Serbia Roe Deer, Chamois & Jackal #252

Serbia Roe Deer, Chamois & Jackal #252

SERBIA #252- Roe Deer, Chamois & Jackal

May – January


The hunting area is located in the North of Serbia, in the Vojvodina region, which is flat agricultural land. The Roe Deer hunt in Vojvodina is considered the best in Europe. The best period for this hunt is in the first fifteen days of May. The hunt is done by searching for the animals with the car and following on foot after locating them. We can guarantee gold medal trophies in the C.I.C. point system, for Roe Deer, Wild Boar and Mouflon Sheep in the month of May. Lodging is provided in hunting houses or small hotels in the hunting area.

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“I saw 150 roe deer every day. We would spot them in groups of five to 10 animals about 1,000 yards away, then we’d spot and glass for a buck. Bring a spotting scope. In addition to the big open wheat fields, there are some big irrigation ditches they hide in. These are full of brush, and it’s hard to get them out.

“Once we had a buck spotted, we’d drive to within 500 yards and then get out and stalk to within about 200 yards. Very few hunters had been out before I arrived, so the deer were not very spooky, moving off only about 30 yards or so.

“For this hunt, I was picked up in Budapest and driven two hours to Ecko, on the other side of the Danube River. I stayed in Hotel Ecko, an old, fancy hotel that has been refurbished. From there it was about 20 minutes to a little town called Basid, from where we hunted. These little towns in Serbia all have a hunting club responsible for the game management and hunting in the surrounding area. We met our local guide from the hunting club each day and proceeded to hunt 15 to 20 miles of surrounding wheat fields with him. They had about 28,000 hectares (69,000 acres) available in this area. When we shot a deer it was taken immediately back to the club house, where they had a great meat facility to hang the deer and butcher it. Everything was immaculately handled.

“I have hunted roe deer in many places, but this was just plain fun, like antelope hunting in Wyoming. I had a great time, it’s a nice place and my timing was good.”

Hunting organization, daily US $ 750
Observer, daily US $ 350

Trophy Fees:

Carpathian or Balkan Chamois US $ 4.900
Racka sheep US $ 4.900
Roe deer – up to gold medal US $ 1.500
Roe deer – gold medal based on gram system
Fallow deer US $ 3.900
Wild boar trophy any size US $ 1.900
Golden jackal US $ 1.900
European Wild cat US $ 2.900
Muflon sheep US $ 4.900
Red Stag – up to CIC gold medal US $ 8.000
Badger US $ 1.000
Wild Turkey US $ 500

Rates Include:
Airport assistance, gun clearance, ground transportation, meals and lodging during the hunt, professional hunter, skinning, salting and trophy care, hunting license, hunting permit and insurance.

Rates Don’t Include:
Hotel and meals before and after the hunt, trophy packing and shipping, taxidermy, export permits, veterinary certificates and legal order (USD 500 per box), VAT 21%, airline tickets, phone calls and tips, taxidermy, trophy shipment.

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• Traveling days are included in the duration of the program.
• When all trophies booked are collected the hunt is considered over.
• The trophy fees should be paid if the animals are wounded and not found.
• The airport of arrival should be Belgrade in Serbia.