Wyoming Mule Deer, Antelope #263

Wyoming Mule Deer, Antelope #263

This operation is located fifty miles south of Gillette, Wyoming on a working family ranch. They have leased over 100,000 acres of private land along with over 250,000 acres of public land (Thunder Basin National Grassland).

263.IMG_2648-300x225  The hunting lodge is located on their family ranch.  They can accommodate up to six clients at one time.  The lodge consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a comfortable living and dinning area.  They provide all bedding and linens.

They also offer a cheaper town based hunt option where hunters pay for their own food and lodging.

Most cell phone carriers work at their hunting lodge. You may want to talk to your carrier before coming out.  If your phone does not work you may use the ranch phone. 

263.Wyoming-2018-041-300x225  Breakfast foods are provided for you to make your own breakfast.  Specialty breakfast foods will be provided upon request.  A sack lunch is made for you in the morning before going out to the field.  Lunch is typically sandwiches, chips, snacks, fruit and beverages. A home cooked dinner meal will be awaiting you after a day in the field.

The animals you wish to pursue live in a variety of topographical locations. The client and choice of weapon will dictate what terrain the chosen animal will be hunted in. You will encounter large tracts of rolling prairie hills, deeply cut draws and sagebrush plains, overshadowed by cedar covered buttes.


They specialize in Pronghorn Antelope hunts and Mule Deer, and also offer Elk and American Bison hunts.  You have an option of hunting a single species or pursuing a combination of western big game animals. 

LICENSES: Tags are normally relatively easy to draw in this area for antelope- apply by May 31 for both deer and antelope tags! We can assist. You apply on line. Check with us before applying for correct hunt areas.

Their hunting guides are hand picked from the local community. They know the “honey holes” because they are scouting the area year round. Their hunting guides know the land, know the animals that inhabit the land and know how to use proven hunting techniques that work there. 

This outfit hunts what is thought to be the largest pronghorn antelope herd in the United States, the Pumpkin Butte Antelope Herd. You will normally see hundreds of antelope every day. These antelope roam the open prairie and depend on their eye sight to detect danger. So game is very visible, all day long. And in one of their areas you are allowed to harvest two bucks (one trophy, one management), and four does.

Distance in this vast country can be deceiving. Be sure to practice long range shots and buy the best range finder you can afford. They like to get clients within 200 yards for an ethical harvest but this is not always the case. These bucks average 14 inches with some going as long as 16 inches.

Their archery antelope hunts are among the best available. Most of these hunts are conducted by a waterhole with the use of a ground blind or tree stand. If that isn’t challenging enough and you want more action, you can try using a decoy during the rut!! At that time, these bucks are in fierce competition for territory and does. There is nothing like a rutting antelope coming in hard and fast to a decoy. It is an amazing adrenaline rush!

They also offer management antelope hunts. Management antelope have genetic traits that are considered not desirable. The price for a management antelope hunt is considerably less. You can even combine a management antelope with any full price hunt.

Mule deer can be found on the open prairies, deep draws or flat topped buttes. Our herds are managed to produce trophy animals. We only take four trophy deer over 70,000 acres and harvest ten management deer per year. Our preferred method of hunting mule deer is spot and stalk but will use other methods at our clients’ request.

Mule deer hunting can be physically demanding. Our guests get the most out of this hunt when they have put the effort forth to get into good physical condition. This is not to say that we don’t harvest mule deer out of portable blinds and tree stands. We can accommodate any hunter and adjust to the type of hunting they prefer. 

2018 PRICES:

• Archery: Archery Camp Mule Deer/Antelope Combo – $5800
• Rifle Management Mule deer: $2500 October
• Rifle Camp Hunt mule deer/Antelope Combo -$5800 – Mule Deer Only $4500
• Archery Antelope Camp hunt 4 days $2350. Aug/Sept.
• Rifle Antelope CAMP hunt $2350 (You can add a management mule deer to either of these for only $1505.)
• Trophy Deer/Antelope – 4 days $5800 Private Land
• Elk Area 113 – 5 days – Archery or Rifle – $6500 Area is open every two year- should be 2017!
• Elk Area 117 – 5 days – Archery – $4500


307.637.5495 or info@hunt-nation.com