Wyoming Trespass Fee Antelope Hunt #142

Wyoming Trespass Fee Antelope Hunt #142



Hunt-Nation has had a relationship with these ranchers for many years. Truth is, this is where we personally  like to chase antelope. It’s where we take our friends, our family and our grandkids, plus we have sent about 250 clients here, over the past 14 years. Hunters from all walks of life have been 100% successful on this unguided hunt. Everyone- young, old, accurate, inaccurate- take their goats. The ranch trusts us to deal with everything about the hunt so do NOT bother them. They want to ranch and not deal with hunting and booking questions. And they will check your permission slips!!

You can expect to see lots of animals every day you hunt. With over 55,000 acres to hunt, which is close to 90 square miles, hunts are limited to one or two parties at a time, with a maximum of four to six hunters at any time; and often there are only 2 hunters. Book solo or with a group. For several years we have only had about 6-10 hunters per year, due to fewer tags being available under the draw. However, it appears that for 2018 more tags will again be issued. That is important. Wyoming has a two-stage, two license draw system. The two stages refer to a preference point system, and a random draw system. The random draw takes 25% of the available tags and distributes them randomly; points do not matter. The other 75% of the tags go into the preference point draw.

Now we get to the two license system. One is the Regular Price license, the other is the Special Price license. In general, the more expensive Special Price license gives you much better draw odds. If you do not wish to buy the Special license, you will need to acquire even more preference points to draw – perhaps 4 or 5 points. With the Special, you may draw at 3 or 4 points or even fewer.

Note that if you apply as a group (up to 6 people), Wyoming pools all the points. So 3 hunters, for example, with 8 points in total (4 points, 3 points, 1 point) would jointly have 8 points in the draw, meaning each hunter has 2.66 points. This can help or hurt, so do be aware of it.

Now realize that on 90 square miles, the small number of hunters is relatively no pressure. So trophy goats will be here – you just have to be patient, be selective, and hunt hard for them. Points can be bought from July to October 31 each year for just $31. Just go online to Wyoming Game and fish website or ask us for help.

 Here is a comment from a 2017 client:

“Here are a couple pics of the bucks we got today. We had a good hunt, but because the weather was moving in we got it done quickly. There is an amazing amount of antelope on that place. I will definitely be trying to draw that tag again every year! I have a friend with a few points, so maybe I can talk him into it for next year and I can use his points to draw. Thanks.” – Dan K.

WY-142-Joans-14inch-2008-300x265  WY-142-John-Englert-2008-300x200  WY-142-Adam-300x200

Here is what another client had to say:

Thanks guys for the wonderful pronghorn location. I had a great hunt. The only problem was too many pronghorn. I never hunted such rich grounds. I passed up so many big pronghorn I began to wonder if I should have shot 1 or tried to find a bigger 1. That’s a really good feeling when on a hunt. Thanks again. Brennen C.

This is a mix of several commonly owned ranches (and some land-locked public ground that is not generally legally-accessible by the public), with an exceptional population of Wyoming “speed goats.” It’s common to take your animals in a single day. There are some exceptional antelope in this remote area, which is encompassed entirely by private lands. Goats typically score in the 13- to 15-inch range, with a few reaching over 16 inches. In order to hunt, you need some good binoculars, a flat-shooting rifle (minimum of .243 class and up), some leather gloves for crawling, and some thick pants or knee pads that help ward off the abundant cactus. Shooting is easier and more accurate with bi-pods or a set of shooting sticks. Bipods or sticks should be useable in both the prone and sitting positions. A laser range finder is also highly recommended. Some shots will be in the 200 to 350 yard range, so practice out to at least 200 yards, but some animals are shot within 100 yards of the vehicle. THIS IS A RIFLE HUNT ONLY – NO BOWHUNTING IS ALLOWED. You cannot use ATVs (ranch prohibits them), just a truck or even an SUV vehicle to drive around on the ranch’s dirt roads. If it rains (not likely), these unpaved roads can get quite slippery. A 4-WD can be considered a godsend if you do get rain.

Because of the very unique arrangement we have in managing the hunting on this great ranch, and with so few hunters, we have decided to also add on 5-day hunt, in addition to the 3-day hunt. We feel a true trophy hunter should really benefit from the 2 extra days! So you have a choice of either a 3-day or a 5-day hunt now.

The ranches are located about 45 minutes from Casper, in Natrona County. In 2010, Natrona County finally bumped out Coconino County, Arizona as the fourth-best place in the world to kill a Boone & Crockett record-book antelope. Wyoming has ALL of the top four counties to kill a record-book antelope in North America: 1) Carbon County, 2) Sweetwater County, 3) Fremont Country, and 4) Natrona County. These four counties alone account for over 689 Boone and Crockett entries (over 22% of the entire record book for North America). Ya gotta love Wyoming for speed goats!

The season normally runs from about mid-September to end of October. When you go does not much matter because there are plenty of antelope. Later hunts can actually be better, as trophy bucks are preoccupied with the rut. The rut is late September and most of October.

Applications for licenses are due by May 31st and points can be bought until October 31 of the prior year (for use the following year). YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR APPLYING! It’s easy, and we can assist you, but filing is your responsibility.

WY-142-Ed-Jr-Antelope-Wyoming-179x300  We STRONGLY advise applying ONLY for the more expensive Special License (if you apply for the less expensive Regular license, you save $288, but odds of drawing drop tremendously unless you have at least 5 preference points). Hopefully you have some preference points, although in 2016 and again in 2017 we had a couple of clients draw with no points due to the random 25% of tags set aside. So it is worth trying even with 0 points. If you are applying with zero points, in 2017 the odds in the random draw were 10% at the Special level, but under 5% at the Regular level, so you’ll definitely want to apply for Special. APPLY FOR AREA 72, TYPE 1. Below are two trophy goats, one by my daughter Christine, the other by my wife Joan.


PRICING 2020 (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

3-day hunt $1095
5-day hunt $1,495

Hunt Nation will issue you written, signed permission coupons which must be in your possession at all times. Upon receipt of your full payment, Hunt Nation will also send you info on maps of the hunting area and directions on how to get there. Hunt Nation can also suggest places to stay.


A $295 deposit for a 3-day hunt or $395 for a 5-day hunt will be due before the draw to reserve you a spot on the ranch. The balance ($800 or $1,100 for 3 days or 5 days, respectively) will be due to Hunt Nation upon a successful draw. If you do not draw (results by around late June), the deposit will be rolled over to the next year or returned to you – your choice. The State will also refund your license fee, less the $30 for the preference point, if you made that selection. In recent years we have only had about 4 or 5 hunters actually draw each year, so there is plenty of available animals and hunt success is 100% regardless of dates! But remember, you want to buy that preference point between June and October the year before your hunt, or else cross fingers and apply .

Hunt Nation doesn’t think it’s wise to apply for your tags first before making a deposit for a space, as the hunts are likely to be totally booked by June. Without a hunt deposit, you could have a tag and no place to hunt. Once you draw your tag, your balance is immediately due and payable to Hunt Nation, and we then begin to allocate specific hunt dates on a first-served basis based on when we receive the balance of the hunt cost. The earlier we receive your final payment, the greater selection of hunt dates available. However, it is not a big deal as to when you go as the hunts are 100% successful anyway, regardless of dates. The ranch is so vast that many exceptional antelope may never see a hunter, especially if you’re willing to walk a bit and climb some hills to glass from.

UPON COMPLETION OF THE HUNT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RETURN TO US THE LANDOWNER COUPONS THAT ARE ISSUED AS PART OF YOUR LICENSE. MANDATORY! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN BARRING YOU FROM THE RANCH IN THE FUTURE. The landowner gets paid by the State for each hunter, so if you fail to return the landowner tag portion of the license, Hunt Nation will ultimately lose the right to hunt there!

All self-guided hunts require you to act in strict accordance with Wyoming game and trespass laws, including properly tagging animals (including LEAVING THE TESTICLES ATTACHED). Carefully study the map we send you. Each square represents one square mile.

Our old meat processor on the north side of the road leading out of Casper to the ranch has re-opened under new management, but there are about 3 other operations as well on your way back into town. Prices average about $75 for processing, but one-day processing will about double the cost. Casper (where most clients stay) has plenty of reasonably priced motels and restaurants. There are campgrounds in the area, too. This is a great hunt for a group of buddies or family. BUT YOU SHOULD BE APPLYING FOR POINTS, AND EVERYONE NEEDS THEM! Success is 100%, assuming straight shooting. Hunt Nation has sent upwards of 300 clients here over the last 15 years and every one of them have been successful on a self-guided hunt. A few years ago Butch took some family hunting – his daughter, his granddaughter and his wife Joan, and all three generations of ladies took respectable antelope (13”-14”) in a single day by 2 pm!

For an economical, action-filled hunt, this is a great deal. Anyone can do this – anyone! Our clients have proven that several hundred times!


What a wonderful place to hunt.  Butch was great to work with and really went out of his way and worked hard to work out the details for us.  I will be booking again to hunt the same area.  Just make sure the wind isn’t blowing so hard next time.  I’ll attach a picture too.  The meat processor was great to deal with.  Thanks for everything.  You guys are top notch, good honest people to deal with.”

The Casper Ranch Antelope Hunt was exactly as you described.  Our party of 6 filled all our tags on the Morning of the second day!”

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