Texas Aoudad Hunt #84

Texas Aoudad Hunt #84

Texas-84-Butch-sheep-pix-2-150x150 This is an outfitter we have sent a bunch of folks to (at least 50+ for aoudad alone), and virtually everyone seems to come home happy and with their trophy for the last 10 years!  Historically he is at virtually 100% harvest. He has probably handled at least 100 to 150 of our clients! AND  HE HAS JUST ACQUIRED HUNTING RIGHTS TO A NEIGHBORING RANCH THAT HAS NOT BEEN HUNTED FOR YEARS, SO WE ANTICIPATE SOME SLAMMER SHEEP!

When most of us think sheep, we think of Dall, Stone, Rocky Mountain and desert bighorns at $25,000-$60,000 and up! So for many hunters, sheep hunting is well beyond their financial means. If you have always wanted a gorgeous sheep mount but didn’t think you could ever afford it, or were just unwilling to pony up those sums up for a single critter, we can offer you a great sheep hunt, in Texas, for free ranging Aoudad, for much less money then even a Dall sheep hunt goes for.


These are wild, free-ranging sheep, and it is a very real hunt. Aoudad (also known as Barbary sheep) originally came from the Barbary Coast and Sahara regions of northwestern Africa. It was imported into the U.S. around 1924. By escaping from enclosures, and in Texas also by deliberate as well as accidental private releases, these sheep spread quickly and adapted very well. Today, the prestigious Safari Club International in their record book states the following about aoudad: “The aoudad is a superb game animal; exceptionally challenging when free-ranging, and difficult even where fenced.” This outfitter’s sheep, though, are free range in every way, and the hunts are spot & stalk.


They are a big, very strong animal, with a mane that runs from under the chin down the shoulders and front legs where it forms chaps. Brownish to blonde color, it weighs about 250 to 350 pounds and may stand well over 3 feet high at the shoulder. They are also a tough animal, so use enough rifle – minimum .270, and a 7mm Mag or .300 Mag with well-constructed bullets is even better. This animal is wary and shots normally are 150 yards to 300 yards.

A trophy aoudad is typically 27” to 32”; and almost all the sheep this guy takes are  in that range, and some larger!  Butch and Joan both took good sheep on this hunt. They make spectacular mounts with their long flowing chaps and chest hair and thick curling horns. The largest horns reported by SCI were in the 37” range, and this outfitter has taken them to 36”, which is truly an awesome animal. Eight of the top 20 Aoudad in the book have come from this ranch last time we looked !!!  WE THINK HE OFFERS ONE OF THE FINEST FREE-RANGING SHEEP HUNTS ANYWHWERE IN NORTH AMERICA, AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE!  

“I had to stop for a second a send you a memo about the aoudad sheep hunt you sent me on in Texas with this outfitter. First of all, this dude is one of the most caring guides I have EVER hunted with. He certainly went the extra mile and, quite frankly, I didn’t even really feel like I was hunting with a guide as much as a new friend. He took extra special care and concern for my son, KC, which means a lot to me. Awesome hunt and an awesome guy. Thanks for setting up the hunt and introducing me to this great guide!” – Howard C.

The other plus with this hunt is that they take place in January and February. So when elk, deer and all else is over, the regal aoudad sheep is still available.


The hunting guides are very accomplished and great fun to hunt with, and the accommodations are nice too (motel or ranch). You may also be able to add free-range whitetails (ask us for pricing), or even some exotics such as scimitar-horned oryx, but they are limited in quantity and require prior arrangement (high fence hunt, but reasonable). All of it is spot and stalk hunting, usually from above. You will see animals! We loved it! And an aoudad is one of the world’s most handsome sheep.

The outfitter hunts well over 50,000 acres of private ranchland near Post, Texas. Bring your binoculars! Terrain is relatively low in elevation and hunting is from rimrock you drive up on. We rate the physical challenge at about a modest 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. In short, if you want a great challenge with an animal that is one of the world’s most handsome sheep and makes a wonderful trophy room conversation piece, or if you’ve hungered for a sheep but have been restrained by the cost, this is a great option!

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)
3-day hunt – $5,500 per person 2×1, $6,500 per person 1×1, including meals and lodging
Observers – $450 per person, including meals and lodging

Normally he starts in January and you can pick any Saturday through Monday period from January into early March. Arrive on Friday and leave morning after last day. Sometimes weekday hunts can be arranged as well.

TRANSPORT: Fly to Lubbock, TX; rent a car and drive 40 minutes  to Post, Texas.


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