Our clients like the incredibly wide range of exotic animals found here. From African game to Arabian game to Asian game and more. You will see many species that you might never see otherwise. It makes for an extremely interesting hunt. View urials, Pere David deer, nilgai, yaks, watusi and more! We like these things about this operation: No hidden fees; no daily guide rates; and no pay if you do not kill! Those three things are important!! And finally we can get you package pricing on a multi-species package.


You can hunt with a handgun, bow, crossbow, muzzleloader or rifle. Bow hunting or handgun hunting is particularly challenging. If you want some meat, we highly recommend the Axis deer and the Fallow deer, including the reasonably priced does. This is a great opportunity to introduce someone to hunting, especially a youngsters, wife or grandchild. The friendly family-like atmosphere adds to the experience. This ever a great place to send corporate employees for an outing.                                                                                      

LODGING & GUIDING: Their cabins offer comfortable accommodations and enable them to also host larger groups without overcrowding. These cabins include bunk house-style sleeping arrangements with linens provided, full bathroom, and plenty of room to store your gear. The deck outside each cabin is a great place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day of hunting. Their main lodge is also available for the hunters’ convenience. There is a large deck out back with chairs and tables, plus a barbeque pit and grill. Enjoy your evening watching satellite television on the big screen or playing a friendly game of pool or darts. The Pump Jack Pavilion is a 20 x 40 foot pavilion with seating for up to 32 guests. There is an adult and children’s horseshoe pit, washers game, and two fire pits, making the pavilion a great place to entertain those large corporate or family hunting groups. Hunters stay on the ranch in private cabins with bath.
Cabins have two bedrooms and a bath, and the hunts include all meals (usually a big breakfast, soup and sandwich for lunch, then a big dinner), 1 x 1 guiding and transport. It is also easy to get to, being a bit north of Fort Worth.

Most hunters stay on the ranch in private cabins with bath. Cabins have two bedrooms, a bath and the hunts include all meals (usually a big breakfast, soup and sandwich for lunch, then a big dinner), 1 x 1 guiding and transport during the hunt, all for a daily fee of $150 per person. It is also easy to get to, being a bit north of Fort Worth.

SPECIES AND TERRAIN: The hunting area encompasses approximately 1-1/2 square miles. As of 2011, this outfitter had produced 749 animals ranking in the top 5 for his clients. On top of that, the outfitter received Ranch/Preserve of the Year and Ranch Outfitter of the Year four times in four years. Hunt Nation sent a client to this outfitter in 2012 and he collected an aoudad, blackbuck, mouflon, Texas Dall sheep, Corsican sheep, black Hawaiian sheep, ibex, water buffalo and bison. Nearly every animal was gold medal!

Texas-131-Aoudad-300x199           image_zps2498e3d0.jpgc100

AOUDAD SHEEP                                                    MOUFLON SHEEP

Here is a quote from one client:

“This is a first class exotic trophy ranch. Their professionalism and hospitality are second to none. The accommodations are incredible, the food is fantastic, and the environment is nothing short of beautiful. Not to mention that the hunting and quality of animals we were able to see and harvest are world class. As a business owner, I found that this is THE place to bring clients. It leaves a lasting impression for years to come”. DL

This is a great family hunt, or for a corporate group or just a bunch of good friends. Lots of game, big animals, wonderful food and lodging- just the best.


            FOUR-HORN SHEEP

Hunt Nation can often get you a discounted package rate if you wish to take four or five animals. Just tell us what you want. All hunting is done in a fair chase manner by spot and stalk or from stands – your choice. All hunts are fully-guided. If you do not kill (or wound), you only pay for lodging.

TRAVEL: Airport pickup is available for approx. $100 roundtrip. Fly to DFW (Dallas) and the ranch is about an hour and a half from there.



2024 Price Sheet

EXOTICS- Representative Trophies to Record Book Animals

Axis $4,500
Fallow $4,950
Sika $4,500
Blackbuck $4,500
Aoudad $4,500
Mouflon $2,000 to $4,500
Corsican $1,000 to $3,500
Texas Dall Sheep $1,000 to $3,500
Black Hawaiian Sheep $1,000 to $3,500
Painted Desert $1,000 to $3,500
Four Horn $1,250 to $2,500
Ibex $2,000 to $4,500
Catalina $1,500
Red Stag $6,000- $9,000

SUPER EXOTICS (record book trophies)
Elk $9,000
Bison $7,500
Water Buffalo $6,000
Watusi $5,000
Nilgai $6,500
Eland $8,000
Gemsbok $8,000
Wildebeest $8,000
Zebra $8,000
Armenian Mouflon $4,000
Red Sheep $5,500
Pere David Deer $7,500
Addax $7,500
Scimitar Horned Oryx $5,500

NOTE: Other super exotics available upon request.

They also offer spring Rio Grand turkey hunts for only $950 (includes 2 days meals/lodging).
They can usually beat any competitor’s price on the same quality of animal. Just ask.

• $175 per person, per night (includes 3 meals, all beverages & snacks, open bar, and all linens)
• Airport pick-up/drop-off $150 per person




CALL: 307-637-5495  or info@hunt-nation.com