Kansas Turkeys, Whitetails and Waterfowl Hunt #5

Kansas Turkeys, Whitetails and Waterfowl Hunt #5

Once the Dakotas and the Nebraska waters freeze up, the ducks and geese come piling into Kansas to take advantage of the reservoir systems and the abundant croplands. Some winters the waterfowl never leave the friendly confines of central Kansas, provided there’s open water still available.

This lodge is capable of sleeping 12 hunters, and has a full kitchen, barbeque grill, pool table and TV/DVR. All set in a country setting complete with stocked fishing pond. There also are trap shooting stations on the grounds. Enjoy a cocktail on the porch while taking in a Kansas sunset and reminiscing about the day’s hunt.


This outfitter specializes in field shooting for geese and takes a variety of Canadas, white-fronted geese or specks, and snow and blue geese. LIMITS ARE COMMON. Often you may shoot a hodgepodge of ducks right long with the geese, but the outfitter does offer specialized duck hunts over water, too (duck season end December 31). The goose hunting is from lay-out blinds in prime pre-scouted fields over big spreads of lifelike decoys. Arrive the night before your hunt, and depart after the last hunt. The Kansas goose season typically runs from November to February 12 or so. He will supply a nice lunch. You can make your own breakfast in the full kitchen they provide in the lodge, and then go to town to Applebee’s or one of the other restaurants for dinner.
Bring along your own food for early mornings, and supper if you intend to cook. The kitchen is there for your use. Just be sure and clean up after yourself. Town is 10 miles away with several good places to eat also.

They also offer wild pheasant hunting on some CRP and other ground, all with a good wild bird population. Often for variety clients do ducks in the morning, then pheasant in the afternoon. If the wild pheasants do not co-operate, or if the wild bird season is not open (usually opens November 14), then you can hunt the preserve for a modest upgrade in price.

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2018 WATERFOWL PRICING (subject to change without notice until deposit received)
• ½ day hunts $225 per gun; full day hunts $300 per gun
• Option 1: Two days/three hunts including two nights’ lodging and a noon time meal for $795
• Option 2: Three full days of hunting with 3 nights’ lodging, waterfowl in AM and wild pheasant in PM – $1,425 including lunch and guiding.

For either option, extra days can be added for $200/day.
ADD-ON PRESERVE PHEASANTS: 10 bird release PM hunt – add $250.      

HUNTING PRESERVE: This outfitter also operates a hunting preserve on the lodge property. He offers European-style tower shoots for ducks and pheasants, and preserve hunts for pheasant, chukar and quail. If you wish further information on these packages, please contact us. Here is what a one-day hunt at the preserve will cost, including one night lodging, plus a breakfast:

Preserve Hunt Pricing
$270 – 8 birds (all Pheasants)
$260 – 8 birds (4 Quails and 4 Pheasants)
$240 – 8 birds (all Quails)
$255 – 6 birds (2 Chukars and 4 Pheasants)
$235 – 4 birds (all Pheasants)

TRAVEL: The outfitter offers FREE airport pickup in Wichita, KS, which mean no driving hassles and heightens the ease of arranging a quality hunt over a long weekend. Hunt area is 45 minutes north of Wichita.


TURKEY HUNTING: Turkey hunting in central Kansas is about as close to a guarantee as you can get. The rolling terrain and river systems combined with the local agriculture offer ideal turkey habitat. Drought in recent years has impacted ground nesting birds like quail and pheasant, but has had minimal effect on turkeys. Turkey numbers have been expanding in the Sunflower State AND IT’S THE ONE STATE WHERE YOU POTENTIALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO SHOOT MERRIAMS,

EASTERNS AND RIOS. Hunters can take up to two birds on a single hunt or season, which makes this a very cost-effective and rewarding adventure.
• Guided Turkey Hunts: This outfitter has more than 5,000 acres of private ground to hunt, which means no competition and strutting gobblers. The lands consist of creek and river bottoms, harvested fields and woods; in other words, ideal turkey habitat. The guides are experienced callers that know Kansas gobblers and routinely produce mature toms. The gobblers are often a mix of Eastern and Rios, which make for an interesting, colorful trophy. Hunts are three-days, which includes lodging, for $1,100, and you can add a second bird for $200. The Kansas turkey season runs approx. from April 20 to May 14 and tags are available for purchase online on the KPWT web site: kdwpt.state.ks.us.

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Kansas deer hunting applications need to be in before April 24. Draw success is generally 100% and left over tags are sometimes available. Please verify as application dates can change!! The archery season starts around September 15 and runs to the end of December, with the prime rut dates being the last 20 days of November. These hunts are five day hunts with lodging, and one mid-day meal provided. Other meals are on you. Bring your food, and use the kitchen or travel a few miles to town. Rifle hunts are generally the first 12 to 15 days in December. These are 4-day hunts with the same arrangements as the archery hunts. The outfitter strictly limits the number of deer hunters to 4 with bow and 4 with gun. In early November of 2015, they took a buck scoring 198”, but please keep your expectations more reasonable than that!
PRICES: Archery $2,200 Rifle $2,900

The BIG news is he just bought the operation in Alberta that he has guided at for the last several years.

Located in Wainwright, Alberta, clients will fly into Edmonton and rent a car for an hour and a half drive to the lodge or they will picked up from the airport for a $200 fee.


Package 1: 3 days hunting 4 nights lodging – $2,600 per hunter breakfast included
Package 2: 6 days hunting 7 nights lodging -$4,400 per hunter breakfast included

Shells are supplied. This is BIG, as we all know the headaches of getting enough shells across the border, and the high cost of buying them on the other side.
Season runs September 1 to October 31; call for best dates.

 307-637-5495  or   info@hunt-nation.com