We here at Hunt Nation think this outfitter has some of the best elk hunting that Western Colorado has to offer. He hunts both public and private ground using each as seasons and elk movements dictate. He tries hard to ensure that you have a quality hunt with great memories to last a lifetime. He has the right mixture of experienced guides, hearty home-cooked meals and comfortable accommodations to make your hunting trip worth every dollar. They strive to reach their goal of providing each hunter a quality experience.

They specialize primarily in guided hunts but do offer a small number of un-guided hunts as well.
Their quality shot opportunity rates are excellent on both mule deer and elk every year; with around 90%+ opportunity for both rifle deer and elk; about the same for archery deer, and about 70% for archery elk. Bear in mind that a shot opportunity with bow, means 60 yards or under, so he is getting everyone into lots of elk to have such a high shot opportunity. High shot opportunity is critical on archery hunts generally and especially nice on elk!

This pattern we believe should continue for years to come with their healthy herd numbers and a limited number of hunters taken each year. Guides are normally top-notch with a local knowledge of the game and the land. Their private ranches range from 5,000 to 9,000 feet in elevation with a wide variety of terrain consisting of cedar and sage up into oak brush, aspen and spruce. He hunts in Game Management Units 52, 53, 54, 55, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 70, 411, 521 & 551

All hunts are 100% Fair Chase on prime private ranch property and BLM Lands. He takes a limited number of clients so as to properly manage the quality of the big game herds on the lands they lease. Elk hunts are mostly spot and stalk (including glassing and walking) — with some tree stand and ground blind setups as well as calling during the rut. Rag-horn bulls, mature 5X5 and 6X6’s and a few bulls to 330-340 B&C can be expected in these units. You will use 4×4 vehicles and ATV’s to access places on the ranches, and then hike on foot from there. Expect to do a lot of glassing especially during the Mule Deer hunts. Mule Deer will range from 160-200 B&C or larger. They lease many different properties in GMU’s 52, 53, 62, 63, 65 & 521 and are permitted for all BLM land in these units as well. They have some landowner vouchers for deer, or else you need points to draw a deer tag.

BEAR: They also offer fully guided rifle bear hunts in the month of September or you can harvest a black bear during your elk or deer hunt for a $500 trophy fee. Color phase bears are very common.

LODGING: You will stay in plain but comfortable cabins at 9,000 ft. or a guest house at 5,500 ft. depending on the season and species being hunted. Their full service cook will prepare three meals each day along with many snack foods and drinks. They provide clean bedding and a hot shower at both facilities. They can accommodate most individuals with different physical capabilities, just ask.

Hunts are typically 2 on 1 with 1 on 1 hunts available for an additional fee. All hunts are 4 to 5 days unless otherwise stated. They provide airport pickup and drop-off from Montrose, CO (MTJ) or you can fly into Grand Junction, CO (GJT) and rent a car to drive to camp. They retrieve your trophy from the field and transport it to the local processor and taxidermist if desired. Caping, processing and taxidermy costs are the client’s responsibility and are not included in the hunt price. If you wish to leave your meat for local donation, you must still pay for the processing.

This Outfitter has over 20 years experience, and is a licensed Colorado Guide and Outfitter. Colorado has a complicated set of rules for obtaining tags for big game. They have OTC (over the counter tags) for certain species — in certain places — at certain times. But they also have an extensive draw system for special limited area tags. So a dual system. However, in addition to the normal Colorado draw system or over the counter tag system, Colorado issues a limited number of vouchers for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle landowner mule deer, usually in areas of too many animals. These vouchers are for sale through this outfitter and his landowners, each year for those unsuccessful in the draw or those with no preference points. Voucher costs vary from $2000 to upwards of $10,000 for premium vouchers on premium grounds. Or apply to draw or else choose an over the counter tag and go hunting.

P. Stuart, 2nd Rifle Season 2022: “He and his crew do an amazing job; they are blessed with riches of wildlife and know how to hunt them a perfect balance of hard driving fun to achieve success this is their home and they have access to a rich collection of public land , private access to public land , and private leases with local knowledge of how to hunt these areas 2nd rifle my three adult sons and I and a dear friend were all successful on trophy mule deer the pictures speak for themselves this required pushing all the way to the last evening and the group’s optimism and hard work enabled us to get it done i will definitely be back!”
D. Kohl, 4th Rifle Season 2022: “ Excellent hunt great 34” wide buck”

M. Fandal, Archery 2022: “ He operates a first class outfitting operation. Quality game on the areas they have access to hunt. Would highly recommend. Rebooked for next season.”

D. Southwick, 4th Rifle Season 2022: “Finally drew a 4th season deer tag. My guide was Justin; saw 30-50 bucks per day, hunted three days, great food and a 187 buck. Everyone on his staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. Great experience!”

B. Murphy, 3rd Rifle Season 2022: “Great outfitter! Lodging was clean and comfortable. Food was excellent. He knows the game and area exceptionally well. High quality experience and I can’t wait to return.”


5 Day – Elk Muzzleloader & 1st Rifle Season $7,000
5 Day – Elk Archery Season $6,500
4 Day- Elk 2nd & 3rd Rifle $6,500
Deer/Elk Combo $11,500
3 day Guided Cow Elk $2,500
4 or 5 Day Cow Hunt $3,000
3 Day – Management Mule Deer Hunt $3,500
4 Day and 5 Day Hunts – Trophy Mule Deer $7,000 Plus trophy fees:
Deer Trophy Fees: Gross: 170-179: $500; Gross 180-189: $1,000; Gross 190-199: $1,500; Gross 200 or over: $2,000
(Trophy Fees DO NOT apply when Mule Deer is harvested on an UN-Guided Hunt)
Black Bear $500 Kill Fee if you are booked on a guided elk or deer hunt.

(Land Owner Mule Deer Voucher Tags available for all Units, for those who missed or were unsuccessful in draw. Tags for all weapons, contact for price.)

Bear Only Hunt $2,000

5 Day Mountain Lion Hunt $7,000 (about 80% opportunity)

5 Day- $3,000-$3,500 Depending on ranch hunted
Deposit and Refund Policy 50% of the hunting fee is required as a deposit to reserve a hunt. Balance of the total fee is due in cash, check or Money Order upon arrival in camp. The deposit is non-refundable, except when a tag is not successfully drawn or a replacement cannot be found. A written contract is required and will be provided when the hunt is booked.

Non-Resident Hunting Licenses (subject to change)
Deer License $420.23; Bull Elk License $700.98
Cow Elk $526.17; Mountain Lion $358.23
Limited Bear License $103.60

We tell it like it is- and we have been doing that for 20+ years!!
Phone: 307 637 5495 email: