Kodiak Island Brown Bear, Blacktail Deer & Goat Hunt #51

Kodiak Island Brown Bear, Blacktail Deer & Goat Hunt #51

We have worked with this excellent outfitter for about 12 years, during which time he has consistently yielded excellent results with happy customers. He has 35 years of experience in Alaska. We like the fact that this Master Guide personally guides nearly all of his hunts! All are strictly fair chase, and being in good physical condition is necessary for a Kodiak Island hunt, as climbing up and down the many high hills, pushing through willows, up and down tree choked draws, etc., is a frequent thing. This is true for both his bear hunts and for his Sitka blacktail deer hunts! Bear numbers have been on a steady upswing on Kodiak for at least the last 7 to 10 years, and it appears bear numbers may be at or close to all time highs! This is the time to go to Kodiak! And this guy is good – among the best THERE IS on the island. He guided one of our clients in 2014 to a 10 foot plus bear on the fall hunt. He took a client for the handgun world record in 2010. In 2017 a client (JIM) took a 10’ 10” monster with a 29.5” skull!

He has a 2500 square foot newly improved lodge and also spike camps. He lodge is quite new and has plenty of room and you will be warm and comfortable. He provides all in field transport, expert trophy care and is a very dedicated guy who wants his clients to succeed. If you want a great hunt at a relatively modest cost, then he deserves your most serious consideration.

His duck hunting is often world class, with a huge variety of waterfowl. A collectors dream hunt. And he has world class fishing from his charter boat. He knows Kodiak like few people do- and he produces and works his tail off for his clients!

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This is one of the world’s best and most classic bear hunts – and this guy produces bears that consistently exceed 9’, and he can average 9.5’ in a good year!! And of course the 10 footers are there as well. It’s a draw hunt for his brownie area, with around a 75 to 90% chance of drawing and with a kill rate in the 90% range every year! Bears average nine to nine and a half feet. He guided a client in 2010 to the NEW WORLD RECORD BROWN BEAR with a handgun. It squared 10’2″ and was 28 14/16 SCI. Bear numbers on Kodiak are at an all time high. Most of his bear hunts are backpack hunts, going out and living right where the bears are. He also does a couple of hunts based from the lodge each spring.

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 15th FOR SPRING BROWNS AND MAY 31 FOR FALL. You must also have a contract with an outfitter, with a deposit paid on the hunt, before you can apply. Draw odds in the fall are very high – 80% to 100%, for Spring a bit lower but still high. If you want to do the bear hunt, MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY SO WE CAN GET YOU INTO THE DRAW! YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO DRAW THE FIRST YEAR YOU APPLY! IF NOT, HE WILL ROLL YOUR DEPOSIT OVER TO THE NEXT DRAW.

A couple of other things to keep in mind is that he will allow you on a fall bear hunt to add a Sitka blacktail for $2,000 – a nice bonus and a new species for many hunters. He also has some superb sea duck hunting. About 10 species of ducks are available, including Harlequin, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Scoters and Longtails. He was 2 for 2 on fall 2017 bears.

Here are some of the testimonials:     

Great camp, great food, and great experience.” – Dave Sporcik, Former President SCI Maine

“I have hunted nearly 80 days per year since 1984 all over the world and this guy is one of the best guides I have been fortunate to hunt with.” – Jeff Meyerl

“He is and has the most ethical, professional guide operation I have hunted with worldwide. I recommend him to others without reservation.” – Rom Dryden, Former President SCI Arizona

Kodiak Brown Bear

Price: $16,000 tent camp hunt, $19,000 lodge hunt, add Sitka Blacktail $2,000 (fall only)

He went 13 for 13(all billies) in 2018 including 2 that made Boone & Crockett. One client ran out of time. Hunts are done in October for their heavy winter hair. Elevations are modest between 1,700 feet and 2,500 feet, much lower then many goat hunts. You still need to be in reasonable condition. We think his goat hunts are a bargain, given the very high success and the very reasonable priced of $8,000. Draw odds vary, and the odds of drawing a tag are around 50%. It’s a 7-day hunt (October), and again you can add a Sitka blacktail for only $2,000. His goats are excellent trophies in their heavy winter coat. The drawing application period ends December 15.

Kodiak goat hunting is exceptional (goat areas 471, 472, 473 and 476). The mountains are only around 3,000 feet high at most and the goats are usually taken between 1,700 and 2,500 feet. There is a reason more goats are harvested from Kodiak than any other unit in the state!
Mountain Goat

Dates: October 1-24 APPROXIMATELY
Price: 7-day hunt $8,000, add Sitka Blacktail $2,000


He has a great Sitka blacktail deer hunt as well, with ducks and fox are also possible. He has taken the Alaskan Professional Hunting Associations biggest deer award for 7 out of the past 12 years. He also has the #3 world record. We think his deer price is a bargain! You may have seen Larry Csonka of football fame hunting with this outfitter for blacktails on TV. Shots can be quite long, and shooting sticks or a bipod can be a big help with the wind whipping. For a smorgasbord, add in some sea duck hunting. You may even be able to do some halibut and salmon fishing from his 40’ charter boat, which is big, warm and comfortable.
Sitka Blacktail Deer, Sea Ducks, and Fox

Dates: November 4-11, 11-18 Approximately
Price: 7-day hunt 1×1 $5,000; 2×1 $4,000

We get requests for do it yourself Sitka hunts on Kodiak and, in all honesty, we are not big fans. First of all, Kodiak sea and land weather can be just awful, and life and death situations occur every year. Kodiak has lots of steep terrain, and fighting snow drifts, sliding down mountain sides, camping in miserable conditions, etc., is just not a whole lot of fun. They get lots of rain, so being wet constantly is a fact of life. We think it is smarter to go guided and get warm and dry each evening. On a DIY, if a sudden storm pops up, very likely a boat cannot get to you due to big waves, and if it does reach you, getting on board from shore can be very dicey. Add in the brown bears, and we much prefer our DIY clients to consider Prince of Wales Island and forget Kodiak unless you go guided. If you really want an unguided Sitka hunt, and a good one, then do Prince of Wales Island through us (ask for our Alaska #17). No brownies, not likely to be stranded, good success, and lots of quality deer if you put the effort in, especially in August and September back-packing into the high country for a day or two. And cheaper than Kodiak. But, we very much like this outfitter’s guided Sitka hunts, and we think they are a relative bargain. HE IS ONE OF THE BEST ON KODIAK.

Sea Ducks

More than 10 species are available here, with hunts usually over decoys, although pass and jump shooting are also used. Based out of their modern lodge, this hunt provides lots of action with all the comforts. The duck hunting continues to be nothing short of world class and is included on all fall hunts. There are literally thousands of sea ducks in the bay each fall. This is a collector hunt with Harlequins, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Surf, Common and White Wing Scoters along with Old Squaw and Blue Bills making up most of the shooting. You hunt over decoys and also drift for pass shooting. This is a great hunt all based out of a warm comfortable lodge.


Price List for all hunts-  CAll FOR CURRENT PRICING

Kodiak Brown Bear
Dates: April 20-29, May 1-10, (TBA)
October 25 – November 3
Price: $16,000- Backpack hunt/ $19,000 Lodge hunt add Sitka Blacktail $2,000 (fall only)
Sitka Blacktail Deer, Sea Ducks, and Fox
Dates: November 4-11, 11-18
Price: 7-day hunt 1×1 $5000; 2×1 $4000
Mountain Goat
Dates: October 1-24
Price: 7-day hunt $8,000, add Sitka Blacktail $2,000
Sea Ducks
Dates: November 18-23, 23-28
Price: 5-day hunt 2×1 $2,500
Saltwater Fishing – Salmon and Halibut
Dates: May 16 – September 15, Sunday-Friday
Price: 5 days, 5 nights $3,000


Trips Include:  
  • Infield transportation
  • Plenty of great food
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Expert field care of meat and trophies
  • Licensed, experienced, and insured guide
  • Professional dedication to a quality outdoor adventure
  Additional Costs:  
    Non-Resident Hunting License: $160.00  


Brown Bear


    All hunts require a 50% deposit at time of reservation.

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