Argentina is a land blessed with a huge variety of hunting and fishing opportunities. Most American hunters are aware of the world-class dove shooting in Cordoba, but fewer know about the big red stags that are roaring and fighting in the plains and hills, or that herds of blackbuck antelope imported from India that abound, or big wild boars, huge water buffaloes, axis deer and many other big game animals that are available. Likewise, this outfitter’s bird area in Entre Rios (quite close to Buenos Aires), is another overlooked area, but its bird population is stupendous. Same for his bird areas in Cordoba. This operation is one of our favorite places to send clients because they always come back happy. High success hunting, awesome hospitality, reasonable pricing and virtually 100% success for every client is guaranteed. Hunt-Nation has sent hundreds of clients to various locations in Argentina. Argentina is one of our most popular and rewarding adventures.

This writeup has two parts: first is the Big Game section; last is the Bird Hunting section. Different areas/lodging. Different access too.

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Red Stag La Pampa

The outfitter has his own hunting ground in the Province of La Pampa, which is one of the very best stag areas in Argentina. The outfitter hunts approximately 37,000 acres of century-old scrublands where regal red stags reign, from which they harvest about 35-40 stags per year. Free-range stags roam with wild boars and pumas. In this area, animals wander wild and free in their natural environment. The hunt starts very early in the morning, before dawn. You drive a short distance to the area you will hunt, and then put your ears to the wind. You’ll hear the stags as they roar and bellow. Once dawn breaks, you stalk to within sight of the animal to assess its horns to determine if it is a worthy trophy. Around noon you return to the lodge to enjoy a hearty meal, rest for a short while, and start the ritual once again in the afternoon.


The land is very arid, gentle and rolling with scrub woodland and some high grasses. It reminds us of similar areas in Africa, and the roaring stags can easily sound like a pride of lions bellowing their supremacy to the entire world. Walking is very easy and the stalks great fun. You will hear many stags every day between early March and late April, with the roar peaking from mid-March to mid-April most years. Pick a deep throaty roar and then sneak in to check him out. You get to do this multiple times every single day. Far different from a typical elk hunt where days can pass without hearing a bull or seeing a mature animal. Shots tend to be fairly short; usually 50 to 175 yards. Bowhunting is also an option, with success rates about 50%, but they really prefer that you also either bring a rifle as a back-up or rent of theirs, in case the weather makes hunting a bit difficult with a bow for the first part of your hunt (they really do want everyone to be successful!)

Stags taken are normally mature 5×5 or 6×6 stags. Do be aware that red stag horns are shorter than elk horns, but heavier beamed and may carry many more points than our elk. Stags depend on multiple points and mass to make up their scores, as beams are seldom more then 40- 44” long, unlike an elk who often reach 50” and more. Many record book stags have very short beams when compared to elk. Just a difference in the species. Most stags in the free range area of this operation will top out at about 320” SCI, with the average around 300”. With this reasonably priced free range stag hunt, if you do not see the stag you want, you can switch over to the Estate (high fence) area where stags can run upwards of 340 to 500 plus. Of course price increases then, but remains relatively reasonable, as you get a partial credit towards those estate stags.

LODGING (La Pampa big game)
The big game lodge is located near the stag hunting area. The country-style house has 6 double rooms, all with private bathrooms, a great dining area and a lounge room where hunters may relax and enjoy an after-dinner drink. Thanks to a recent expansion of the lodge, they can now host up to 12 hunters in camp per week. They will cater to your every need, so you can be assured that you will relax and enjoy your hunt.


TRANSFERS (La Pampa big game area) You fly all night to Buenos Aires, arriving in the early AM hours. Representatives will meet you at the international airport (Ezeiza or EZE). Then, depending on the hour of arrival and traffic, you may be taken directly to the domestic airport for your flight to La Pampa, or you may be required to overnight in BA, in which case you will be escorted to your hotel. You must pay separately for the room and meals when not at the camp.

All vehicle transfers are done in late model 4-wheel drive vehicles. The outfitter takes care of all transfers to and from airports in Buenos Aires and at the domestic airport. As their guest, you will be accompanied by their staff at all times, from the moment you arrive until your departure. They will cater to your every need, so you can be assured that you will relax and enjoy your hunt.


The Province of La Pampa has a wide array of weather conditions. During the early fall hunts of March/April, expect chilly mornings followed by warm days. Rain is rate but happens. Figure nights can creep down into the low 40’s, daytimes can be 55 to 85. Layer your clothing.

The hunting season for these trophies are as follows:

Red Stag – March to April
Wild Boar – All year round
Water Buffalo- year round
Puma – March to September (importability is subject to changing rules- check with us).
Scottish Black Face – All year round
Four-Horn Ram – All year round
Wild Goat – All year round


Guns, Ammunition and Regulations:
Currently in a state of flux. Call us for current information, but most of our clients are opting to rent guns, especially if they want to stay and do some touring at end of their hunt. If you do decide you want to bring your own weapon, at present, YOU MUST HAVE 600 PESOS (not US money!) WITH YOU, ABOUT $120 US per gun. You will expedite gun processing if you do this money exchange before leaving the US! You will need your passport to change money. Ask us for the gun import forms and rules.
If you prefer to rent guns the outfitter has fine quality scoped rifles in a number of calibers.

How to Get Here:
The international airport in Buenos Aires is Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza). Once here, the outfitter’s staff will be expecting you and will assist you, including doing your transfer to the domestic airport. If traffic is bad, it can take 1.5 hours to get there, instead of the usual 35 minutes. Then a one-hour flight to Santa Rosa where you will be greeted and taken to their lodge. It’s about a one-hour drive.
You must take into account that flights to La Pampa don’t always operate on a daily basis.
You can check their schedule and book your domestic flights by going to this site:

Another option is to arrive in Buenos Aires and charter a plane to Santa Rosa (1hr. 20 min). With a large group, a charter may be economical, but figure it will cost two to four times the domestic fare of around $375 r/t from BA to Santa Rosa. You can also hire a driver and vehicle, but it is at least an 8-hour ride.

Domestic Flights: (For La Pampa area hunts)
R/T from BA to Santa Rosa and back: no way to be certain, but they have varying prices. Cheap flights allow no changes, the flex plan is a bit more but you have flex! If you decide to do 6 days and depart day 7, the plane’s weekly schedules should work fine, but you will need to stay flexible until you get the airline schedules and your dates. On occasion, a charter flight can be arranged if someone has timing issues.

Hotel in BA: In 2017 the domestic airline shifted its flights departing Buenos Aires to the late evening (about 9PM currently). This should give you enough time to make the transfer to the Domestic airport. Previously clients could not make the transfer from the International Terminal at Ezeiza to the domestic terminal (about 90 minutes across town) in time to catch the domestic flights (this is not normally an issue on the way home, however as they depart Santa Rosa around 6AM). Or you may elect to overnight in BA. This is a good idea anyway, as it gives you a chance to get a decent night’s sleep and spend 2/3 of a day seeing BA and getting a nice meal. Hotels vary in price, but we have a concierge service through the outfitter who picks you up, transports you to hotel, arranges local transport, and takes you to the domestic airport the next day. Figure around $200 for the room, etc.

TIPS AND TROPHY SHIPMENTS ARE EXTRA. Trophy shipments back to the U.S. typically run $1,200-$1,500 or more (but the price goes down per animal the more you are shipping). Check with your customs broker for a more accurate figure. The outfitter will deliver your trophies to their shipper/broker, who will then reach out to you once he receives it to get your taxidermist’s/broker’s shipping information. It often takes 4-6 months. MEAT CANNOT BE EXPORTED.


2024 BIG GAME PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; all prices in USD)


Stay in a five-star lodge and you are accommodated in double suites. Package includes 1×1 guiding, with all meals and lodging. This is a 5-day hunt and you are free to shoot the largest stag you see. Typically free range stags will be mature animals with very good mass and have 6×6 or bigger racks. Just $5,000, and NO TROPHY FEE! Estate hunts are also available for stags up to 600+”!! Please inquire for pricing.


In the same area during your stay you can also hunt the species listed below. Please inquire about putting together a custom package that includes stag and one or more of the following:2nd Red Stag $4,000
Water Buffalo $4,000
Blackbuck $1,300
Scottish Blackface $1,000
Four Horn Ram $1,000
Wild Goat $700
Wild Boar $1,000
Fallow Deer $2,400 (estate hunts only)
Axis Deer $2,400 (estate hunts only)
Estate Stags Price based on size- $7500-19,500


  •       You can also add a day or two to hunt doves/pigeons. The cost is $500 per hunter per day, but 3-day packages, including ammunition, are also available.

Hunting license for big game $400
Hunt license for pigeons per hunter per day $60
Gun permit $120/gun
Rifle rental and ammunition $250 per hunter
Shotgun rental per hunter per day $70
Shotgun shells/box of 25 shells $15

Entre Rios, 3 days/4 nights, with 1,000 shells included – $2,100 per person

Argentina is the premiere destination for doves and pigeons. This hunt offers the chance to hunt these birds with no limit, It is commonplace for hunters to shoot between 750 and 1,500 rounds per day. Shooting starts early in the morning when birds fly toward the fields to feed. At noon, you give sore shoulders a break and stop to have an outdoor luncheon in the countryside. You will get superb service and taste their world renowned beef and fine wines, or ice-cold beer. After lunch, the hunt continues until late afternoon when you return to the lodge to enjoy a terrific dinner and relax. Every hunter will be accompanied by a bird boy to reload the guns and give assistance during the hunt. Their hunting staff will periodically check on you to see if you need any assistance and to provide you with ammunition. In the afternoon, they will also offer you some sort of snack. This hunt requires a minimum party of 2 hunters. If you get 4 or more, you have the entire lodge to yourselves.

The shooting takes place in the Province of Entre Rios. Surrounded by high mountains, farmers grow sunflower, corn, peanuts, sorghum and others. This makes this area ideal for the birds to breed and nest. It is such a paradise for so many doves and pigeons that they have become a real plague, causing farmers huge losses.

The lodge is a short drive from the hunting grounds. It is a European-style house, built around the 20th century, and it has all the normal comforts you may need. It has six large double rooms with private bath, a great dining room, and a lounge room where you may enjoy your after-dinner drink while socializing.

Mercedes Benz vans or similar carrying up to 13 passengers are used to make all the ground transfers. Hunts are done in rugged 4-wheel drive vehicles. They provide all transfers from and to airports. You are accompanied by their staff at all times from your arrival to your departure.

Hunting license for big game $400
Hunt license for pigeons per hunter per day $60
Gun permit $120/gun
Rifle rental and ammunition $250 per hunter
Shotgun rental per hunter per day $70
Shotgun shells/box of 25 shells $15


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