This awesome Mexico outfitter’s deeds speak louder than his words. We know Mexico very well, have hunted it a number of times, and we know well that scams and poor outfitters abound. So we are constantly looking for truly top notch operations in that country. And this operation may well be the best there is in Mexico for giant Gould’s turkeys and huge Coues deer. This is absolutely the finest Gould’s hunting in the world! And we do not say that lightly. And we suspect that the Coues may prove to be likewise some of the finest Coues in Mexico. Time will tell on the deer.

An overwhelming majority of top-20 record turkeys have been harvested at this ranch. In Gould’s Turkeys, under longest beard, with fire arm, typical and atypical, they have the #1, 3, 5, 6, 7, (three birds at) 9, 10, (six birds at) 13, 14, etc.

12105903_1023449447714394_814451035959458429_n  You will be hunting on approximately 55,000 private acres in the central portion of Mexico, about 3 hours northeast of Mazatlan. Here you will find a different Mexico. Here there are large mountains, impressive canyons, a lot of pine and oak woods, and numerous lakes, dams and brooks. Senderos have been cut for the deer as well. This is much different country from desert areas you may have hunted around Hermosillo or in the northern Sierras. This is an area of woodlands, lots of moisture, lots of food, and reduced visibility compared to the featureless desert areas. And all the woodlands make for great security cover, and abundant feed.

Add to that an owner deeply committed to improving the habitat by adding food plots, by cutting senderos, and by very careful management, and you have an incredible place in Mexico.

Here too is a much more upscale facility. Built originally to be a very modern resort, with 6 luxury bedrooms, baths en-suite, two living and dining rooms, a games room, fishing ponds, horses and much more – it has also become a world-class hunting place.


GOULDS HUNTING: (season Dates March 30 – May 31).

Here are a few quotes from guests:

“The turkey hunting is the best I’ve seen for any sub-species anywhere in North America. The guides are professional and flexible and the birds respond to calling very, very well. The birds also measure up and there are lots of them. I saw over 150 birds in 3 days. The ranch owners are committed to long term habitat improvement and the maintenance of quality Gould’s turkey habitat.” Wally M, wildlife biologist.

“Having hunted much of the world with many outfitters, I can say without equivocation that this operation takes second seat to no one, all the while staying very reasonably priced if not actually below one’s cost expectations. Accommodations were ideal, with spacious rooms, individual baths and daily room service. The food was incredible, with every drink you could imagine teamed with a variety of meals that spoke of the local culture and flavor. The hunting was exceptional! Birds were plentiful with superb quality! My guide was an excellent judge of trophy quality, guessing spur and beard lengths to within a fraction of an inch. In addition to turkey, we saw numerous other types of wildlife.” Tom G.


“I have just returned from hunting for the Gould’s turkey. The ranch has a fantastic lodge, great support staff and an abundant amount of huge Gould’s turkeys. I have been on over two hundred guided hunts throughout the world and I rank this operation second to none. Everything about it is first class. I highly recommend you use them for your Gould’s and Coues deer hunts.They have many hunters that come back many times with their wives and friends and combine the hunt as a mini vacation. They provide horseback riding, fishing and the atmosphere and scenery is beautiful.  They have their own air landing strip and if you prefer to fly in, will line up a charter for you.
A few years ago they shot the world record Gould’s turkey there. If you check the record book, you will find that this place dominates the top 20 – they have about twelve birds in the top 20 record book.” Gil G.

We could give you a dozen similar stories, but you get the picture. Superb living, excellent food, tons of big turkeys, some superb Coues deer, and a great place for family and for dreams. A truly unique experience you will not find elsewhere in Mexico. We are proud to represent them.

COUES DEER (2019 Season January 18 to February 10)
While the turkey hunting is very well proven and established, the Coues hunting here is still in its infancy. We frankly think that is a very GOOD thing! As you can see from the photos, the top end potential here is clearly world class. These deer have superb security cover, tons of food and have been largely under-hunted. The heavy timber here promotes age, which makes the hunting a bit harder, but that also means older, mature trophies.


We cannot stress strongly enough that all the conditions needed to produce huge Coues are present with this operation. We think it is only a matter of time until this operation starts dropping big bucks into the record books. It may also prove a wonderful place for archers looking to tag a huge Coues. The extra cover should be very beneficial to archers.


12094727_1023057797753559_8241305452501332702_o-300x200  12068767_1023057884420217_2246192789390085751_o-300x168
In our discussions with the owner, he is opening up new food plots, cutting senderos and shooting lanes, and setting out many trail cameras. So we expect the success rates here to jump dramatically from the current 50% or so up toward to 80% and hopefully even better. And with 55,000 almost virgin acres to hunt, this place has enormous potential for giant Coues. Hunting is in January and February. Peak rut starts around late January and runs well into February/March. They have rifles available to use, including .243 and .270, for those who prefer not to deal with flying or importing firearms.

So, whether you are a dyed-in-the-wool Coues hunter looking for a slammer or a first timer AND WOULD ENJOY A TOUCH OF LUXURY, we absolutely feel you need to try this operation. We think these early years will prove to be some of the best years to hunt this operation, since so far it is relatively unknown for its Coues.

We further believe a number of high book deer are likely to be taken. Go soon! We hope to put a hosted trip together here in the near future, so if interested talk to us about that.

We also like their pricing, which works very well in the present scenario. You pay a base fee (and believe us, the deluxe lodging, meals and amenities are worth that base price and more!) and then, if you wound or kill, you pay the trophy fee of $1,500. So you go, enjoy the entire experience, hopefully kill a great buck, but if not you still had a deluxe vacation, and you put your $1,500 trophy fee back in your wallet! Either way, we predict you will call us and will want to return again and again.

A couple other goodies to be aware of:
1. Price includes your tags and all permits.
2. Open bar for all drinks (very unusual)!
3. Your own guide.
4. Free airport pickup and return.
5. They have several rifles for your use for free if you wish to avoid transporting yours.
6. Free prep of your deer head so you can take it home with you.
7. Children under 16 enjoy a 25% discount.
8. Observers pay ONLY a flat $850 for all the amenities, including food and lodging.


2018 PRICING (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

$2,990 for 3 nights. Second bird is $750. Third bird may be possible, please inquire. Wounded turkeys and accidentally killed hens $690.

Non-hunting observers $890. Hunters under 16 get a 25% discount.
Price includes use of their shotguns, careful skinning of trophy, all tags and licenses, your guide, first class lodging and meals, open bar, and round-trip transport from the airport.

5 Days $3,500, plus $1,500 if you kill or wound. This is a great deal for the hunter as it minimizes your risk, while maximizing the incentive for the outfitter to produce!

Extra days $300/day (we highly suggest doing this for a big trophy – we think 7 days is best for any serious trophy hunter!)

Second Deer $2,000 (also something to seriously consider)
Price includes guiding, tags and permits, food, lodging, and open bar.

GETTING THERE:  Hunters fly to Durango, Mexico´s international airport and are picked up by the outfitter and driven to the ranch in comfortable vehicles. The ride takes one hour and forty minutes. If you prefer, the Ranch has its own private air strip, and arrangements to fly to it can be made at extra cost.  If you plan on taking your own firearm, you must have a pre-approved permit in your hands before entering Mexico. The outfitter will assist you in obtaining it, as will we.


A passenger who presents a firearm to be checked to an international destination must be in possession of all required import documentation for their international destination city and any international transit points. It is the responsibility of the passenger to acquire the required documentation from the applicable government entity prior to travel (usually a consulate or embassy). Firearms will not be accepted for transport if international import requirements have not been met. (NOTE: WE at Hunt nation will work with the outfitter to obtain your gun permits and hunting contracts. You must acquire your U.S. Customs Form 4457 yourself, by bringing your firearm to their offices pre-departure! It is not difficult, just a pain.

(NOTE: We at Hunt Nation will work with the outfitter to obtain your gun permits and hunting contracts. You must acquire your U.S. Customs Form 4457 yourself, by bringing your firearm to their offices pre-departure. It is not difficult, just inconvenient.

IMPORTANT:  If you are traveling to Mexico on American Airlines (AA) flights operated by American Eagle, be aware that as of Jan 2017 you will be restricted to only one (1) checked bag unless you fly first class/business class. Apparently dozens of hunters flying to Sonora, Mexico, for a deer hunt have been ambushed with this restriction upon check-in. Some hunters managed to upgrade their flights on the spot to get the additional baggage allowance, while others had to reschedule flights to do so. Some hunters have had to leave bags and gear behind.

According to the American Airlines website the company enforces seasonal limitations on checked baggage to some destinations from November to January. However, those restrictions are now year-round for American Eagle flights going to Mexico. The only exception currently is for first-class and business class tickets. No oversized or overweight bags either, no matter what class you fly. Also important to note is that you will not be able to travel with boxes, which is defined as “any container that isn’t normally used for transporting items for air travel; this includes plastic tubs, containers and coolers.” Other airlines may have different rules- check with AeroMexico/Delta and United. There are others too.

If you are scheduled to hunt in Mexico and are traveling on an American Eagle flight, contact your travel agent immediately. You may need to try to cancel and switch airlines- or upgrade your flight and perhaps be forced to change your travel dates. AVOID changing arrival cities — because if your firearm permit says you must arrive in Hermosillo- then any arrival at a different Mexican city will subject you to possible arrest and weapons confiscation!! ALSO- Remember, if you are traveling with a firearm, your outfitter must meet you to help handle the clearing of your firearm.

DOCUMENTS NEEDED on arrival in Mexico:
PASSPORT: with at least 4 open pages and at least 6 months to expiration. If you need updating or a new one, get going at least 90 days pre-hunt!! Apply at local Post Office.
US CUSTOMS FORM 4457 ! IN 2017 A NEW FORM 4457 WAS ISSUED- YOUR OLD 4457’S ARE NO GOOD! YOU MUST GET THE NEW FORMS!! THEY HAVE A REVISION DATE ON THEM-CHECK THAT CAREFULLY!! Normally requires a separate trip to your nearest Customs office. Bring your gun or guns along in a case and have some ID. They hand you about a 4”X6” short form to fill out with serial number. They check gun and serial number, then they stamp it and sign it. Keep it with your passport. Make copies! If you have highly valuable cameras or electronics or lap tops etc- get those on a form also. It can save you paying import taxes on goods you already owned prior to leaving the US.
• ID: A second form of Picture ID such as a drivers license.
• US Customs Form 3-177- is the request to import trophy. Ask us before leaving for copies and instructions.
• A current US hunting licenses: Not mandatory but often helpful.
• Outfitter contract. We will supply you with it (Contrato De Caceria)- make sure you bring it in multiple copies!
• Gun permit form: (issued by Secretaria De La Defensa Nacional) It is called a Permiso Extraordinario Temporal). Lately the airlines require you to have a copy with you or they will not let you take your firearms. The old practice of the outfitter keeping it for your arrival- is not accepted.12068781_1023057774420228_876574137545120674_o-300x125

CALL: 1-307-637-5495