Idaho Whitetails from a Comfortable Lodge #243

Idaho Whitetails from a Comfortable Lodge #243

This hunt offers a chance to chase whitetails in a beautiful area in northwest Idaho, near Kooskia in the Clearwater area. You will be hunting 1200 acres of prime Idaho deer habitat. As a quick aside, the Clearwater River is one of Butch’s secret steelhead spots turning out great fishing for steelies (sea-run rainbows) averaging 8 to 18 pounds. Fall is a good time to catch them as Salmon are also in the river. Ask us if you have interest in adding on some giant trout fishing.

The outfitter has been around many years and owns a nice ranch of 1200 acres, and that is what he hunts, he is boarded on two sides by Indian reservation land, where no hunting is allowed (like a park) on the other sides by lightly hunted private land.  As you can see from the pictures, this is much more open land then most white-tail hunters are used to! But it means you have time to scope them out; it means deer are very visible and it means that shots are longer- with 200 yards being common, although they can be much closer or further. We are getting re-bookings here- clients back for the second and third time. This is a fun, high success whitetail hunt! Deer taken will be nice 8 and 10 point deer, and success is normally 100%. If you want to be pampered a bit, not work too hard, take your buck,, see gorgeous country, and maybe squeak in a trip for giant steelhead (sea run rainbows)- then this place is top notch. Oh yeah- you can add a turkey, if season is open! Great fun for sure.

Since opening the private ranch for deer hunts in 1998, he has had 100% take on good bucks each year since! The hunts are on terrain with elevations averaging from 1500 to 3000 feet. He has been outfitting big game hunters since 1971 and his success speaks for itself. The Ranch is managed only for wildlife, (no cattle) and is open to a very limited number of hunters. Normally this means a total of three hunts, with 4 hunters at a time- very low pressure.

The ranch has both ground and tower stands and those will be in place long before the season so the deer have become comfortable with them prior to your arrival. Hunting is relatively low effort so long as you stick to the stands. The scenery is gorgeous, and you may see mule deer, elk or black bear.

HUNTS ARE A FULL 7 DAYS! In Idaho, you can choose to use your tag on a black bear or a mountain lion if one shows.


The deer shown above and elsewhere in this write-up, all came off this hunt. Most are nice 8 and 10 point bucks. He is also doing some habitat improvements that may attract even more deer. This is a fun, high success hunt, with great food and lodging- plus a hunt that gives you a full 7 days! If you want to relax, shoot a buck, shoot the breeze, eat too much and too well, see some great country, take some horns and meat home, then this is your hunt. If you want giant trophy deer, please talk to us about our suggestions for other locations.

The fact that they limit the lodge to 4 people at one time means that a group of 4 owns the whole place for their hunt! We think that is another big plus. On-going work with habitat and upgrades thereof, are really paying off for this gem of a place. And by putting everyone into stands, game moves very freely.

The lodge is truly unique- far beyond what most whitetail hunters expect! The 4500 sq. ft. lodge is located high up in the pines and is very secluded, making for a spectacular setting. You will enjoy family style meals prepared by their chef and beverages for your enjoyment are available. Even a TV, VCR and a pool table are there for your off hours. Private rooms, log furniture and nice showers.


 PRICE:  $2800
LICENSE: not included. Hunt license is $154. Deer tag is $301.75 (can also be used for either lion or bear- but then it has been used.) NON-HUNTERS $1000

SEASON: Rifle whitetail: Starts Oct 10 – runs into late Nov or early Dec.


Available Dates 

243.1 2018 DATES

Week 1 – Opening day October 10, arrive October 9              AVAILABLE
Week 2 – October 24 arrival, hunt next 7 days                         AVAILABLE
Week 3 – November 6 arrival, hunt next 7 days (RUT!)        AVAILABLE
Week 4 – November 14 arrival, hunt next 7 days LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Week 5 – November 21 arrival, hunt next 7 days LIMITED AVAILABILITY

LOCATION: North West Idaho near Clearwater River. Fly to either Lewiston or Spokane. The outfitter is located 75 miles east of Lewiston, Idaho up highway 12- They will meet you in Kooskia which is right off 12.


Name = Thomas
Outfitter = ID #243 | Excellent
Animals_Taken = 1 Whitetail Buck
Camp = Excellent
Food = Excellent
Quality = Excellent
Trophy_Care = Excellent

comments = It was one of my best hunts in the US.
Outfitter and wife are so friendly and made my stay one to remember for a long time.
The hunt is physically easy. Larry hunts out of stands, so there is no stalking. Therefore we saw a lot of deer.
Notes from the outfitter
I want you to shoot all the Coyotes you see as long as it does not interfere with your Deer hunt.
The hunt license includes a 3 a day fish license and I have some great blue gill- and bass in my small lake and I need some of the small guys caught- we release all the big boys – I have the rods and reels and lures etc-


YOUR NAME: Scott and Sam Ver S.
ANIMAL(S) TAKEN: 2 whitetail bucks and two turkeys

Excellent Good Fair Poor
Quality of Outfitter: ___X___ _____ _____ ______

Condition of Camp: ____X__ ______ _____ ______

Quality of Food: ____X__ ______ _____ ______

Ability of Guide: ___X_ ______ _____ ______

Trophy Care: ____X__ ______ ______ ______

Quantity of Game Seen ____X__ ______ ______ ______


Phone: 307-637-5495