325.big-fat-gator-225x300  This excellent Florida Outfitter hunts for genuine Osceola turkeys, for gators and for boars, all on private ground. He also does Nuisance Gator control for the County, which helps gain him access to much closed public land, plus It also gives him over 100 gator permits for nuisance gators! The good news is he can hunt you for them quite reasonably year round. Methods include rods with snatch hooks, or rifle or bang sticks.

GATORS: He takes over 100 gators a year and with his special license he can do multiple gators anywhere there is a problem. No lodging or meals on any of his trips.


2021 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)
On Gators he has 3 options:

1. Private land- anytime, any size! This is most expensive route to get a huge gator but it is also the most certain way to take a big one. 9-12 feet is $3000; over 12 is $5k. 7-9’ is $1,500.

2. Public land draw- you apply and if you draw you get 2 tags. Apply in May. Hunt Aug-Oct. Your 2 tags hunt is $800; or use one of their draw tags and hunt for $1,250.

3. Nuisance gator hunt- buy a $52 gator agent license- hunt then with him on his license. You can hunt with him all day and even at night, taking multiple gators if you wish. Or concentrate on a big one, but not size guarantee on this nuisance hunt. He always has permits and always has many places to hunt, including at boat launches, golf courses, public access areas etc. Average is about 7 to 9’ but it could be a 5’– or if lucky it could be a 10’, but expect mid-size. $750 per gator, no limit.

325.big-osceola-225x300  OSCEOLA TURKEYS (Non resident 10 day hunting license is $46 plus turkey permit of $125)

He loves turkey hunting, and he told us we “gotta pry these turkey hunts out of his hands”, he says. But he did agree to allow Hunt Nation to sell 6 guided turkey hunts a season. Tons of birds and very big ones. Hunts Indian River and Brevard County. 3 days for $2,000; no lodging or meals. Due to his hog trapping and removals, he trades the various area orange groves to allow him to turkey hunt them. Means un-hunted birds and almost no competition! Very Limited hunts in Late March and into May, so book early for these 6 openings. He has an arrangement with a local hotel who gives his clients either a discounted room or room upgrade. Ask us for that info once you book the hunt!

HOGS: 4 options:
1. Swamp buggy (Butch loves to take kids or adult size kids on these things! A real kick.)
2. Spot/stalk
3. Blinds/feeders
4. Dogs- very exciting, be prepared to get dirty and a bit wet.

325.huge-hog-225x300  Regardless of the method you choose, the price is $250 for first pig, $150 each additional. He does not do trophy pigs- but a big one can happen and then it is still the same price. Has a hog fenced area he continuously replenishes with wild hogs caught elsewhere, so there is always a big hog population. The area is high fence. This is a typical Florida wetland and hummock sort of terrain, so most of it is very tight and wet- wear high rubber boots. Great success. Best hunting is in the morning. These are one day hunts. One recent group took 20 hogs in just 1.5 days.

PH: 307 637 5495 EMAIL: info@hunt-nation.com
WEBSITE: www.hunt-nation.com