South Africa Plains and Dangerous Game #66

South Africa Plains and Dangerous Game #66

Hunt-Nation is particularly fortunate to work with several dozen superb African safari companies that cover most of that continent. We are in a unique position to be able to offer our clients this outstanding operation. In all they have about a dozen concessions ranging all over South Africa, and into Zimbabwe as well. By covering such a vast area, you know you can count on taking virtually every species found in southern Africa! And you can hunt with them multiple times, knowing each trip will be different from the last in terrain, facilities and species. But each time you know you will be in excellent hands and will receive superb service along with wonderful hunting.
They have a full team of 7 Professional Hunters (PH’s) that are their regulars and that are most familiar with the operations and the concessions. All have been selected for their excellent abilities in the field, and for their ability to work well with clients.

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“Jim Z:
I have hunted with the PH and his team 6 times. By far the best African outfitter there is. I’ve hunted with numerous other outfitters in Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa and you will not find a more honest or reputable company. Once you experience what they have to offer you will not be disappointed.”

Because of their many concessions, it is not possible to discuss every one here, but we can do some general descriptions. One major area is the famed Limpopo region which borders Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Limpopo is an area of dense acacia thorn tree bush, with rocky outcrops, moving into open savannah, all set against the gorgeous background of the Waterberg Mountains. It is an area of unspoiled wilderness and with excellent game. This is their primary hunting area. When hunting in Limpopo, animals that can be found are Kudu, impala, warthog, eland, giraffe, rhino, cape buffalo, hippo, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, tsessebe, eland, sable and more.

A second area they is the so called North West Province. Here you are in the Kalahari desert area, which changes as you move eastward into the bushveld. It is relatively flat and dry and a wonderful area for gemsbuck, estate lions and much more.

A third general area is the FREE STATE, located in central South Africa. This area has awesome scenery, particularly near the majestic Maluti Mountains. Some elevations actually exceed 10,000 feet, with towering sandstone cliffs. It is an area of vast sandveld with Kalahri like vegetation and bushveld, giving hunters the best of both worlds. The area has many pans and dams, and some amazing area for wing shooting and upland bird hunting. Their lodges in this area are top-notch and is exclusive to this PH! A huge variety of species are here.

Another area is Western Cape in far southern South Africa in the Cape Town area. Here you find ocean coastline, a temperate climate, and with rocky-type mountains. It stretches into the famed Karoo area and it too has many unique species and is a wonderful place to hunt.

Yet another area is the Eastern Cape with access through Port Elizabeth. This is an area that reminds us much of our eastern Wyoming, with big valleys, long towering hills, farms and fields, and a grand variety of game.

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LIMPOPO LODGE                                                FREE STATE LODGE









KWA ZUL NATAL LODGE                                    WESTERN CAPE LODGE

“Terry M:I have hunted on two hunts with them and in two different countries. I have hunted in Africa 6 times, and I can say they are the best. I will never hunt with anyone else in Africa. It doesn’t matter what country or area you want to hunt they can accommodate. I highly recommend them. I would recommend them for any hunting, plains game as well as dangerous. The whole team from PH to camp personal are excellent. I was on an extended period hunt, hunting day and night and never had any issues. I have hunted in Africa for 10 years and they are the best I have had. I will definitely return as well as pass on to my hunting friends. Top notch.

Every one of these concession has superb hunting lodges with en suite baths and toilets, superb food and excellent hunting for varied species. Just ask for further details or for our Hunt Nation assistance for planning. We are always happy to assist our many clients.

Aside from the excellent hunting, this operation excels at entertaining non-hunters and hunters alike with many adventures. Locally a daily personal guide can set up daily sight-seeing and touring trips including:
• Elephant viewing- even hugging them;
• Horse back tours;
• Shopping local markets for hand-made African wares;
• A trip to a lion cub facility for hugs and pictures;
• Hot air balloon rides;
• Zip lining thru the African mountains and forests;
• Riding on Quads and ATV’s for safari tours;
• Diamond mine tours;
• National Park tours;
• Multi Day trips such as Victoria Falls;
• Spa treatments.

Option 1: Book one of their standard packages, which include your daily rate and all trophy fees and taxes, along with food and lodging. Extra animals can be added for trophy fee prices. Food is generally superb. Some truly extensive touring can be arranged too.

Option 2: Send us your wish list and we will give you a customized quote. Species can be added or switched for similar value game.

Option 3: Hunt a la carte. Pay the daily rate and shoot whatever tickles your fancy. You will pay as per the trophy fee list, plus 15 % VAT.

TIPPING: About 5% to 10% is given to your PH depending on total cost of trophies; skinners about $20/animal (extra if they tracked the animal); staff about $10/$15 each cooks. Also, laundry, servers, etc.; and if you do two lodges, then repeat for the second staff.

WEATHER: Being in the Southern Hemisphere, their season of the year are 6 months reversed from ours. So if you want to hunt fall or winter (best times)- then you go in May through August. May being akin to our 11th month of the year (Nov.). Frosts do happen but days are warm 50 to 80 degrees.

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TRAVEL & GUNS: Normally you will fly into Johannesburg, often using South African Air. They meet and greet you. WE have a wonderful African Travel Agency that will be invaluable to you in planning flights etc. Importing guns is not hard, but it has some wrinkles, so please talk to us about that, and we will walk you through it. Or rent one of theirs and save the worries!

2023 PRICING: If you do not wound or take an animal in your package 50% of the trophy fee will be credited.

Pkg #1:  Custom safari – you tell us what you want and we quote you.

Pkg #2: 10 days All Inclusive, with one each of kudu, impala, blue wildebeest, zebra = $7,450

Pkg #3: 10 days All inclusive, with one each of gemsbuck, either a blue or black wildebeest, impala, blesbuck, = $4,750

Pkg #4: 10 day All inclusive: one each of black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, impala, Blesbuck, Zebra = $6,950

Pkg #5: 7 day all inclusive: one Cape Buffalo= $11,500

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Packages include the 15% VAT, the trophy fees, rooms and food and guiding, moderate liquor, pickup and return to Johannesburg, field prep of game.

Not included: Extra Animals or upgrades, dipping, packing and shipping of trophies, air fares and tips.

ALA CARTE: pay the Daily rate plus trophy fees and taxes:
1 ON 1 Guiding by PH: $450/day
2 on 1 Guiding by PH: $325/day
Observer unguided: $200/day
Observer Guided: $295/day
Arrival day: $180

Contact us and request Trophy Fee List

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REFERENCES: We have a very long and extensive list of enthusiastic clients! Many have been two to 4 times; many plan to return; many have sent 6 to 12 friends- the list goes on and on. Short and sweet- YOU WILL BE HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL! Ask for some references if you wish.


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