Yukon Moose, Caribou, Grizzly and Stone Sheep Hunt #16

Yukon Moose, Caribou, Grizzly and Stone Sheep Hunt #16

This outfitter acquired this excellent guide area in 2012. Prior to that, and for over 40 years, the previous outfitter had been providing top quality trophy hunts. In fact one of Butch’s buddies took the SCI #1 mountain caribou here some years ago, and he also took the then #3 mountain caribou back to back! The current outfitter has rapidly proved to be truly excellent and our clients have been very impressed.

Yukon-16-224-moose-2012-300x225 Some of our clients may know about the two B&C Stone sheep rams taken by this outfitter in this concession in the Yukon Territory. The two rams were both in the 43-inch class and measured in the low- to mid-170s. And if that was not enough, shortly after they took a huge mountain caribou that green scored 442 points! And a moose of 224” too!

You will be hunting in a unique corner of North America. This area was formerly owned by a First Nations Band and was hunted previously by horseback only. But this outfitter has been using planes since 2013 with the idea of reaching previously untouched areas. He has uses Argos on some of his moose hunts.

If you want a Stone or Fannin sheep, or a huge caribou or a giant moose, pay attention to this outfit. Their area is located in Canada’s Yukon, the largest hunting concession in western Canada with over 14 million acres of hunting paradise. The size and remoteness of their area allows clients to enjoy high success rates from game populations that have seldom or never seen people. THEIR AREA IS ESTIMATED TO HAVE MORE YUKON MOOSE THAN ANY OTHER HUNTING AREA IN THE YUKON – NEARLY 10,000 MOOSE! Each year they also are expanding into new areas to enable clients to enjoy unique hunting experiences.

One of their largest bull moose taken was 69-1/2” wide and scored 243 B&C. Huge! Their second largest bull was 64-1/2” and scored 237”. Several bulls were in the 220” class. Their biggest bow kill moose was 63-inches, in the 220” class. A recent year proved to be awesome for moose, with clients taking over 30 big bulls for 33 hunters. The best bull was 68.5”. Their area, with well over 100 lakes to hunt for moose, has basically no pressure at all! We feel this area is the best choice for anyone looking to hunt for a giant Yukon bull. They have over 25 camps they rotate through, plus numerous spike camps to hunt from by using horses, or lake hunts by boat, ATVs, Argos, and jet boats. We at Hunt Nation have had clients re-book here, to repeat their great experience!
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They hunt several different caribou herds with an estimated 6,000 plus mountain caribou in their hunting concession. Caribou are found throughout the area, and they gather in high numbers on key plateaus, which is a hunter’s dream for chasing mountain caribou. Each season their clients take huge caribou that score over 400” B&C. A recent caribou went 414” B&C, although sadly an even bigger bull got away. In one camp they saw two bulls that were over 430”, which they did not harvest. Recent years have shown many others in and around that size. Clients take big caribou with rifle and bow, and they take some really old caribou each season – bulls with heavy horn mass and great points.

In 2017 they killed sheep for all but two hunters, with the best just short of 40”. They have six camps to hunt sheep from and they limit the number of sheep hunters and only hunted four of the six mountain ranges they have to chase sheep on. All rams scored over 160” with an average age of 11.4 years. In fact, average sheep age over the last 3 years is 12 years old!

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The Yukon is home to a magical landscape filled with wildlife and sights seldom seen. This giant concession offers many ways to explore and discover this wonderful place. The Yukon Territory is renowned for its wild and uncompromising land which is home to some of the most exciting big game in North America. Just hunting here is its own reward, and the memories last a lifetime.

This outfitter now holds the exclusive license to operate in the largest guiding area in the Yukon. It is located in south-central Yukon, northeast of Whitehorse, and covers approximately 36,000 square kilometers or 21,600 square miles of hunting paradise. Large areas of the concession are truly remote, accessible only by plane or horseback; and a northern part of the area HAS NEVER BEEN COMMERCIALLY HUNTED.

The terrain, which ranges from mountains, high plateaus, grassy slopes and forested valleys, provides natural habitat for all species of big game. Numerous lakes and streams offer great fishing for the sportsman. With the new Argos, we expect some awesome trophies to come from this area. The area also has good hunting for grizzlies, wolves and wolverines. Lakes and streams offer abundant Arctic grayling and lake trout.

For moose, hunts are by boat, horseback or Argo. Horseback is relatively physical, with plenty of hiking and riding in rough terrain. If you are not in good shape, do not attempt the horseback trip; instead, stick to the boats or Argos. Hunters are flown on day one of the hunt into one of their base camps. The existing base camps are well-located for easy access to big game. Camp facilities are simple and straightforward but comfortable. Typically you stay in framed tents, with ample room for two people. Some log and frame buildings are equipped for dining where applicable. There normally is a boat for fishing or transport. They maintain suitable communication equipment. Each hunter is assigned a licensed guide for the duration of the hunt. This ensures that you will receive top quality personalized service. You may hunt immediately on arrival, or you may need to get prepared and then hunt the next day.

Depending on your wishes species wise, you may hunt from horseback, boat, backpack, or use all terrain vehicles and even snowmobiles or many in combination. Their guides are experienced professionals that will hunt hard for your success. In the field, your guide is also responsible for proper preparation of trophies. These outfitters, like any quality outfit, cannot guarantee a successful hunt; or a certain size of trophy or what the weather conditions will be in the Yukon, BUT they do guarantee to make every effort to ensure that your hunt is enjoyable and that you leave with fond memories of a challenging Yukon experience.leave with fond memories of a challenging Yukon experience.

They offer an 11-day and a 9-day moose hunt, each has two days of travel. The 11-day trip is 9 hunting days and the 9-day trip has 7 hunting days. You can choose to hunt on horseback, by Argo/ATV or jet boat. The horseback hunt is the only hunt on which you can combo moose, caribou and grizzly at the same time. The combo hunts work best starting August 25 when the days are longer, and they end October 5. The horseback hunts all run with a guide and a wrangler. They have 36 head of fine mountain horses and run up to 4 pack strings; 4 separate pack strings often with only one hunter in each camp. These hunts can be based from a cabin but often, if the hunters willing, they will spike out if needed. Two pack strings operate in their caribou country where they have caribou tags. Accommodations are typically comfortable heated wall tents.

The lake hunts have very comfortable cabin camps, and can take one or two hunters or a hunter and a non-hunter from a chosen location. These hunts start September 5 and end October 5 or 6. Grizzly can also be taken as a combo on these hunts. Argo hunts start September and they offer a limited number of these each year. They are also wall tent accommodations and often a mobile camp. Grizzly can be added to the Argo hunt or done solo as a primary animal.

The 9-day moose hunts are set up for those that can’t stay as long. They primarily use jet boats on the rivers and hunt from comfortable wall tent camps and cabins. All hunts are 1×1 are set up to handle up to two hunters from a camp or one just one hunter at any one time. Hunters enjoy this hunt as there is often access to many miles of rivers to hunt. The hunt can also be done as a combo with a grizzly. They offer these hunts from mid-September to early October.

Mountain Caribou
These 11-day hunts are a lot of fun and packed with adventure. They use horses on these hunts and travel the plateaus glassing for bachelor groups of bulls in the early season. As the fall moves along, the number of animals moving around the plateaus increases. Success is almost 100% on caribou-only hunts, and they are also a popular choice to combo with other species. Hunts start in August and are done by October 5. Trophy quality is as good as anywhere. Accommodations are usually in wall tents or cabins.

Spring hunts are 10-days, with 2 travel days. Spring grizzly hunts are done by jet boat, running the rivers with a mobile tent camp. This time of year, the grizzlies are found on the hillsides and the shorelines after the long winter, looking for carcasses of game that didn’t survive the winter, or fresh growth from the new greens that are appearing. As spring moves along, they can be found pursuing the moose calves that are just being born.

Fall grizzly hunts are 11 days and are done by horseback, Argo or backpack. The most popular date is August 25, when the berries are starting into full swing and the green grass is part of their diets in the high country alpine. As the fall draws on, the bears move on to feeding on big game animals, trying to fatten up for winter.

Stone Sheep – These are 14-day hunts, scheduled tentatively for the first two weeks of August. Only 4 sheep hunts will be offered, although that may change as they open new territory. You will fly into base camp and then travel overland by horseback to a spike camp in prime sheep country.

Winter Hunts – This outfitter offers one winter hunt package – a wolf, wolverine and ptarmigan hunt. Winter is the best time for hunting wolves and this package offers the experienced hunter an exciting challenge. All winter hunts are done by snow machine and hunters must be equipped with quality winter gear. Winter in the Yukon is an awesome experience. Dates by arrangement.

2024 PRICES (prices in USD; all prices subject to change without notice until deposit received)

11-Day Moose Hunt – $35,900 per person ($36,900 in 2025)
11-Day Caribou Hunt – $35,900 per person (2026)
9 Day moose hunt- jet boats- Inquire on pricing due to gasoline costs.

• August 25-September 5
• September 5-15
• September 15-October 5
• October 5-13

14-Day Stone Sheep Hunt – $77,500 per person ($85,000 in 2025)

• July 29-August 12
• August 12-25

12-Day Stone Sheep Hunt – $40,000 per person + $25,000 harvest fee

• Late October

Grizzly can be added on moose or caribou hunts on a trophy fee basis of $15,000 USD, or black bear for $1,000 USD (wolf is free). Tax, scheduled charter flights to and from camp, and species tags are included. Hunting license and unscheduled flights are extra.

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