For over 20 years, this central Florida outfitter has been running a world class facility where several thousand sportsmen and sportswomen, along with their friends and family, have visited to hunt, fish, and enjoy the southern hospitality for which this ranch is well-known. They’ve also hosted many VIPs and corporate groups.

This operation mainly offers hunting for a phenomenal list of exotic species which thrive on this 1,200-acre fenced ranch due to the diversified habitat. Due to proper land management, this ranch also has a healthy population of Florida’s native species including wild hogs, trophy gators, and whitetail deer, on both the main ranch and nearby unfenced properties (and believe it or not, the hunting, especially for hogs, is HARDER on the fenced ranch than on the unfenced properties).

Tim Machnik, Vice President, Swarovski Optik says… “It was really a blast to hunt exotic game in the afternoon at this Ranch, and then go salt water fishing for Red Fish the next morning. This was a class apart!”
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The ranch has over 10 miles of border and 25+ miles of internal logging roads. It is approximately 50% food plots, cut-overs and planted pine forest and the remaining 50% is in hardwood hammock. It combines forest land and natural vegetation, with supplemental food plots and game feeders, to maintain and grow healthy trophy wildlife. This environment makes for a challenging hunt, tremendous table fare, and a harvested trophy you can truly be proud of.

They can accommodate hunters of any age year round, and you may use any weapon, legal in the State of Florida, including rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, pistol, crossbow, long bow, etc., to harvest your game. However, this ranch specializes in archery hunts. Many industry pro staffers from well-known archery-related companies like Bear, Muzzy, Mathews, Rage, BowTech, Realtree, Scentlok, Barnett, etc., hunt at this ranch. For archers, they have a 3D range set up, and for those that prefer rifle or pistol, there’s a rifle range that Remington and Swarovski helped design and build.

Ed Manasse, the owner of Hunt-Nation, and his two sons, Lucas and Cody, along with Hunt-Nation founders Butch and Joan Manasse, visited this ranch in December 2017 and had an absolute fantastic time.

They also went back in March 2022 for another memorable experience.  The outfitter and his entire staff went out of their way to make sure every aspect of the trip met expectations, and boy it did! Lucas shot a nice representative wild hog the first afternoon, and Ed and the family jumped on a swamp buggy attempting to find one of the giant Russian boars they have at this ranch. See pics below:


Have you ever stayed in an authentic Florida Cypress Log Lodge? You can here!  It sleeps 18, but many more than that can be accommodated in nearby facilities.

There are actually 3 different lodging facilities on the property, and the best available lodging to meet the needs of you and your group will be reserved on your behalf. Both standalone private log cabins and private rooms in the main lodge, are both available. After your day afield or afloat, you will enjoy generous and tasty meals, then tell stories if you like, around either the indoor or outdoor fireplaces, watch a movie or ball game in the Theater / Media Room, relax (exaggeration allowed after dark) in the sports bar, or play a game of billiards or darts in the game room. The lodging facilities add to your overall outdoor experience and relationship building memories of your adventure.
Ted Jaycox and Ray Boone, Inside the World of Hunting – Outdoor Life Network says… “Whether you’re Stalking a 2000-pound Water Buffalo with a stick and string or hand gunning for a cantankerous Wild Boar, there’s never a dull moment here.”


Before the Hunt: First, a clean and comfortable lodge gets you better prepared for a day afield. Then, partake of either the 3D range for archers to get zeroed in or the pistol / rifle range for the firearm hunters. Before the hunt, your guide will give you valuable advice about the lay of the land and the species you desire to hunt. The guides average over 17 years of experience.

During the Hunt: Your guide will continue to be a valuable asset while afield. The ranch is approximately 50% hardwood hammocks, with an abundance of MAST bearing trees and then 50% uplands. The uplands consist of a combination of an extensive road system, plantation pine forest, cut-over rotation, fields, feeder stations, and food plots. The ranch has a multitude of both ground blinds and elevated stands. Almost all hunt locations are optimized for a hunter and then a second station, for a guide, cameraman, or non-hunting partner. This is ideal for parent child hunts. Your guide will help you track and locate the game you shoot. You can participate in this process, and the guide will gladly share with you the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to tracking. While afield you will also have use of our fleet of various 4-wheel drive vehicles for transportation and also game recovery tractors and front-end loader for large game such as Eland or Buffalo.


After the Hunt: Once you harvest your fish or game, your guide will first help you get that “just right” photo to preserve the memory. You will then appreciate our state-of-the art game processing facility that includes a screened-in cleaning room and two walk in game coolers, used for proper slow ageing of the meat. You may take your game meat home with you, or leave it for our staff to process, package, label, freeze, and ship to you. You may at your choice help the guide as the game is cleaned. You can participate in this process, and the guide will gladly share with you the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to game cleaning and preparation. You may take your trophy back home with you upon departure, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of the convenience of the full taxidermy services available at the Ranch.

Conclusion: They take great pride in providing top notch staff and facilities to best serve you before, during, and after your hunt and/or fishing trip, with a standard of excellence not found elsewhere.

Vic Dunaway, Founding Editor, Florida Sportsman Magazine says… “After my visit, it was obvious that their location affords them easy access to some of the best hunting and fishing that I have seen in Florida.”

This Ranch is located on Florida’s NATURE Coast. NATURE translates to great hunting and great fishing too! The lodge is just a few minutes away from the sprawling salt water flats that give way to the Gulf of Mexico, seven (7) different fresh water rivers, and a multitude of lakes, including the 4500+ acre Lake Rosseau! This truly unique facility is one of the only Outfitters in the State of Florida where a sportsman can hunt the morning hunt, have lunch on the water via a mid-day guided fishing trip, and also hunt the afternoon hunt. Fisherman also knows that having the right equipment can make the crucial difference. The outfitter has several boats at its disposal, including flats boats, John boats, Air boats, kayaks, and canoes that are matched to the angling task at hand.
If you have never bow fished at night, get ready for the arrow slinging heart pumping adventure of a lifetime! You can bow fish the back waters of one the least populated areas, that most folks call “Old Florida”. You can bring your own gear, or they will provide the necessary gear for you. You will start in small backwater spring fed fresh water creeks, and slowly work your way out to the convergence of larger rivers, and then continuing to head west, out to the salt water flats. Expect many shots per trip, including shots for Giant Gar, Stingray, and other species, even Alligator during season!

Just to the west of the Ranch lie the rich sprawling salt water flats of the Gulf of Mexico. This provides year-round saltwater angling action. Depending on the season, guests catch Tarpon (many over 100 pounds!), Cobia, Red Fish, Trout, Shark, Grouper, and other species. During season, scallop dive trips are also available for guests.

If you have a little spare time or if perhaps you or your partner does not hunt or fish, then you may want to partake in the other fun things to do during your stay. The following activities are all at or just MINUTES away from the lodge:
1. Shoot the 3D Archery Course or the pistol / rifle range.
2. They can arrange for a local tour providing you the opportunity to swim with the manatees.
3. Their on-staff Golf Consultant (Eric Hagen) will help to set up the perfect round of Golf to meet your needs.
4. Canoes and kayaks are available for you to raft / float on a local spring fed pristine river.
5. Horseback trail rides are available thru one of their affiliate providers, close by to the lodge.
6. Just relax in a rocker on the front porch of your log cabin.
7. Enjoy a day at the Spa * Abitare Paris Day Spa * The Spa at the Plantation
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Are you looking for that special nature photo or video? This Ranch offers guided photo safaris and eco-tours to help you capture it on film! You can take your camera and take to the field on foot, ATV, or Jeep, covering the private ranch lands or … board a kayak, canoe, or boat and cruise freshwater rivers/lakes, or the saltwater flats of The Gulf of Mexico.
Each tour is custom tailored to meet your photographic objective of filming native or exotic game, including Whitetail Deer, Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Elk, Blackbuck, Antelope, Water Buffalo, African Game like Zebra, and Wild Boar or such diverse aquatic life as alligators, manatees, birds, etc. or that once-in-a-lifetime sunrise or sunset this area is famous for!

Florida Genetic Whitetail Deer: The Florida Whitetail Buck is known to be one of the craftiest animals in North America. They have inhabited this ranch land, and adapted and evolved over thousands of years. The Ranch offers a lower cost non-guaranteed hunt for Florida Genetic Whitetail Bucks. The ranch buys a special permit from the State that allows it to open the season on September 1st, any weapon, each year.

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Northern / Western Genetic Whitetail Deer: Back in the late 1990’s, this outfitter selected certain genetically superior whitetails from Texas, Minnesota, Canada, Iowa, and Oklahoma (some scoring well over 200 B&C) and introduced them onto the Ranch to offer you the opportunity to harvest a buck of a life time. Several SCI record book Whitetail Buck have been taken here. The hunt is fully guided and the hunter will know the price of any given buck before the shot, so there are no surprises after the shot.


Osceola Turkey: Large native populations of Osceola Turkeys thrive here. Turkey hunters know that the Osceola Turkey is a prized harvest because of its limited range and incredible eyesight. Many hunters take their first ever Osceola Turkey at this ranch. You can too! There is both a Fall and Spring season, with most hunters preferring the Spring Season, which opens third Saturday in March each year.

Wild Boar: Historians believe that Hernando de Soto originally brought the Spanish Wild Boar into Florida in the early 1500’s. Since that time, they have reproduced and thrived in the rich habitat of this Ranch. Now, the outfitter offers trophy Wild Boar hunts as well as meat/BBQ hog hunts that are very exciting!

Alligator: Can you think of any species that is more “Florida” typical than the alligator! Most adult Florida Alligators usually measure in the 8 feet to 12 feet range. However, the state record is over 14 feet in length. Add to that the fact that a big gator will eat just about anything that comes into its path, and you have the recipe for one exciting hunt! They can hunt alligators year round under their Private Wetlands program across the State. So your hunt is conducted on the best private wetlands available at the time your hunt is conducted.

Florida Alligator Hunts offered by this outfitter are considered to be the best available in the entire State of Florida! These hunts are very popular and book quickly so call us today to book your Gator Hunt of a lifetime!

Daily fees – must choose one – (unless you purchase a package) $US
Silver Option: (Day Hunts – No Lodging) Prices per day / PP
* Hunter = $250 PP * Non Hunter = $100 PP
They provide lunch, snacks, soft drinks, Licenses, guide, cook, ranch vehicles, fuel, tree stands, and field care of most game.

Gold Option: (Overnight Hunts – With Lodging) Prices per night / PP
* Includes all of the above Silver Option benefits PLUS an extra 1/2 day of hunting, extra meals, and overnight stay in a Cypress Log Lodge.
* Hunter = $350 PP * Non Hunter = $250 PP- add $18/per night per person for State accommodations tax.
They provide meals, snacks, soft drinks, Licenses, Lodging, guide, cook, maid, ranch vehicles, fuel, tree stands, and field care of most game.

Hunt / Harvest Fees (plus above daily fee option chosen by you)
Northern-Genetics Whitetail Buck (No kill, then no harvest fee) $3,600 and up
Rams/Mountain Goats $1,495-$2,495
Red Deer Stags $4,500-$5,900
Blackbuck $3,900
Elk Bull $6,900+
Axis Buck or Fallow Buck $3,900
Whitetail Doe $1,295 Special $1,195 for 2024
Sika Deer buck $4,900
Water Buffalo, Bison or Watusi $2,900-$5,900
Wild Hog $395 Special $295 for 2024
Trophy Wild Boar $595; Mega-Boars $995-$1,495
Pure Russian Hogs $895-$1,195
African species – call for current prices
Scimitar Oryx $4,900-$5,900
Pere David Bull $4,900-$5,900
Zebu $1,495-$1,995
Osceola Turkeys – very limited; call for prices
Alligators $1,195 and up

Freezer Pleaser Combo Hunt: $1,795 per hunter; $250 per non-hunter
Includes 1 night stay, GOLD Option, 1 wild hog, and one whitetail doe. This hunt package is available from September 1 until February 28.

Super Swamp Safari: $3,795/per hunter ($3,545 per hunter for groups of 2 or more); $950/per non-hunter
This is a non-guaranteed harvest (but extremely unique and exciting for certain!) hunt for up to a 9-foot long Florida alligator, trophy wild boar, plus saltwater shark fishing trip (over the last 12 months, they have been 100% on gator harvest, and also very high % on the wild hog harvest). This packaged hunt is 2.5 days long and includes 2 nights’ lodging, all meals, snacks, soft drinks, guides, cook/maid service, licenses, ranch vehicles, fuel, treestands, boats, gator hunt gear, 1 Florida alligator, 1 trophy wild hog (or, at the hunter’s option, 2 non-trophy hogs), 1 half-day guided fishing trip for shark and/or other species, and basic skinning, quartering, cleaning, ice down of the wild hogs. Also includes loaner rifle if needed and use of rifle and/or 3D archery range. You may add to or upgrade the hunt, perhaps for an even larger gator, at prices in effect at time of the hunt. Non-hunters include 2 nights’ lodging, all meals, snacks, soft drinks, guides, cook/maid service, and they may go along on your hunts and fishing trip too. Gator hunter must purchase a state of Florida gator agent tag for approx. $55, and this may be done at the ranch at time of arrival.

Custom Packages:
If you are planning a corporate event or group hunting/fishing adventure for 4 to 150 people, please allow us to custom tailor a hunt/fish package for your specific needs. We will work with you one-on-one to tailor the agenda and price/budget to exactly what you need.

Species include, depending on season, largemouth bass, tarpon, cobia, redfish, trout, shark, grouper, and others.

• Inshore ½-day (freshwater or saltwater) – Call for quote; avg. $250/pp for 2 anglers
• Inshore full day (freshwater or saltwater) – Call for quote; avg. $300/pp for 2 anglers
• Offshore boat per full day fishing – Call for quote

Photo Safari/Eco-Tours

Will customize the tour to the specific wildlife you want to photograph.
• Option 1 – Daily Tour: Must also purchase either Silver or Gold Option Daily Fee – Call for quote (Avg. = $50/pp)
• Option 2 – Hourly Tour: No Daily Fee Required. Minimum 2 hours/2 people – Call for quote (Avg. = $25/pp/hour)

Terms & Conditions
1. Nonrefundable deposit upon booking.
2. Balance on or before arrival.
3. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
4. You only pay Hunt/Harvest Fee (unless non-guaranteed) when you shoot and hit the animal.
5. For animals that have a range of prices, price is based on age, size, mass, etc. See frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more detail.

This Ranch is conveniently located on Florida’s Nature Coast, less than a two-hour car ride from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and the theme parks such as Disney, Sea World, etc…. So they are relatively centrally located to the entire State of Florida. If you are driving in, we are only 45 minutes from Interstate I-75. For those guests flying in on commercial airlines, we suggest either the Tampa or Orlando International Airports.

If you are arriving on a personal aircraft, a local airstrip (Crystal River Airport) is only 15 minutes from the lodge, and they will pick you up directly on the tarmac!

Upon booking your trip, we will provide you with a detailed map and directions.

307.637.5495   INFO@HUNT-NATION.COM                WWW.HUNT-NATION.COM