Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope & Prairie Dog Hunting Wyoming #130

Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope & Prairie Dog Hunting Wyoming #130

This is a young outfitter that is doing everything right!! Our guy here at the office- Brian – has guided for this outfitter the last 10 years. The Outfit is located about 45 miles West of Laramie, Wyoming, right at foot of the mountains.

2015-bull-area-114-2-300x300  ELK
These are all private land hunts on ranches that the outfitter has leased in the famed trophy elk areas of #114 and #7. If you have some Wyoming elk preference points, this is your outfitter. Those areas will require from 8 to 9 points to draw. However, he also has a General area where you can draw nearly every year. Application deadline is January 31 of each year.
Archery bull elk hunts are September 1-30, and rifle bull elk hunts are October 1-30. Cow elk hunts are October 1-November 14. This outfitter offers 3 different elk hunts:

Hunt #1 River Bottom Elk – This hunt is a limited quota area. It will take preference points to draw this area. Over the last 10 years in this camp they have had a success rate of 37 out of 38 trophy bulls for their hunters. This area has easy terrain making it one of the easiest and most successful hunts in the State. This area has a high bull-to-cow ratio, making it an archer’s dream. You will be spending a lot of time glassing rolling hillsides and hay meadows looking for the right trophy bull.

Hunt #2 Foothills Elk – This is a General area making tags more available than limited quota, but you will still have to draw this tag. Deadline is January 31 of each calendar year. This ranch is easy to hunt, with 4WD access to all parts of the ranch. It has gentle rolling hills covered in ponderosa and lodge pole pine. The elk herds range in sizes of 5 to 250, depending on the time of year. These elk usually stay in the meadows during the morning and evenings, and head up to the dense pine for mid-day cover.

Hunt #3 Mountain Elk – You will again see herds from 5 to 250 elk, depending on the time of the year. They offer only a limited number of hunts on this ranch. This is the most physical elk hunting ranch they have to offer, but the rewards are worth it. You will be glassing rolling foothills, timber parks, and two different drainages. This is a tent camp hunt. You will be staying in wall tents and guides will prepare meals for you on the spot. Once you tag out, will be transported to the main lodge.

In all he hunts over 200,000 acres! He also does private land elk hunt in area #10. That area is an almost 100% draw for a general elk tags (either sex) If you apply for the more expensive Special License, which greatly ups your odds. At the special pricing you are virtually guaranteed to draw your elk license.


They are taking 300” elk every year, especially in the areas requiring preference points. In 2011, they produced a 370+” 6×6, and a 300+” 5×5. 2014 produced another 370” class elk, with several other 330”. 2015 all elk averaged over 330”. The 2016 season produced another 375” 7×7 bull, and several 330” to 350” class bulls. Rifle hunters are generally 100%, with archery hunters having around 70% shot opportunity. These guys really know archery hunting, with most of the guides hunting the ranches for several years.


The main lodge has 4 bedrooms, soft beds and hot showers every night. Or stay in one of the private cabins with private bath and showers, and kitchenettes (great for husband/wife). You will take all meals at the main lodge where they serve up home cooked family style meals for breakfast and dinner. Lunch is a help yourself, as there is no way to do an organized lunch in this type of camp. There is always something in the crock pot, and a stocked refrigerator for your grazing pleasure. The mountain elk hunt is conducted out of a tent camp.

Elk hunts includes 2×1 guiding, hunt transportation, field care of your elk, caping, and transportation of harvested animal to local meat processor.

Good morning Brian. I was very impressed with  his operation. I was into Elk every day, this is the first hunt I have ever been on where I actually passed on bulls. I missed a good bull on the 6th day and ended up taking a bull the last day with about 5 min of legal shooting light left I was holding out for Mr. big. That new ranch that they obtain is a little piece of heaven. But more than anything is the way this outfitter and his staff treated all their clients, I felt very comfortable with all of them. I have been on many guided hunts where you are made to feel like you’re just a number that is not the case here. What I’m saying is you come as a client and leave as a friend. Brian feel free to use me as a REF: I would be more than willing to talk to any future clients.   Thank You for everything, Kelly

Butch: Pat and I had a great time. I hunted with Tyler, great guide, plenty of local knowledge, and a nice young man to be around. His staff all seemed to be best of friends and worked together like a well oiled machine, making the trip a joy. Thank you for the heads up on Tyler operation. Without you this trip would not have happened. Sincerely, Gary G  Florida    

 Cow Elk Hunters–Camp was very nice.   Had a nice walk on the first night – Tyler thought it would be about a half mile but as in hunting it was 2 miles or more to catch up.  Good news I dropped mine with it’s head on the mountain road.   Maybe a 4 foot pack.   Don got his from the same herd the next morning.   Good people and not real difficult terrain.  Saw over 300 elk in 1 full day of hunting.   Processor they recommended in Laramie was very reasonable and quick.  Saw a lot of antelope and a few mule deer and several whitetails.    Tyler said he cut a cougar track in the new snow the morning we arrived.   We were the last [and only] two hunters for the year but it was still all smiles.


Mule Deer This area produces  many quality mule deer every year. Much of the private land they hunt is surrounded by public land. This gives quality deer hunting for not only the resident deer that  occupy these ranches, but also for the deer that have moved off the public land due to hunting pressure, and herds migrating to the lower elevations as winter approaches.


These hunts are great hunts combined with there antelope hunts. You will see all day action hunting mule deer from before dawn to late morning, than hunting antelope till late afternoon. Than back to the mulies till after dark.

Mule deer hunts, or the mule deer/antelope combos, are 5 days/6 nights, with lodging, meals, 2×1 guiding, hunt transportation, field, care, caping, and transportation of harvested animals to local meat processer. Licenses must be applied for by May 31 of each year.


Antelope This outfitter hunts well over 250,000 acres. (I lost track – he keeps adding new leases). One nice thing is that he has 4 or 5 different hunt areas to pick from, allowing him to tailor dates and terrain to every ones needs.   Antelope hunts have been near 100% successful draw with 100% success for many years.

One lady hunter asked our own Brian (who now works here with Butch) — how many antelope she would see on her hunt. Brian told her she could not even shoot until she had counted 30 buck antelope. Her tag was filled with in 1 ½ hours of reaching the ranch!! Great hunt for children, and beginners, you will see many antelope, and have many opportunities to harvest one of these speedsters of the plains. Seeing over 100 antelope per day is commonplace.   There is always something going on to keep young hunters interest, and involvement in the hunt.

Archery season starts August 15, with rifle running from the middle of September to the end of October.


Rifle Antelope 3 Days/4 Nights $2,500
Archery Antelope 4 Days/5 Nights $2,500
Antelope Doe/Fawn Add-on $250
Rifle Antelope (motel hunt) 2 Days/3 Nights $2,000 (plus meals and motel)
Archery Antelope (motel hunt) 4 Days/5 Nights $2,000 (plus meals and motel)
Rifle Bull Elk Hunt #1 5 Days/6 Nights $8,495
Rifle Bull Elk Hunt #2 or #3 6 Days/7 Nights $7,495
Archery Bull Elk Hunt #1 6 Days/7 Nights $8,495
Archery Bull Elk Hunt #2 or #3 6 Days/7 Nights $7,495
Cow Elk Area #10 3 Days/4 Nights $2,695
Mule Deer 5 Days/6 Nights $5,795
Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Oct. 1-31 5 Days/6 Nights $6,795
Non-Hunting Guest $1,000 (must be pre-arranged)
1×1 Hunt (Elk) $1,500 extra
1×1 Hunt (Deer) $1,250 extra
1×1 Hunt (Antelope) $750 extra
An antelope can usually be added to a deer or elk hunt for just $1,500.

All lodge or camp hunters are required to pay sales and lodging tax of $3.72 a day.


  • Package 1 Includes guide, lunch, shooting bench and transportation in and out of field. $400 per person, per day June 1- July 1
  • Package 2 Includes guide, lunch, shooting bench, accommodations, transportation in and out of field. Dinner and breakfast are up to you. $450 per person per day June 1- July 1
  • Package 3 Includes guide, all meals, shooting bench, accommodations, transportation in and out of field. $750 per person per day June 1- July 1

All packages are limited to 6 hours of shooting maximum. All lodge or camp hunters are required to pay sales and lodging tax of $3.72 a day.





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