Florida Alligator, Hog and Osceola Hunts #20

Florida Alligator, Hog and Osceola Hunts #20


As gator and hog hunting has become more popular in recent years, we have been looking at and vetting several outfits throughout Florida, and this particular operation stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Whether hunting with a Fishing Rod and Rifle, Bow and Bang Stick, or Harpoon and Knife, this Captain and his team will get your blood pumping!  They have had the opportunity to guide hunters to hundreds of Trophy Alligators, Hogs and Turkeys. From kids as young as six years old to seniors and physically challenged hunters, there is no need to be an experienced hunter, their passion is to help you make it happen, and the Captain gives his personal guarantee that you will have an adventure that you will never forget with Adrenaline Pumping Action of the Deep South.

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Their Year Round Florida Gator Hunts & Hog Hunts are 100% Guaranteed Success and their Spring Time Osceola Turkey Hunting is unbelievable. True Florida Turkey Hunting at its Finest!!  They limit their hunts to 5 a year, this keeps our birds plentiful, mature, and extremely vocal.

If you like adrenaline, nothing comes close to the rush of playing tug of war as you fight your Gator with your buddies at your side – Chase a Hog through the Swamp on a Swamp Buggie or – listen to an Osceola Turkey Gobble his head off! Every member of this team takes pride in offering top notch adventures and are proud to share Florida’s Wild Outdoors with you. Bring Your Camera!

Each trip is catered to exceed your needs and expectations. Whether you are looking for a -Once in a lifetime Trophy for the wall -An Experience for the whole Family -A Corporate Adventure for yourself and your clients -Or an Adventure to spice up your Honeymoon, they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Offering Year Round Gator and Hog Hunts makes it easy on you and your schedule. Just minutes from Disney and all the other major attractions, don’t hesitate to book this adventure which will no doubt be an awesome addition to your trip.


This outfitter has been able to keep a 10ft or better average each year with hundreds of gators being harvested over the past few years. 2009 ended with 10’1 average, 2010 brought a 10’3 average including a 12’3 MONSTER that took 3rd place in the Statewide Big Gator Shootout, 2011 included 33 gators over 10′ including a 12’4 giant that won the Florida Sportsman 1st annual Gator Tournament, 2012 highlight was a 12’1 beast, 2013 had 10’1 average, 2014 included a 12’8 inch Giant for a Smith and Wesson Client, 2015 brought clients from all over the world and all went home with amazing trophies and stories to tell.   The Captain and his crew are constantly scouting to stay on top of the Big Boys! –No Trophy Frees! -2 Free Guests with paying Hunter.

                                                Free Processing if you Trade Meat / Hide    – Guaranteed Success!  -Tags/Weapons Provided Free!

There are a number of ways to hunt Gators and they will customize your hunt to meet your expectations.

Whether you want to stalk a Big Boy with a bow, stick one with a snatch hook, or run and gun with the harpoon, they’ll do what it takes to put a smile on your face that even your momma couldn’t wipe off!

NO NEED TO BE A ZOMBIE!! Everyone has heard the horror stories about their cousin who spent all night gator hunting with nothing to show for it other than a new found addiction to Red Bull and Coffee. Unless you’re looking for an ‘All Night Experience’, they can almost guarantee you harvest your Gator(s) well within a 4 hour time frame. This is the benefit of having a Captain spending so much time on the water, he knows when and where these beasts are going to be.

Evening Alligator Hunts typically start around 5:30pm depending on the type of adventure you are looking for, the particular body of water they are hunting, the weather, etc. They will work with your schedule to adjust to conditions to make the most of your time on the water and get you on your gator!

Morning Alligator Hunts typically start around 9:00 am on private water hunts and around 6:30 am on Public water hunts. The Length of the hunt depends on where we are hunting, the number and size gator(s) you are after.

**They transport your Gator(s) to the processor and taxidermist so you don’t have to.

**All of our Trophy Gator Hunts are filmed with a professional Canon GL2 video camera and burned to DVD for you to share with family and friends. Video is available for $150 and well worth it!

           2016-2017 Gator Pricing:

                 4-6ft $800       

                 7-9ft $1500

                 9 Plus $3,000

 10ft plus- $4000



Looking for a great time at a price that can’t be beat? These Hog Hunts are 100% Success and Available Year Round. Whether you are looking for a Trophy Hunt, Corporate Adventure, or just looking to pile up the pork for the freezer, look no further. Bring the family! Hogs are ideal for getting kids outdoors, with nonstop action and the help of dogs and the buggies, they can get as close as needed for you to feel comfortable.

No License Necessary.  Hogs are a nuisance animal and the state encourages hunters to harvest as many as possible to help reduce the damage they do. No meat goes to waste! We have local charities that love wild game donations and greatly appreciate any meat you decide not to bring home. Don’t hesitate to pile it up!

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Guaranteed KILL!!      Hogs are $275 each or Pile up the Pork for $250 per hog when you reserve a hunt for 4 or more hogs. Combine your hog hunt with a Gator Hunt and they will knock $50 off the hog for a SWAMP SLAM! 

**Due to the popularity of this hunt they do book up fast. Please contact us today, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and can reserve your hunt over the phone.



The Osceola Turkey is the most coveted turkey of all. With eyes in the back of his head, and a gobble that will blow your mind, this bird is the real deal!! With access to thousands of acres of prime habitat this outfitter is proud to provide an experience of ‘Old’ Florida. ALL Fully Guided Osceola Turkey Hunts are action packed!  Expansive palmetto flats, cypress swamps, bay heads, and pastures make it easy to forget about day-to-day life and focus on enjoying your HUNT OF A LIFETIME!!

With birds averaging 24lbs, 10 inch beards, & inch and a half spurs, they will do what it takes to put our clients on the trophies they are looking for. They offer a limited number of hunts to ensure our clients success by enabling them to harvest mature birds that haven’t been pressured. These birds are highly responsive to calling and are typically very vocal making for a very exciting, hair raising hunt.

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Often setting up on roosted birds utilizing pop up ground blinds or natural cover they put the odds in your favor. Targeting transition and strut zones, their local and experienced guides do what it takes to locate Big Gobblers and provide an Action Packed Hunt!

2016-2017 Turkey Hunt Pricing:


Two Day Hunt including the harvest of one Turkey. Most clients harvest their bird the first trip out but a second day is included if needed.


This hunt is for two people to each harvest their own bird. Two days of hunting are included if needed but again most of our clients bag their bird the first day. **Team up with a buddy or a family member and come have the time of your life!!




Gator Hunting- Yes, they are $52 and available any time over the phone or online. The State of Florida requires anyone who participates in the harvesting of an alligator to have an alligator agent license. The phone number for licensing is 1-888-486-8356. With the confirmation number in hand you are ready to hunt. We provide the tags and will help make sure you get the license you need.

Hog Hunting– No, Hogs are a nuisance animal and the state does not require a license to hunt them on our private properties.

Turkey Hunting- Yes, Turkey hunters must have a license in the State of Florida. The License is available at 1-888-486-8356, a confirmation number over the phone gets you on your way to bagging your bird.

Fishing- Yes, a fresh or saltwater fishing license is required. Fortunately they are affordable and easy to get.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
1 (888) 486-8356



307.637.5495  OR  WWW.HUNT-NATION.COM