Alberta Elk, Moose, Bear & Deer #143

Alberta Elk, Moose, Bear & Deer #143

This is the type of small, family run operation that so many hunters really enjoy. Lots of personal attention, normally you are either the only one in camp, or perhaps there is one more person. It is relaxed, a low pressure operation with no worries about lots of competition “beating” you to the game. This operation has been guiding for over 21 years, and they are one of the very few operations in Alberta who spend their entire year earning their living as an outfitter, no outside or extra jobs. They get many repeat clients every year. They have done very well with moose, whitetails, and waterfowl.

AB-143-elk-pic-1-300x225  Elk however have really been on an up cycle in their area for some time, and they now have 4 tags a year to offer. Their son has been bowhunting the local elk for a number of years, and normally takes a bull every year. The area is on the fringe of where farmland meets the big bush, making an ideal situation. The moose and elk and deer, hit the fields, and of course are then vulnerable to hunting. They are fat, lazy and laid back then.

They offer either Archery or Rifle hunts, running from September into November. With so few tags, the game is laid back, especially in the early season, as locals do not much bother with it. They hunt WMU 523, in the famed Peace River Area. You can start with bow on August 25-31 (great time) or rifle Sept 17-23. That is prime bugle time! Or, assuming unsold tags, you can schedule for later in the year such as November when the the critters are chowing down in preparation for winter.

Their camp is about 250 miles from Edmonton. You can drive from Edmonton (5 hours); or you can fly into Grand Prairie for pickup. Then the drive to camp is 2 hours. Pickup at present is free, but could change if gas prices move up.  You stay in a comfortable but rustic log cabin and they prepare all meals in the main lodge for you. Good home cookin! Hunting is all done 2X1 unless other arrangements are made. However, with their small quota, often your 2X1 hunt may end up 1X1.


Normally they price their bow hunts at $5000 (7 full days of hunting); and their 7 day rifle hunts at $5500. However, here at Hunt Nation, we have negotiated for our own clients a SPECIAL –for this year only—of only $3995 for either hunt. License is approximately $500 additional, taxes also additional. ONLY 4 TAGS TOTAL, NO MORE THEN TWO HUNTERS AT ONE TIME!

RIFLE: September 17-23; or October 12-November 1

6-Day Black Bear Hunts Archery or Rifle
Regular $4,200 usd
SPECIAL $3,800 usd (Plus 2 bear licence, tag & tax $454)
May 16 – 21
May 30 – June 4
MAXIMUM 4 PEOPLE EACH DATE (4 friends would have the camp to themselves)
AB-143-elk-pic-2-169x300  Rainbow Lake is situated in WMU 536 (Wildlife Management Unit). This WMU offers a 2-bear license & is a baiting zone which allows a hunter to be selective on harvest. This area is heavily wooded with large tracks of forests and no agriculture for many miles. Mixed spruce, aspen, pine, willows and alder make up the forest cover. Lakes and creeks cut through the country as well as muskeg swamps. Camp is located approximately 300 miles north of our Peace River (McLennan) Camp. The topography is fairly flat with some rolling hills near the lakes and rivers. Oil company activity in the region has allowed the opportunity to explore this dense land.
This bush camp is as comfortable as any considering the remoteness. Sleeping tents have wooden frames, wood heaters and cots with two hunters per tent. The camp consists of canvas tents, with a large tent for the cooking and dining area. The cook tent also has a wooden frame and floor. A cook is on staff full time to prepare meals. Specializing in home-style cooking including freshly prepared entrees, soups & sandwiches, home made deserts, cookies and pies. The goal is to create meals that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.

The Rainbow Lake camp has a generator to power lights, charge batteries, etc. It also boast a shower house which has a hot water tank and a small pressure system with hot and cold running water. A hot shower can be very refreshing after a hard day of black bear hunting.

Accommodations & meals during hunt In hunt transportation by all terrain vehicles and boats with little walking All field dressing is done by the guides, hides and capes are skinned, lips and ears are also turned and salted to preserve your trophies until you deliver them to your taxidermist. Most trips have a limit of four hunters, with two hunters per guide.

They have a limited number of moose hunts available each year. The terrain in this part of Alberta is mostly flat, heavily wooded with aspen, spruce, birch and willow forests. Muskegs, creeks and small lakes are prevalent.

10 day Rut Hunts – Rainbow Lake Camp
These moose hunts take place during the rut in late September and early October. Moose harvested range in size to 1500 pounds or more and yield antlers in the 45-50 inch range – the top end of mature bull moose is in the 50 inch class. Hunters can expect 75% opportunity on quality bull moose. Transportation during the moose hunt provided by All terrain vehicles and boats.

10 day Moose-Black Bear Combo Hunt – Rainbow Lake Camp $7800
This moose hunt and black bear hunt takes place in September and early October during the moose rut. Monster black bears are taken in our camp each season with a BEAR success rate of 160% as Rainbow Lake camp is situated in WMU 536 (Wildlife Management Unit) which is a 2-bear license area. This is an exciting adventure with a great possibility of harvesting 3 trophy animals.

8 day Moose Hunt- Peace River Camp Archery 9/17-9/23 $5500
These moose hunts take place in November post-rut. Spot & stalk your trophy moose in the boreal forests of the Peace River area of Northwest Alberta. This moose hunt offers a great opportunity for some of the best tasting wild meat. Calling, stalking and still hunting are methods used for moose hunting. Transportation during the moose hunt provided by All Terrain Vehicles and boats. Length of shots average about 100 yards but some situations can require a 250-300 yard shot.

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