Wyoming Elk and Mule Deer Hunt #123

Wyoming Elk and Mule Deer Hunt #123

This very experienced outfitter has been having phenomenal elk success over many, many years. We have been working with him for over 16 years. He has consistently averaged on either side of 80% success rates, and some years well over 90%, with near 100% opportunity on 270”-320” bulls. For a wilderness elk hunt on horseback, that is a phenomenal success rate anywhere, but particularly on public land! Don Sangster from our Canadian office did this hunt in 2018, and although the weather was unseasonably mild, the 2 camps still tagged 6 good bulls with 4 others missed out of a combined 13 hunters. AND YOU CAN RIFLE HUNT DURING THE SEPTEMBER RUT! But you need to book him early for best choice of dates. We like the 1st week for the best bugling (but the animals will be up high!), and the last 2 weeks for the best chance of snow to drive the elk down to lower elevations.

WY-123-deer2  This area requires a General Elk Tag, which normally takes just 2 preference points to draw. Preference points are available from July 1 to October 31 each year. It is Area 60 for elk, and Region F Area 115 for mule deer (General License).
This is a classic, high-country wilderness hunt in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, the same region that Teddy Roosevelt thought was about the best hunting he had ever seen. It is known as the famed “Thorofare” region, so named for the huge numbers of game seen moving through it. The long horse ride far into road-less wilderness is a great part of the adventure. Depending upon which of the outfitter’s 3 camps you will be hunting from, the journey takes you either 24 or 30 miles (about 8 or 10 hours) into arguably the most remote wilderness in the Lower 48 – you will never forget it. TIP: The trail can get dusty, so bring a “buff” or similar neckerchief to cover your mouth and nose.

The outfitter will treat you to comfortable wall tents, strong stock, satisfying food, and spectacular scenery, with no more than 6 bowhunters or 8 rifle hunters in camp. Chances are you’ll see grizzlies and/or wolves. This area is in eyesight of the border of Yellowstone Park and its herds of elk and deer. Enjoy a classic Western hunt in the high country, with invigorating fall weather, bugling bulls, horses and wall tents. It doesn’t get any better!
Based out of Cody, WY, the outfitter will pick you up at the airport in Cody and put you up on your first and last nights at his historic ranch. This saves you hotel rooms, which can easily run $100 per night in Cody. Here it is included in the price.
Most of the outfitter’s guides have worked for him for years. He himself has more than 25 years’ outfitting in the area. This is a first-class outfitter who is based out of one of the very best wilderness camp areas we know of; perhaps the best public land elk hunting anywhere! You can be confident you should have a good opportunity to harvest a trophy animal, while enjoying the ultimate wilderness adventure. Most of us have grown up dreaming about doing a remote horseback wilderness elk hunt. You’ve seen the images of pack trains with huge elk antlers strapped across the horses – but on this trip, those antlers are yours! Hunts are a full eight days, allowing a day to pack in and out – 6 days of hunting. Remember, there are no guarantees, and weather has a way of affecting animal movements and is beyond the outfitter’s control. But this outfitter continues to post extremely high success rates.




Just be physically ready for the high mountains (we suggest getting to NW Wyoming a few days early, to get accustomed to the elevation, and even do a bit of walking or light hiking – your lungs will thank you).

 PRICES (prices and dates subject to change without notice)  NOW BOOKING 2021!

Elk Archery
7 days (by Special Arrangement) Sept. 3-9, Sept. 11-17
$6250 2×1

Rifle Elk
8 days
Sept. 19-26
Sept. 28-Oct. 5 • Oct. 7-14
Oct. 16-23 $8000 2×1

Elk/Mule Deer Combo
8 days Oct. 7-14 Oct. 16-23 $8500  2×1

Rifle Mule Deer
8-day Wilderness Hunt Oct. 7-14 Oct. 16-23 $6,250 2×1

Mule Deer
5-day Lodge Hunt (see below) $5250  2×1

8 days Sept. 1- Oct. 10 $9,000 2×1

Summer Pack Trips
1/2 day up to 10 days.  $350/pp per day

There is an additional charge of 3% for Forest Service Fees. Extra days for moose and sheep hunts by arrangement.
Licenses, tips, hotels are extra.
Non-hunters – add $275/day; 1×1 guiding add $275/day.

NEW! NOVEMBER MULE DEER HUNTS: This outfitter recently acquired a lodge on the upper South Fork of the Shoshone River, about 35 miles from Cody. The lodge is for his elk hunters in September and October, and in November for mule deer hunts. Hunts are 5 days, guiding 2×1, with lodging and meals included. It is Region F. EXCELLENT DRAW ODDS! These hunts are in November and you are hoping to hit the pre-rut and perhaps the migration of the mulies to lower ground. If you want 1×1 guiding, add $250/day. Expect 23” to 27” deer, with a chance of larger. The lodge is shown below. Beautiful country.
Price is $5,250. Good meals, hot showers, good beds! Ride out daily on horseback into the back country looking for those migratory big bucks.

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