Wyoming Wilderness Horseback Bull Elk Hunting #322

Wyoming Wilderness Horseback Bull Elk Hunting #322

322.HORSEBACK-RIVER-CROSSING-300x208  Hunt #322 is with an Elk outfitter we have worked with on his prior wilderness camp in the Thorofare area off the south-east corner of Yellowstone. That camp was about 24 miles into the wilderness and he proved capable of providing a quality hunt and good livestock. He sold that camp and now has two new pack in camp locations, plus a third option for a cabin based hunt based in Dubois.

Hunt Nation was founded in Wyoming and we have close ties there with many outfitters. We like the fact that Wyoming has basically the first set of dates in the nation to apply for tags for elk. You must apply during the month of January or be out of luck. Draw results are normally available around May 21; early enough that if not drawn you can try elsewhere for a hunt. Wyoming’s license system is too complicated to lay out here, but we at Hunt Nation know it well and we will walk you through it.

We also like that Wyoming’s elk season for rifle is usually pretty early in these units- around Oct 1, so bugling is likely. The later hunts often hit the migration which can be awesome.

This Area is a proven area for producing big bulls- meaning bulls in the 320 to 380 range and possibly larger. It is an area where hunters who win or purchase the high priced Wyoming Commissioner type elk tag often choose to hunt.

322.elk-3-225x300  This is an extremely hard unit to draw tags in. Under the regular Non-Resident Preference point draw, in 2019 you needed 10 points to draw one of the 7 tags authorized. It was a 100% draw however if you had 10 points in 2019.

Please note that you can apply in Wyoming for a second choice when applying – and if you draw your second choice you do not lose your preference points. So consider applying for the AREA 51 Type 1 tag if you have 10 points or more; but you can put down as a second choice an application for a General tag. This same outfitter has another camp nearby, but in a different unit, and he has good success on 300 to 330 class bulls in that camp. So you might still get to go hunting even if you do not draw your first choice!

322.elk-1-225x300  You should also note that If you hunt bow or crossbow (legal in all units in WY)–and apply for the Type 9 tag (which is the bow only tag), there were 2 tags up for grabs and it took only 2 points, and in 2019 3 points made it about certain you would draw. Only 2 tags were available and 6 applied with 2 points generating a 33% success rate. The Area 51 hunt is a 5 hour pack trip to their tent camp. Hunts are a full 10 days, including a day in and a day out. So a good chance the extra time hunting may put a big bull into your cross hairs. Dates vary by year, but in general there will be an Oct 1-10 hunt and another Oct 15-24 to catch the migration. If you are a bow hunter the dates for the one bow hunt they do are Sept 3-7.

Bulls in this Unit and camp can be huge and they concentrate on taking bulls in the 320 to 370 range.

322.elk-2-225x300  AREA 59 GENERAL TAG HUNT
This camp is a 3 hour horse trip to pack you and all the gear some 8 miles to the tent camp. This is in Hunt Area 59, which requires only a General tag. You can apply for a General tag either by applying for a REGULAR price elk license at $692 (plus a $15 transaction fee) . In 2020 you needed about 4 points to draw the tag at the cheaper Regular license cost. If you want better odds and do not want to wait 4 years, you should apply At the Special License level ( $1268 plus the transaction fee). At the Special level you are almost 100% certain to draw with 2 points. Please confer with us at Hunt Nation if you have points and want to apply for the license. Apply in January as the applications end about Jan 31.

322.fishing-scenery-225x300  This Area 59 pack in camp is located in the wilderness SE of Cody, Wyoming. They operate three rifle hunts from this wilderness camp, depending on the year — but approximately October 1st-5th, October 9th-13th, and October 17th-21st). This is a primary migration route for elk traveling from their Summer range around Yellowstone lake and the Thorofare wilderness area. Early October rifle hunting is the bugle season, and you will hunt bugling bulls with a rifle in the high country. They indicate they have experienced mountain horses for accessing daily their remote hunting areas. Mid to late October typically comes with snow triggering the elk migration from regions around Yellowstone Park, and the Thorofare. If conditions are right you can reasonably expect to see bull into the 300 to 320 class, with a chance for an even larger one.
Very limited openings so get to us early if you want to book one of these Area 59 hunts.

In addition to their two wilderness camps, they also offer day hunts based out of Dubois, WY. These hunts are operated from the town of Dubois with log cabin accommodations. These are horseback hunts, using trucks and trailers to access the most productive elk hunting areas. You are up early, horses are trucked to the trailhead and you head out very early into the high country wilderness. The month of October is the rifle season for our Dubois hunts, and they indicate they will average 300” to -330” bulls, weather permitting. One advantage of this hunt is the warmth of a cabin, but it does mean early starts and late arrivals back to camp. You will horseback to lookouts, and then glass and spot and stalk. You will repeat that process through the day.
Pricing 2021:
AREA 59 pack in camp $10,000
AREA 51 pack in camp $10,000
Dubois town hunt $7,500

They also specialize in Unit 4 big horn sheep hunts on the South Fork of the Shoshone River just west of Cody, Wyoming. Three hour horseback ride to their clean, professionally run camp with top notch cooks, guides, and facilities. Normally very high success for physically fit clients. Contact us at Hunt Nation for pricing and assistance with planning.


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