Wyoming Antelope Hunt- 1 Buck and 1 Doe #44

Wyoming Antelope Hunt- 1 Buck and 1 Doe #44

44.1-300x225  This is a small family operation run by the outfitter along with his wife and son, who are life long Wyoming natives. They have lived in the Kaycee area all of their life, and hunt only private land, which helps to insure relatively un-pressured antelope. Plus you can take TWO antelope!

Established in 1999, they like to give their clients the best hunt possible at a reasonable price. They specialize in trophy pronghorn antelope hunting on private lands, but also provide hunts for mule deer, whitetail deer and elk. Success rate since 2001 has been 100% with rifle antelope hunts, with some antelope having 16+ inches of horn length. They also do a significant number of bow hunts for antelope as well. Shot opportunity is typically at or close to 100%. A Pope and Young speedy goat is a very high possibility here, due to the normally high number of antelope seen.   Archery season is August 15 to October 15. Rifle season usually starts October 1.

44.2-300x225  It is important to note that they guide in Unit 20. The draw odds for Unit 20, based on the low priced regular license – are 100% currently. Meaning you WILL draw! In fact normally there are leftover tags. This hunt allows you both a buck and a doe.

You will apply for regular price antelope tag for Unit 20, or 22, type 1, which costs $340. The doe tag costs a total of $50. Just do not expect giant antelope here, but normally good numbers of bucks, with one of our 2015 groups seeing 40 to 50 bucks and all 4 successful. They stayed at the KC RV park in a cabin, and the facilities included a freezer and a table to butcher on.

These are “motel” hunts. There are some inns and hotels in town, and a campground with decent cabins to rent. There is a list below at the end of this writeup. For more choices there are more motels about 50 minutes away. The outfitter meets you in Kaycee and provides lunch, snacks, and drinks in the field. Also field prep, and delivery of harvested animals to the local meat processor. The hunter will provide their own lodging, their breakfast and their own evening meals. There are just a couple of restaurants in Kaycee, and one KOA-type camp ground. Nothing fancy out here!
This outfitter is fully dedicated to providing a first-class, professional outfitting service to all hunters. Guides are well prepared and will do their best to fulfill the hunter’s expectations in the field.

$1,695 per person 2×1 for 3-day buck hunt (plus tag)
$1,895 per person 2×1 for 3-day buck + doe hunt (plus both tags)

Siesta Motel/ Country Inn 307 – 738 – 2291
Kaycee Sinclair – this is the newest motel – 307 – 738 – 2213 K C R V Park – They have cabins which are nice – 307 – 738 – 2233
Cassidy Inn 307 – 738 – 2250

Phone: 307-637-5495
e-mail: info@hunt-nation.com