Namibia Plains Game Archery & Rifle Hunts #173

Namibia Plains Game Archery & Rifle Hunts #173

CHECK OUT WHAT 3 OF OUR PAST CLIENTS HAD TO SAY : “Best trip to Africa yet”; “Most Knowledgeable PH I have ever talked with”; “Game rich environment”; “ I’d go back just for the food!”

This is a premiere Archery destination in Namibia, and it has been incredibly successful for many years. Many hundreds of clients have hunted here, including some very well known figures from the Archery world have taped shows and hunted here. There is probably not a better bow hunting operation anywhere in Africa! Some may be almost as good, but we absolutely believe there are none better. They have operated since their inception years ago, exclusively as a bow hunting operation. However, they acquired some adjacent property and now also offer excellent quality gun hunting! This was needed as some groups had both rifle and bow hunters.

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We just sent three of our bow clients here in 2017. Here is one of their reports to us:
“This Bow Safari was in short the best hunt I have ever been on with an outfitter, they are without a doubt an excellent experience and I would highly recommend them to any of my hunting friends.
Animals: The quality and quantities of the animals was impressive with good representations of all species listed as available. Guides: These guys are bow hunters and know their stuff. Listen to what they tell you and you will have success. They know how to tell trophies and are honest as to what you are or are not shooting. They are also very knowledgeable of their property, blinds, other animals, etc. They have game cameras so they know what is and is not coming into the waterholes. They work very hard to get you animals and went above and beyond to get you your trophy. They are wonderful people, period.

Blinds: Are top notch and set up for bowhunting. All of the shots are basically the same distance to the front and back of the water and salt. Most shots are 20 yards. The blinds are comfortable, spacious and well situated. They even clear a trail to the blinds, amazing.
Food: Easily 5-star every day, every meal. I would go there just to eat dinner, it was that good.
Accommodations: Outstanding in space, cleanliness, service, views, etc. The common area was beautiful as were the grounds. There is not a single thing out of place, it is a place you could take your spouse and they would just love hanging around the property.”

DSC04450-300x225  They have over 10,000 acres of totally free range bow hunting only, private ground that they have improved steadily every year. It is now a paradise for bow hunting with the 10 waterholes they have built, the growth they have stimulated, and an incredible assortment of kudu, eland, gemsbok, warthogs and much more. Seeing many dozens of animals and a variety of species daily is commonplace. They have numerous blinds and stands some of which are elevated, and all of which are situated very precisely within bow range. And there is no other outfitter within 30 miles of their remote location In northern 

Namibia. Add to this superb food and drink, wonderful service, luxurious lodging, and the fact that they only have your party there! If you are there, you control the whole place for you exclusive use! WE really like that!


Your bow hunting area has six luxurious chalets, each with air-conditioning, telephone, HD television an en-suite bathroom and a double bed. There is also Enjoy their well stocked bar and their wonderful cuisine. And the owner/PH does most of the guiding himself when feasible.

At the bow hunting area, you can relax under the stars while sitting around a blazing fire enjoying your favorite beverage, or relax in the Jacuzzi after a successful hunt. All hunts are recorded on DVD and can be viewed in our luxurious trophy room where satellite TV and Free Wi-Fi Internet access is also available. And you are presented with a copy of the video of your hunt when you leave!!

PSE Archery often sends its pro’s here to bow hunt and test new equipment. That alone speaks volumes for success to be expected. The operation is well maintained and kept up to date and ready to go. It has wonderful grounds with beautiful landscaping and watching the video of your day’s hunt each night on the big screen TV is a real highlight – like instant replay, and you get a copy!



What has us really excited is that they realized they were losing gun hunters. Often a party was a mix of gun and bow guys- and they knew they needed to be able to handle both types of clients. However, they also felt it was critical that the animals on their bow hunting area remain totally undisturbed by gunfire. Clients who had hunted the bow area, knew to expect very laid back and relatively unwary animals there, and they felt they had to preserve that situation. The only answer was rifle consessions and hunting rights on separate places for the gun hunters, but one that was not too far away, so groups could get together in the evenings to tell terrible lies to one another! And oh boy did they succeed!


THE GAME:  Now let’s talk about species and sizes. Bow and rifle areas have decent kudu populations, and typically a bow hunter will take kudu in the 48 to 54 inch range. Rabies had hurt the population a few years ago, but they are recovering nicely. Gun hunters may possibly average a bit larger due to the extended ranges they can shoot at. There are large numbers of eland and gemsbok and big trophies are the norm. You can see the species lists below, and choose what you wish to hunt. We then have you make a deposit with Hunt-Nation of 50% of your estimated hunt costs and trophy fees, and you square up at the end of the hunt, directly with the outfitter. They will even take your credit cards for final balances if you wish. Prime season is April to November. So 50% on booking, then a respite until you leave.

You fly to Windhoek in Namibia, usually passing thru Johannesburg. Some clients like to rest one night in “Joburg” and we have a wonderful guest house to suggest if you want to do that. Steaks around the pool are the norm that first night in Joburg. You can also fly via Frankfurt with Air Namibia or a very pleasant Qatar Air via Doha. You then are fresh the next day. Outfitter then picks you up ($500 r/t) in their Mercedes Crew bus, and drive you in air-conditioned comfort the 4 hours north to their lodges. Those lodges are lying to the east of Etosha Park, the famed Game Park. Test shoot your guns and bows and you may be hunting that afternoon! Or just kick back for an afternoon game drive.

They can arrange tours, fishing and animal viewing and photo shoots for any non-observers, or perhaps a tour of Etosha Park, where you might see most of the Big 5! Many options exist in addition to the pool and tennis courts. Just ask us and we will be happy to supply you with ideas and a detailed quote. Package your own safari.

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Daily Rates (US$) for 2019

1 Client / 1 Guide (Plains game) 380.00
2 Clients / 1 Guide (Plains game) 300.00
Non-hunters (Per Person) 175.00

Daily Rates are per night in Lodge. Arrival and departure days are charged together as a single day.

Daily Rates Excludes 15% GOV. Tax


Trophy Fees (US$) for 2017

Eland 2000.00
Kudu 1800.00
Gemsbuck / Oryx 800.00
Burchell’s Zebra 1300.00
Hartman’s Zebra 1300.00
Black Wildebeest 1500.00
Blue Wildebeest 1200.00
Red Hartebeest 900.00
Impala 750.00
Springbuck 550.00
Blesbuck 750.00
Giraffe 3500.00
Damara Dik-Dik 2500.00
Duiker 400.00
Steenbuck 400.00
Warthog 450.00
Klipspringer 1200.00
Leopard if available On Request
Cheetah if available 3000.00
Caracal 500.00
Jackal 50.00
Baboon 200.00
Ostrich 800.00
Roan On Request
Nyala On Request
Sable On Request
Hyena On Request
Letchwe On Request

Wounded animals not found are charged in full.

Prices Include
  • Hunting license fees.
  • Services of the hunting guide, trackers, skinners and driver and a Four wheel drive hunting vehicle.
  • Field preparation of trophies & delivery to local taxidermist .
  • All meals, lodging and beverages, including daily maid and laundry service.
  • Sightseeing tours on the Ranch, including 4×4 mountain driving.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet
Prices Exclude
  • Flights to Windhoek International Airport
  • Optional travel by aircraft from Windhoek International Airport to Tsumeb in lieu of auto pickup..
  • International phone calls and faxes.
  • Insurance and medical expenses of any kind. We recommend insurance- (health, accident, luggage).
  • Taxidermy fees and shipping& dipping of trophies.
  • Import permits and fees required by your own country.
  • Sightseeing excursions NOT done on Ranch  
  • Gratuities to camp staff.
  • All Alcoholic drinks.
  • Accommodation expenses before and after the scheduled trophy hunting period.
  • 1% Tourism Levy on daily rate. 
  • U$ 400.00 per vehicle transport to and from Windhoek International Airport, it includes pickup and offload
  • 15 % Tax on daily rates
  • 15 % Tax on wounded animals that is not recovered


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