Georgia Hog Hunts Plus Turkeys #58

Georgia Hog Hunts Plus Turkeys #58

turkey213-3-300x169  For many hunters, the idea of embarking on a free range hunt for big wild boar, with some tasty meat and trophy size tusks, is a very exciting thing. These wild hog hunting adventures take place in the woods of East central Georgia. Approximately 2.5 hours South of Atlanta, Georgia near Wrightsville GA. The possibility of combining it with some good turkey hunting, means you are likely to go home with something in your truck!

hogs224-1-169x300  The outfitter has 5,500 acres of private property in several different parcels that is closely managed with crops and food plots prime for birds and game.  They can also take you whitetail deer hunting and have lots of turkey, and some pretty fair bass fishing in the private pond.

The owner is the inventor of the Plotmaster Systems and prides himself on innovative land management practices. He holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in Natural Resource Management, so this place is well set up!

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Hog hunting here is all for free range wild boar and hogs.  Some of their hogs, including Russian boars, will exceed 300 pounds. Do realize that hogs are smart- one of the smartest of all wild game. So no guarantees, but put your time in and chances are darn good you’re going to have an opportunity.  Outfitter plants peanuts, corn, soy, beans and cotton to hold the game on the land. You can hunt with any weapon of your choice. And they have hog hunts year round, so planning is simple.


Turkey season runs Late March -May 15 each year and there three bird limit. The outfitter however allows only one bird per day. You can book a variety of packages and lengths of hunts. There is also a special season for youth 16 and under.


Turkey hunts are ideal for those looking for a challenge. And one of the best places to hunt for them is with this Georgia outfitter. They have one of the best wild turkey populations in the United States, as well as one of the longest wild turkey hunting seasons: ONE THAT RUNS from the middle of March to the middle of May.

You will hunt right on their property of approximately 5,500 acres, and there is a very large wild turkey population, including some very heavy “longbeards.” In fact, many of the larger turkeys here will weigh between 18-24 pounds, and have 10-12 inch beards! Hunters typically have a 90-95% success rate.

hogs-2-11-4-225x300  All packages include the hunt, lodging, transportation to and from the stands, and quartering of the game.
The cost does not include licenses or meals. (you can cook at the lodge in there fully stocked kitchen or eat in town….town is approx 5-7 miles away depending upon which cabin you’re booked into).

NON-HUNTER FEE $100 per day

TURKEY – $450/day per person 2×1 guided (minimum 2 days). Limit of one mature gobbler (no jakes) per day per hunter, maximum 3 birds (require at least 3 days).

HOGS – $350/day per person semi-guided (minimum 2 days). Limit of one hog per day per hunter.

TURKEY & HOG COMBO – $600/day per person (minimum 2 days). Limit of one mature gobbler (no jakes) and one hog per day per hunter.

CAST-N-BLAST – $595 per person for 2 days (includes one hog per day day). Enjoy 2 evenings of hog hunting, with trophy bass fishing on stocked private lakes during the day. May 15-September 1 only.

ADRENALIN RUSH – $795 per person for 3 days (includes one hog per trip). Enjoy trophy hog hunting by night and trophy bass fishing by day. May 15-September 1 only.

BEARDS, BOARS & BASS – $1,495 per person for 3 days (limit 1 gobbler and 1 hog per day). Enjoy turkey hunting each morning, fishing during the day, and hog hunting in the evening. Only valid during turkey season.
TROPHY BASS FISHING – $350/day per person semi-guided (minimum 2 days). February to September. Catch & release only.



  • We offer a 50% discount for kids (under 16 yrs old) to hunt if they are hunting with a paying adult.  We also offer a 25% discount to all active military members and a 10% discount to all veterans.
  • If you book a group of 6 hunters you will receive one FREE hunt.
  • If you book a group of 5 hunters you will receive 50% off one hunt.
  • ​If you book a group of 4 hunters you will receive 25% off one hunt.
  • If you book a group of 10 or more, we will reserve the lodge exclusively for your group.