Wyoming Mule Deer, Antelope #263

Wyoming Mule Deer, Antelope #263

263.IMG_2648-300x225 This operation is located fifty miles south of Gillette, Wyoming. They have leased over 100,000 acres of private land, along with over 250,000 acres of public land (Thunder Basin National Grassland). They specialize in pronghorn and mule deer, but also offer very limited elk hunts. You have the option of hunting a single species or pursuing a combination of western big game animals. The hunting lodge is located on their family ranch and consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a comfortable living and dining area. They provide all bedding and linens. They take maximum 6 hunters at a time. We are very fond of their archery antelope hunts!! (HINT!)

Wyoming is antelope hunting at its best! This outfitter specializes in antelope hunting, and many of their hunters use archery tackle. They understand bowhunting for these speedy goats. They hunt the largest antelope herd in the United States, the Pumpkin Butte Herd. You will literally see hundreds of antelope during your hunt. Also, know that Wyoming has more Boone & Crocket entries for antelope than any other state. AND AREA #23 IS NORMALLY NEARLY 100% DRAW ON TAGS, AT THE REGULAR PRICE LICENSE (approx. $325), EVEN WITHOUT ANY PREFERENCE POINTS! They also offer a few rifle hunts in Area 27 (motel hunts), which require a 4-6 points. You must apply before May 31. Archery antelope season generally runs from August 15 to September 30 and rifle antelope season from October 1 to October 31.

Most of their antelope hunting is conducted on private lands. Antelope will usually go 13-14 inches, with some going as much as 15+” for rifle hunters.

If you hunt with a bow, then WYOMING IS THE BEST STATE FOR ARCHERY ANTELOPE HUNTING. First, Wyoming has huge antelope numbers – by far the most of all the Western States. Second, tags are easy to draw tags in this area – normally 100%. Third, the 100,000-acre ranch is Antelope Central! Fourth, Hunt Nation helps you with your applications, at no charge. Fifth, because Wyoming is normally pretty dry, antelope concentrate within a mile of water normally, so most of their archery antelope hunts are conducted over a waterhole, with the use of a ground blind or treestand. If that isn’t challenging enough and you want more action, try spot and stalk using a decoy during the rut. There is nothing like a rutting antelope coming in hard and fast to a decoy. It is an amazing adrenaline rush! Rutting antelope bucks are often in fierce competition for territory and does, and clients take Pope & Young-class antelope bucks every year. The high concentration of antelope in this part of Wyoming keeps opportunity at around 100%, with a lot of action.

These animals live in a variety of topographical locations. The client and choice of weapon will dictate what terrain will be hunted. You will encounter large tracts of rolling prairie hills, deeply-cut draws, and sagebrush plains overshadowed by cedar-covered buttes.

Their hunting guides are hand-picked from the local community. They know the “honey holes” because they are scouting the area year round. They know the land, know the animals that inhabit the land, and know how to use proven hunting techniques that work there.

Distance in this vast country can be deceiving. Be sure to practice long range shots and buy the best rangefinder you can afford. They like to get rifle clients within 200 yards for an ethical harvest, and bow hunters within 40 yards but this is not always possible.

Group Permits – If you have a group of people that want to hunt antelope hunt in Wyoming, then make it a party. Wyoming has “party applications” that allow a group to enter as one so that everyone in the group is guaranteed to get a tag if the group is successful in the draw. A maximum of six members are allowed per party. And we at Hunt Nation will assist you with your applications at no charge!!


Mule deer can be found on the open prairies, deep draws or flat topped buttes. These are mostly management deer, with most bucks going 140”-160”. The preferred method of hunting mule deer is spot and stalk, but they will use other methods at the client’s request. Normally it will take a preference point to draw for their Region B (Area 10) hunt, and they take just 2 deer hunters per year.

Mule deer hunting can be physically demanding. Hunters get the most out of this hunt when they have put forth the effort to get into good physical condition. This is not to say that they don’t harvest mule deer out of portable blinds and treestands, and they can accommodate just about any hunter and adjust to the type of hunting they prefer.

They hunt an area that many consider the best big bull unit in the state of Wyoming, Area 113. It will take about 13-14 points to draw it currently. To date, clients are 100% on this hunt, and most have shot upwards of 350+” bulls. The outfitter as a resident has shot two bulls in the 360-class” in the last few years.

The area he hunts is 130,000 acres, some public, some private and he hunts both. Extremely limited hunter numbers and, in the bow season, he feels that killing a bull in the 300” to 350” range is a very reasonable goal. Wyoming does allow crossbows, so many gun hunters opt to hunt that way as there are more bulls available in this area in September. Plus, they are vocal and bugling and are callable. He will also put out game cameras in advance on waterholes, and if a great bull is coming in, you can hunt it from a blind.

Their elk area has produced some 390-class bulls over the years. It’s also one of the hardest units to draw. Bull hunts are conducted only every two years, in the odd-numbered years (meaning 2023), giving them time to mature and grow to full potential. This is true, trophy-class elk hunting.

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

ARCHERY HUNT:  4 Days/5 Nights $3,450 per person 2×1, $3,850 per person 1×1
RIFLE HUNT:  3 Days/4 Nights $3,450 per person 2×1, $3,850 per person 1×1
HOTEL RIFLE HUNT: 2 Days (lodging and food on your own) $2,400 per person 2×1, $2,750 per person 1×1
RIFLE ANTELOPE/MULE DEER COMBO: 4 Days/5 Nights $8,500 per person 2×1, $9,250 per person 1×1 (SOLD OUT)
ARCHERY SEASON: August 15 to September 30
RIFLE SEASON: October 1-31

RIFLE HUNT: – 4 Days/5 Nights $7,000 per person (SOLD OUT)
RIFLE SEASON: October 1-20 Region C October 1-15 Area 10

ALL EXCEPT ELK HUNTS ARE BASED ON 2×1 GUIDING. OBSERVERS ARE $250/DAY. PRICES INCLUDE FOOD AND LODGING (except Area 27 rifle hunts and 2-day hotel hunts). PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE LICENSES, MEAT PROCESSING, TAXIDERMY, GRATUITIES AND $10 LODGING TAX PER PERSON PER DAY (when applicable). Standard breakfast foods are provided for you to make your own breakfast, and specialty breakfast foods will be provided upon request. A sack lunch normally consisting of sandwiches, chips, snacks, fruit and beverages is made for you in the morning before going out to the field. A home-cooked dinner meal will be awaiting you after a day in the field.

$9,500 per person 1×1– Hunts are 5 days. Archery is the full month of September, with peak bugle around mid-month. 50% deposit required to book. If you are unsuccessful in drawing a license, your options are:
• Your deposit can be returned to you
• We can hold your deposit for the following season
• Roll your deposit into another available hunt for the current season
• Roll you deposit into another available hunt beyond the current season (pricing may change so higher deposit may be required)

He has a lodge you can stay at, a camper trailer, or there’s a good motel with a 24-hour restaurant attached in Bill, Wyoming – he lets the client decide. We consider this a sort of once-in-a-lifetime hunt to draw.

You must apply online by approx. January 31 for elk and approx. May 31 for both deer and antelope tags. We can assist. Check with us for correct hunt Areas before applying.



307.637.5495 or info@hunt-nation.com