Certain outfitters tend to stand out as you work in our booking business and regularly deal every day with dozens of different outfitters. They stand out because they produce consistent results; our clients are happy when they leave; the outfitter is always honest in his predictions; they are reasonable with the clients and invariably they are hardworking and dedicated professionals. This outfitter is one of those individuals.

Because his operations are extensive in terms of different areas and different species hunted, of necessity this explanation will be inadequate to convey to you all the information you may desire, so please call us to fill in any voids! Plus his pricing can change with so many locations – so call us. That is why we are here! Also many of his hunts have landowner vouchers available, meaning you avoid the draw and avoid the need to buy preference points for years.

NOTE: With the high cost of land vouchers for Unit 34 this outfitter only does the draw for his elk hunts. He also has exotics in southeast Texas. To get into the draw hunts in New Mexico, you must apply by March 20th. The results of the draw will be available by June. There is no paper application any more as it is all done online. Go to the NM Game and Fish web site at You will first need to get a Customer ID Number, then you can get a Game-Hunting License. The fee for the license is $65. This is a one-time license purchase for all hunts you apply for. Be sure and check box on the application that you will want the refund for the license if you do not draw.


He hunts desert mule deer in Texas and in New Mexico. All hunts are on private ranch lands which he manages to avoid over hunting. Actual on the ground success is normally 90%-100%, assuming of course good shooting. You will typically see a number of bucks in the course of your hunt to choose from, so do not be in a hurry to shoot the first deer you see. These muley hunts are guided 2X1, usually from 4WD pickups and also by walking and glassing. Shots tend to be longish – 200 yards and out. We strongly suggest bipods or shooting sticks! Most of these desert mulies will be mature 4X4s and 5X5s, typically scoring in the 150- to 165-class trophies. Their distinctive gray coats and coloring making for wonderful mounts! Accommodations are normally ranch type bunk houses, but for his antelope he stays in a proverbial teepee, which makes for a truly unique hunt and experience. On the muley hunts, which are in SE New Mexico, you also have the option of adding on a sheep!


He hunts elk primarily in Unit 34 in south eastern New Mexico. This area is considered to be one of the premiere elk hunting areas in New Mexico. It is not uncommon for his hunters to take bulls in the 320 to 350 range. And in 2018 he acquired a great additional ranch with lots of water and feed for elk! This is a mountainous area with elevations ranging from 5000 to 9000 feet. It is mainly forested with ponderosa pine, aspens and open meadows. Due to logging done close to 70 years ago, there are numerous logging roads and old railroad beds traversing the country, making walking easier. You would fly into El Paso and rent a car and drive to his area. You can sit waterholes or you can chase bugling bulls, or sit and glass. Whatever it takes. His hunts include lodging in cabins, plus meals and guiding. This country is best for hunters in reasonable physical condition, capable of walking 2 to 7 miles a day up and down. You might not have to do that, but it is best to be ready.

Check with us for prices! Odds of drawing vary with weapon, muzzleloader, bow or rifle, or handicapped hunters, but average 20% to 40% depending on dates and weapons. But he has some wonderful elk, so a couple years of applying should have you going hunting! Of course, you could draw it the first time you apply too!

Bow: September 15-24
Rifle: October 1 to end of December is the season with landowner vouchers
Muzzleloader: October 17-21

AOUDAD: He also offers free-range aoudad hunts in Texas. We have a separate writeup on those hunts, so please ask us for that information.

GEMSBOK/ORYX:  He also offers off-range oryx hunts in New Mexico. These are around the White Sands military lands, with tags being available over the counter. He has access to numerous parcels of 1,000 to 2,000 acre parcels. Checking of ranches to find the ones with oryx currently present, is done before you arrive. Mobility is the key to this hunt but picture antelope style hunting for elk size animals. Both female and male oryx have horns, with the mature females being generally longer while the males will have more mass. Both are excellent trophies with striking facial features. They also are excellent table fare! Hunts will be 3 or 4 days with lodging and meals included. Contact us for more details.

ANTELOPE: He has rifle, muzzleloader and archery hunts. All of these hunts include landowner tags, so again, NO DRAWS! We especially like his muzzleloader hunts. You can expect them to be in the 14” to 16 ½” class, with a few slammers to boot! You stay in teepees, depending on the ranch, otherwise in a bunkhouse or motel. Guiding is 2×1. And if you do not own a muzzleloader, he will ship you one of his pre-hunt, so you can sight it in and familiarize yourself with it. There is a nominal charge for this to cover shipping and wear and tear. These are scope-sighted in-lines, capable of 200-yard accuracy!

Incidentally, he also does free range Merriam’s turkey hunts, and mountain lion, all also in New Mexico. Turkey hunts are very reasonable and you can take a second bird.  Lion is available almost all winter long; and black bear are run with dogs or called, late summer thru the fall. Many color phases

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)


ANTELOPE:  $3,850 per person 2×1, plus tax and license. Includes meals and accommodations (usually a teepee).