Zimbabwe Elephant, Leopard & Buffalo #225

Zimbabwe Elephant, Leopard & Buffalo #225

This PH has roots going back many years. He was a PH for the well known Rosslyn Safaris and for others as well, for over 20 years, until he went off on his own with his own Safari company. Client  reports over the past several years attest to his PH abilities- and all hunters rated him as excellent in every category.  He has, as a PH, won these awards: the Best Sable, the Best Lion and the Runner Up to Best Lion, the runner up to best Sable and even the best Leopard  in Zimbabwe—all these in the annual awards given by the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters Association  to the PH who takes the largest of the best! His tracker, Cowboy, won the Gallantry Award for bravery beyond the Call of Duty when he came to this PH’s rescue during a very close call involving a wounded Buffalo.

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During his over 20 years as a Professional Hunter, this outfitter has hunted virtually all areas of Zimbabwe and that has given him a large mass of knowledge and results in his having the ability to custom craft any safari you might desire; and to also do it in an area with a high game count and with suitable lodging and excellent staff. Rather than being tied to a single concession, he can call a number of operations to set up your desired game package. We think this flexibility can be very desirable; since not all species like the same habitat; and one concession over time may show larger animals of certain species. That is where his knowledge can help! For example one concession is the Bubiana Conservancy in the south of the country, and it offers some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenic beauty in the Sub Saharan Africa, as well as being a premiere dangerous game area.

In addition to all his other species and hunts, he does put a special effort into locating areas with good but affordable elephant hunting. He has secured hunting blocks specializing mainly in affordable Elephant hunts, apart from the Plains Game, Leopard and Crocodile – all free range. He has also built very comfortable bush camps in 3 locations to maximize the usage of the hunting available, as well as having 3 new water wells drilled to make extra water being made available to all the game. It is his intention to drill even more wells and develop this area even further in the years to come.


He also has a great deal of experience with bow hunters as well as rifle hunters, even if the bow hunters are doing dangerous game. He also has excellent concessions for plains game as well. We like his elephant hunts and he can also do leopard with hounds or over bait. Hippo, croc, lion, cape buffalo can be done as well. And because of his knowledge and circle of influence, he often gets true bargains on animals- and we work closely with him to get those out quickly to our clients!


Bow Hunting in Zimbabwe can be extremely challenging and rewarding. He offers bow hunting safaris for all of the plains game species on the price list. A minimum draw weight of 50lbs is required for plains game hunting. It is however recommended to use a bow of 60lbs to 80lbs.


In Zimbabwe bow hunting is a bit different in that he provides a Fully-Licensed Professional Hunter to help you, even in a blind, just the same as with rifle hunting. The Professional Hunter is there to assist with Trophy judgment and shot opportunity. In all cases radios are used to call in a truck with trackers to assist in the recovery of your animal and to bring it to the skinning facilities as soon as possible, so as to preserve the hides.

The concession areas on which the bow hunting safaris are conducted are dedicated to bow hunting, ensuring animals are more relaxed and slightly easier to bow hunt as contrasted with areas where a lot of rifle hunting is conducted. The most important factor is of course the level of accuracy a hunter can obtain with the equipment he intends using. A variety of blinds are used from which to ambush trophy animals. These blinds range from elevated blinds in strategic areas to ground blinds. Ground blinds are normally in close proximity to waterholes, ensuring a high success rate during the early morning and the late afternoon. You will find that while hunting from a blind, you will enjoy a full compliment of a great lunch box and cold drinks as well as hot coffee for those cold mornings. These permanent blinds offer fantastic photographic opportunities for the family as well.

The Professional Hunters on the bow hunts have many years of experience in the pursuit of Africa’s plains game. Their commitment and knowledge is sure to add greatly to the success of your safari. He also is a firm believer in knowing the moon phases. When considering your safari, it is important to look at the phases of the moon, for the success rate will be greatly diminished in periods of full or almost full moon, he believes.


His rifle hunts are even more successful then his bow hunts. Hunt elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and a host of plains game including sable. Again, he will work with you through us, to custom the exact safari that you want.  He hunts the North and South Omay, the Binga, and another area not far from Hwange. In that area near Hwange there are generally good Buffalo as well as a few that are exceptional.  In 2008 he had a client who took 3 Buffalo with him, plus 1 Elephant; 1 Hyena; and 1 Leopard- all in just 10 days. He then had to go on another hunt so the client was assigned to a PH friend of the outfitter. During the remainder of his hunt he took another 2 Buffalo, one which was awarded the best Buff of the year in 2008!! 


Here is a Trip report form by one of our clients, Paul Harris:


ANIMAL(S) TAKEN:  Elephant, Tessebe, Impala

 RATING:                 Excellent     Good      Fair      Poor

Quality of Outfitter: _x_____     _____    _____     ______

Condition of Camp: _x____       ______    _____    ______

Quality of Food:     __x____       ______     _____    ______

Ability of Guide:    __x___ _       _____      _____    ______

Trophy Care:          _x____         ______    ______    ______

# of Game Seen    __x___           ______    ______    ______


Comments on Hunt:    

Butch – If this is any indication of the quality of your outfitters then I shall never book with another agent. He bent over backwards to make our safari as good as it gets. Excellent support, food and lodging along with an extremely exciting hunt. For what it is worth please put me on the referral list. Thumbs up for those of you who made this dream come true! Paul

Here is another comment:

“I first hunted with them in February of 2011 in Zimbabwe. I harvested a hippo, a 14 foot 6 inch crock and my business partner harvested a 54lb elephant. It was a real hunt of a lifetime. I decided to return in July of 2012 and bring a life long friend with me. I went over two weeks before him for a leopard for me. What an experience with all the baiting, getting to harvest the bait, all the tracking and making the blind and then waiting for the leopard. It was a recipe for success, a monster beautiful leopard.
My friend arrives two weeks later and we went right to hunting. PH had been pre baiting and had a leopard on bait. We used dogs as my friend had a condition where he couldn’t set still. The cat almost gave the dogs the slip but my friend got a beautiful leopard on the second day so we had two leopards in about three weeks. My friend went on to harvest plains game, even a sable. From there we went 6 hours north for a cape buffalo. We hunted hard, got close a number of times but my friend couldn’t close the gap. Outfitter was able to get an elephant permit and the next to last day of his hunt my friend got a great elephant. I have been on a lot of hunts and I can assure you no one will work harder for you.”  Jay Porter



“Butch- I have built four 20,000 liter reservoirs out of concrete plus a 5000 liter one — all just for Elephant in my concessions. Should help hold them locally.  Not only that I have taken on a farm to run and now we are in our peak planting season and I have just rebuilt a Land Cruiser  plus Butch my wife has decided that since I am doing all these projects she wants a new kitchen so you can imagine I am pretty busy!!”


ELEPHANT: Fly Johannesburg; then to Bulawayo. 

  1. Do you pickup there- charge? Is charge per person? No charge for transfer if from Bulawayo
  2. Observer fees? $ 200 a day
  3. Other costs and taxes? 2% on day rate 4% on trophy fee. $ 500 fee for field prep of trophy and delivery to Bulawayo .
  4. License costs? CITES TAG $ 200 licence is $ 100
  5. Average size of elephant bulls? 40lb -50lb
  6. Expected success rate on elephant?  I have been 100% so far for 5 years so I hope to maintain that success but as you know hunting is hunting and there is nothing guaranteed free range anyway.



Trophy fees :
Elephant $ 8500
Buffalo $ 4000
Crocodile $ 3750
Plains game can be hunted in the same area as the big game:
• Water buck $ 1400,
• Eland $ 1200,
• Kudu $ 1200,
• Bush buck $ 750 ,
• Impala $ 200.
• Baboon, Hyena $ 400, $ 50 Small nocturnal cats ( Civet / Genet ) $ 100 each.
Options are available to relocate to another area for more plains game after you have harvested your big game .

TROPHY FEE PRICE LIST (Must add day rates to these)

ELEPHANT $12.000 KUDU $1.500
BUFFALO $4.950 ZEBRA $1.100



DAILY RATES FOR VARIOUS HUNTS (Must add trophy fees to this rate)

10 0r 14 ELEPHANT, PLAINS GAME $1.000  
7 or 10 BUFFALO AND PLAINS GAME $1.200  
7 or 10 PLAINS GAME ONLY $450  
7 or 10 HIPPO AND CROCODILE $750  



Daily Rate Includes:
• Services of a fully licensed and experienced Professional Hunter
• Trackers, Skinners and Camp staff
• Full board, lodging and daily laundry
• Local Wines, Beer, Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee
• Field preparation of trophies

Daily Rate Excludes:
• Accommodations prior to arrival in and after camp.
• Trophy fees for animals harvested, wounded or lost
• Freight agents charges and shipping of trophies to final destination
• Transfer fees to and from airport if any
• Firearm and ammunition rental
• Any Government levies that may be imposed
• Air charter to and from camp
• CITES Tag Fees for Cites listed animals
• Trophy shipment fee from camp to Taxidermist in Bulawayo
• Gratuities are at clients Discretion. Ask your PH for advice
• Professional Camera / Video Man
• Dip & Pack of Trophies

14 days @ $750/day plus trophy fee of $5,000 on kill or wounding.

Not Included:
National Parks scout fee $80/day (only pay for the days required; once leopard has been harvested, the scout is taken back to HQ); pre-baiting is @$200 a day x 3 days (baits are on average $150 each); 2% tax on total day rate and 4% on total trophy fees; PH and staff gratuities, CITES tag permit.

In the last 2 years, success rate has been above 50% on harvesting a cat, and 100% on having leopards on bait. Their tracks are often seen and even cats observed in the day time whilst hunting (i.e. no lack of leopards). They use many trail cameras, especially on leopard hunts.

This hunt Includes: all meals and beverages, daily laundry , the services of a PH and his vehicle, all staff, transfer from Bulawayo airport to hunting camp and back, trophy field prep and delivery to Bulawayo taxidermist for processing further or shipping.

7-10 days @ $550/day 2×1 or $650/day 1×1, plus trophy fees.


Accommodations are of the highest standard from Luxury chalets to Luxury tented camps depending on what you want to hunt, and in which areas. In the past 20 years of being a Professional Hunter guiding throughout most of Zimbabwe as a Freelance Hunter and Operator, only the best camps with the best hunting grounds are used. He puts you in the right hunting spot to hunt the game that you are after. There are hunts that require tented facilities due to the area, but never the less, maximum care is taken that you are very comfortable. Your many memories will include not just your trophy, but your whole experience in the African bush with all the evenings around the campfire as it was spent by many early hunters in quest of African Big Game, with a cold drink and a fabulous meal.
The staff utilized in the camps are of a high standard and come with many years experience in this field, which include your skinners, trackers, cooks and camp staff.
All these camps offer hot and cold running water with electricity which is 220 volts; appliances that do not have built in converters will require separate converters, especially American made products.
At completion of your Safari you can take a trip up to Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park for spectacular photographic experiences should you have extra time available? These tours can be arranged on request.

U.S. Embassy Harare, Zimbabwe
172 Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare
Telephone: (263)-4-250-593/4
Emergency, after-hours telephone: (263)-4-250-595
Fax: (263)-4-250-343.     E-mail the Consular Section

ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: You need a passport, visa, return ticket, and adequate funds to enter Zimbabwe. If you are traveling to Zimbabwe for tourism, business, or transit you can obtain a visa at the airports or other border ports-of-entry, or in advance by contacting the Embassy of Zimbabwe at 1608 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20009; telephone (202) 332-7100. Visit the Embassy of Zimbabwe website for the most current visa information. Zimbabwean Immigration officials at Harare airport and other ports of entry are authorized to admit U.S. citizens without an entry visa. U.S. citizens who intend to make use of this privilege are strongly urged to read this section carefully as the failure to strictly adhere to Zimbabwean immigration law can lead to arrest, prosecution, detention, fines, seizure of possessions, and removal. Any U.S. citizen who intends to undertake any activity that does not involve pure tourism (e.g. visiting Victoria Falls), however minor the planned deviation, is strongly urged to obtain the appropriate visa outside Zimbabwe prior to traveling to Zimbabwe.


    1. There shall be no refund on any deposit paid if a hunt is cancelled within six (6) months of the date of commencement of the Safari.
      2.  In the event of a hunt being cancelled prior to six (6) months of the date of the Safari, then 50% of the deposit will be refundable.
      3. In the event the Safari is cancelled by the Safari Operator, or the area is closed to hunting or travel for any reason, prior to commencement of the safari, the client will receive a full refund.
      4. No refunds will be made if the client leaves the safari before the scheduled completion date.

POST HUNT PAYMENTS:  The balance of any charges i.e. trophy fees, rifle hire, curios, staff gratuities etc. must be paid prior to departure from camp, in either cash or travellers cheques.     NO personal cheques can be accepted.
Note: Cash payment must be accompanied by stamped ZIMRA form completed on arrival in Zimbabwe.


                 WE KNOW AFRICA!!!

  PH: 1-307-637-5495     email: info@hunt-nation.com