elk-hunting-300x225 This is a family-owned outfitting operation that has been providing top-quality guided hunts since 1973. They know this area inside and out. The outfitter is a native of the area and his family settled here in the 1870s to ranch and guide. Their ranch near Lander, Wyoming, is located in the rugged Wind River Mountain Range and is Wyoming’s highest wilderness guest ranch. The Wind River Mountain Range boasts the largest active glaciers in the Lower 48, hundreds of alpine lakes teeming with wild trout, abundant wildlife, and world class fly fishing and mountain climbing.

dano-300x225 elk-hunt-wyo-300x224 Their antelope and mule deer hunts are based from the ranch, and are conducted on both private and public lands. Their guided elk, moose and bighorn sheep hunts are classic horseback style hunts from wilderness camps of rustic log cabins or heated wall tents in the unspoiled Wind River Mountains in the Shoshone National Forest, but they also offer “desert” elk hunts from their ranch and others.


With two remote wilderness elk tent camps in Elk Area 28, you can enjoy a classic horseback hunt or you can choose to hunt desert elk in Elk Area 100 or from their home ranch. Spot and stalk, bugle, walk, and ride horses on archery or rifle elk hunts, so get in shape and practice shooting and riding. You need a Wyoming General Area Tag (currently takes 4-5 preference points to draw) for the wilderness hunts. Licenses for the desert/ranch elk hunts are harder to draw, requiring about 12 preference points.

These wilderness elk hunts offer seclusion in unspoiled elk country where, fortunately, wolves and grizzlies have not really impacted the herds. Success typically ranges from 65%-85% on rifle bulls and 80% success with 100% opportunity on archery elk hunts. These are good hunts, and the large majority of hunters harvest 5- or 6-point bulls. Wilderness elk hunting altitudes range from 9,000-11,000 feet. These mountain elk hunts are very rigorous and you must be physically fit and healthy to book a hunt. You can expect long hours of horseback riding (about 6- 7-hour ride into camp) and walking in rugged, high-altitude terrain. The desert elk hunting is easier with altitudes about 7,000-8,000 feet. They drive 4X4 pickups, walk, and spot and stalk on desert elk hunts, but tags are harder to draw there than on the wilderness elk hunts. Lodging, meals, guides and field trophy care are provided. Elk hunts are great father and son hunts or you can bring a group of friends. They normally limit the wilderness elk camps to 6 hunters. All Wyoming elk licenses are sold via drawing, but draw success is very high in the wilderness area. Wyoming’s elk license application period is January 1-31. Contact us for assistance and details.

These highly-successful hunts are based from the ranch near Lander. They hunt Areas 64-69, 72, 74, 75, 91, 92, 106 and 107 for antelope, and enjoy a very high buck-doe ratio. Antelope bucks will range from 13”-15”, and demand for these high-quality antelope is high, so it does take 2-9+ points generally to draw an antelope license. Their success rate for mule deer and antelope hunting has been 99% for over 40 years. You can hunt either antelope or mule deer singly or in combination. These are both great father and son hunts or for a group of friends. They spot and stalk on private ranch leases and thousands of public land acres. Experienced and dedicated guides work hard to make your hunt a successful and memorable experience. Lodging and meals are provided at the ranch in a friendly and hospitable atmosphere. If you fill your tag early, you can also enjoy fishing or varmint hunting. The deadline for deer and antelope license applications if May 31st.


These 1×1 hunts and are only for the most dedicated outdoorsman willing to persevere, but they have high success on both animals. They pack in on horses for wilderness moose or sheep hunts and the guides scout before your arrival to increase your odds of success. These are basically once-in-a-lifetime hunts in spectacular country, however, you must have multiple Wyoming preference points to draw a license. The deadline for moose and sheep hunting applications is February 28. Contact us for assistance and details.

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; dates approximate until seasons are set)

Archery Elk – September 1-30 (1×1)
7 day $9,400

Rifle Elk – October 1-15 (2×1)
7-Day Wilderness Hunt $8,400

Elk & Antelope Combo (2×1) 9-Day Combo Hunt $12,000

Deer & Antelope Combo – October (2×1) 5-Day Combo Hunt $8,000

Antelope – Mid-September – October (2×1) 3-Day Hunt $3,800

Deer – October (2×1) 4-Day Hunt $5,900

Moose, Sheep (1×1)
7-Day Moose Hunt $10,500
10-Day Sheep Hunt $12,000

Observers $500/day on wilderness hunts, $250/day on ranch hunts. 10% Youth Discount 18 & under. Plus tax and tips on all hunts.

All hunts are fully guided and include meals and accommodations. The rates listed are for 2×1 (2 hunters per guide), unless a private guide is requested for an extra fee of $250/day x length of hunt (except archery elk, moose and sheep which is 1×1).

Plus Tax and Tips on all hunts
Hunters must also have a Wyoming Conservation Stamp, $15.50 and bring their Hunter Safety Card.
You may purchase your Conservation Stamp online: https://gf.state.wy.us/elso/elsowelcome.aspx

307.637.5495 OR info@Hunt-Nation.com