-ram-300x225  BIGHORN SHEEP (includes 1 Mule Deer)
Hunting these fabulous animals requires money, stamina and luck, no matter where you go. Hunt rams early in the scenic, high-alpine basins while they are in their summer patterns and bachelor groups, or late season on their winter range when bad weather pushes the older rams down into more easily reached areas as they search for ewes. This hunt will challenge even the most dedicated hunter, physically and mentally. You need to be in peak physical condition – the stamina and ability to push through pain are mandatory requirements for success. Rams must be full curl and range from 160” to 180”-class. These rams live in some of the toughest country in the Rockies, which makes any ram taken a true trophy. Any trophy bighorn comes only with hard work. This is primarily a backpack hunt with some use of horses and ATVs. It is a 1×1 hunt, and a mule deer is included.

MOUNTAIN GOAT (includes 1 Mule Deer)

This territory has some excellent mountain goat terrain. Many goats can be glassed right from the main camp porch. Mature billies are selectively harvested and can range from 9″ to 10 ½”. There are a limited number of tags available due to the 100% success rate, so book early. You will spend many hours glassing each day, so have top-notch optics. Best times are mid-October into November for best hair. You will hunt from remote cabins and spike tents and mule deer are included in the hunt.

Shiras Moose Hunting (includes Mule Deer):251-300x225
These giant animals are managed very carefully in the Kootenay Region, as such only a limited number of tags are offered. You have your choice of hunting September with archery or late October with a rifle. Moose here range anywhere from 40″ to 55″. During the bow season you can often call the rutting bulls right in. By Oct 15, the rifle opener, most rutting activity is slowing down. Success rate is normally at about 100%. And mule deer are included in the price. While considered to be Shiras moose for SCI, B&C considers these to be Canadian moose, not Shiras. Often it does not matter to most hunters looking for a Shiras.

251.deer2008johnandsteve-300x225  Mule & WhiteTail Deer Hunting:
Big, wild mountain muleys always command your respect. The early fall Bachelor groups of Mule deer bucks are usually hunted early season in high alpine basins. You are only allowed to harvest Bucks with a minimum of 4 points on one side. These magnificent bucks can be hunted primarily or combined with other species. IN the later season, rutting activity pushes the big bucks down into lower elevations.

Cougar, Bobcat & Lynx Hunts Hunting:
These elusive cats are hunted November through January depending on snow pack levels. A fresh track and a good bunch of hounds is how we hunt these big predators. Only mature “toms” are harvested. You can hunt them best with snow on the ground, and anywhere from November through January. A treed cat give you awesome chances for filming and for photos, so be sure to bring both along!  Black Bear Hunting:
Grizzlies are NO LONGER LEGAL TO HUNT IN BC “Spot & Stalk” methods are used for Black Bears. These Black Bears are well known for their color variations. They have a healthy population OF bears.

Wolf can be added to any hunt simply by purchasing a wolf tag. Despite their extremely shy nature, there is a fair chance you’ll see a wolf, hear them howl, or come across fresh sign during your hunt.

You can drive to their base camp built about 10 years ago. Base camp has 3 oarge cabins for clients to use. Wood hear, hot water, showers and a creek are all present. Spike Camps consist of two (2) other cabins located in the southern portion of the area. One sleeps four (4) and the other sleeps up to eight (8). And there are several wall tent camps or pup tents are placed strategically throughout the area to keep you close to the action.

2018 PRICES:
Elk (includes mule deer)
Aug. 31-Sept.7 Archery Only, Any Bull 1 on 1 $ 5,000.00
2 on 1 $ 4,000.00pp
Sept. (8 day hunt) Min. 6 point Bulls 1 on 1 $ 7,000.00
Any weapon 2 on 1 $ 6,500.00pp

Bighorn Sheep (full curl rams) (includes mule deer)
Sept.-Oct. (10 day hunt) Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloader Price upon request

Goat (Includes Mule Deer)
Oct.-Nov. (8 day hunt) Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloader 1 on 1 $ 10,00.00

Shiras Moose (Includes Mule Deer)
Sept. (8 day hunt) Archery Only 1 on 1 $ 9,000.00
Oct. (8 day hunt) Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloader 1 on 1 $9,000

Mule Deer
Aug. 31-Sept.7 Archery Only 1 on 1 $ 4,500.00
Sept. 9 thru Nov. Any Weapon 2 on 1 $ 4,000.00

Lynx/Bobcat Combo
Nov.-Dec.(8 days) Any Weapon $ 5000.00

Black Bear
May/ June (8 days) 1 on 1 $ 4,000.00
2 on 1 $ 3,500.00pp

Wolf $ 4500.00

– Prices are in US Funds
– GST, Licenses/Tags are extra and are not included in above prices
– Hunt pricing includes lodging/meals and transportation during your hunt from Cranbrook
– Multi species hunt options ask about availability
– Please add $ 200.00 HPF fee to each hunt
– Non hunting guests $ 250.00 per day
Contracts Each hunter will be mailed a hunt contract after deposits have been received. Which you are required to mail it back to us fully completed.
Each hunter is required to read and sign an assumption of risk and release from liability form prior to hunt.


A fire arm declaration form must be completed for your hunt.. This form will act as your fire arm license and registration during your stay in Canada and is good for one (1) year. You will be required to fill out your personal info and make/model, serial number and length of barrel of your rifle. You may put up to 3 firearms on one form. This form must be signed and paid when you go through customs. For more information you can visit the Canada Fire Arms Program website. You must also register your fire arm with US customs (using a form 4457) before you enter into Canadian customs. Check with the particular border crossing well before your hunt.


All licenses and tags are guaranteed. There no applications or draws to enter. Many species are on quota, be sure to ask on availability as some are sold out several years in advance. The outfitter will purchase the required tags on your behalf and issue them to you upon your arrival.


Canadian Rockies International Airport (250-426-7913) is located just 10 minutes from Cranbrook, BC. Many of our clients fly into Spokane Washington and rent an SUV or car and make the 3.5 hour scenic drive however, with the launch of Delta Airlines direct flights to the Candadian Rockies International Airport from numerous airports in the Continental United States, its never been easier to get here.
All clients are required to arrive in Cranbrook the day prior to their hunt and book a hotel room as well as the last day of their hunt for departure the next day.  Heritage Inn 250-489-4301

Your Hunt Includes:
Each hunt includes all transportation from your arrival in Cranbrook until your hunt is over;, all accommodations(camp facilities), all meals, your qualified and licensed guides and field care of trophies.

Not Included:

Each hunt does not include applicable taxes, license, tags, meat processing, fleshing and salting of capes (harvested game can be dropped off at a taxidermist so you can continue on with your hunt asap), alcohol, your hotel room before and the evening of the last day of the hunt. Example hunt dates September 9-17 you need to book a room for September 8 and September 17.

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