British Columbia Home of Giant Black Bears and Roosevelt Elk #210

British Columbia Home of Giant Black Bears and Roosevelt Elk #210

img_0144-300x225  First, be aware that we have negotiated truly SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE pricing for these Vancouver Island Bear hunts- probably a good thousand dollars below the competition!

A few years back, SCI determined, after research by various people, that black bears on Vancouver Island (and also those found on Prince of Wales Island)- were of a slightly different genetic makeup from other blackies. Since they are consistently larger, they created a new classification called “Island Bear”. We book hunts on Vancouver Island for these giant blackies, and we welcome you to try this hunt. Many of these bears are ancient old bruins with poor teeth and lots of age. The most productive time period is afternoons.
Vancouver Island is a wild, mountainous and rough Island some 286 miles long and 62 miles wide, being the largest island off the West coast of North America. It has the mildest climate in Canada and averages 70 to 0 degrees in summer and 32 degrees in winter. The ocean currents and breezes are responsible for the mild temperature. This warm and relatively moist climate led to huge spruce forests and for many years full scale logging. The result of that old logging industry efforts is a ton of logging roads and logged over and clear cut areas. Add to that habitat the huge salmon fishery with its river runs; plus huge areas of wild berries, and it all translates into great bear habitat. Much of the Island is wild and remote.
Hunts are typically done by ATV and 4WD vehicles, then hunters walking the old abandoned roads and glassing clear cuts. You look for fresh droppings, broken trees (a sign of dominance) and of course bears. The bears often forage on and along the old logging roads, making for interesting walking! Once a big bruin is located, then a stalk can be done, and getting close is generally not terribly difficult. You pretty much stick to the old road network as walking thru the timber is a herculean task. Hunts are primarily in the Spring, but can be in the fall.

Vancouver Island is believed to have the purest strain of Roosevelt elk in North America. These elk are true giants- the largest bodied elk in North America, and can reach over 1,000 pounds. They can live to 12 or 15 years of age in this rugged and remote country. Although their horns are very massive, they tend to have slightly shorter points then the Rocky Mountain Species. But they are a huge animal, and incredibly impressive.
clay-evans3-300x225  Hunting is normally done much like the bear hunts. You will hunting using 4WD’s and ATV’s, and by glassing old and new clear cuts or following up on bugles, if any are heard. Because of the heavy cover, this is often best done during the archery season, when vocal bulls can help point you in the right direction, and the thick cover allows you to get close. Of course rifle too works quite well. These outfitters take a very limited number of rifle elk hunters, so book well in advance, meaning perhaps a year in advance.

Like the bear hunts, these elk hunts are not terribly physical- the forest is just too dense for good hunting, so old logging roads, glassing clear cuts and that sort of thing works. You may even see a herd from a vehicle, then do a stalk. But as always, being in at least reasonable shape to walk is necessary. One nice thing is that both elk and bear have been very under hunted in this territory. That means trophy animals with good age on them.


LODGING & FOOD: You will stay in a very modern, relatively new and luxurious Lodge, with a chef to serve your steaks, prime rib, chicken and more. They make a serious effort to give you top notch creature comforts, and you likely gain five pounds here!

TRAVEL: If you want to take home the meat, the most economical way is to drive. You can route yourself through the City of Vancouver and take one of the three BC Ferry Terminals located at Departure Bay, Duke Point and Downtown. Duke point is often the choice, but check. You will be heading to Nanaimo, a city of 80,000 people on Vancouver Island. There you will be met. If you fly, it is much the same, into Vancouver and then on to Nanaimo Airport (YCD). The flight from the mainland is short. Again you will be met at airport, and driven 2 hours (no charge) to the Lodge.
WEATHER: Spring bear expect temperature in the 40 to 60 degree range. It is good to expect some rains. Fall bear or elk, expect 40 to 70 degrees. Mornings in both Spring and Fall are cool, warming during the day.

BEAR: Rifle or bow- April 15 to June 15. 1×1 guiding. (5 day hunts, Mon thru Friday.) ONLY $6,900 plus licenses, tags and gov’t fees (about $700). Canadian GST will be absorbed by the outfitter for our clients! BEST DEAL ON VANCOUVER ISLAND! Second bear is $4500.

ROOSEVELT ELK: 10 Day ARCHERY ELK- SEPT. 1X1 guiding. $29,950. An awesome hunt for truly big bulls. 10 Day RIFLE – October. 1X1 $33,750. NOTE: This guide territory has been very lightly hunted!

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