Argentina Wingshooting #119

Argentina Wingshooting #119


We have been to Argentina a number of times, and we were looking to find something a bit different in the way of Lodges and packages offered. We have found excellent big game hunting, with some awesome stag hunting; we have found superb dove shooting and pigeon shooting, but we wanted a bit more to round out our offerings to our clients, and so we now book for this operation.

This Lodge is pretty unique. It sits on a large river and is located approximately 300 miles north of Buenos Aires and about 100 miles from Uruguay. It is also near the huge Parana River, which is a major flyway for waterfowl, so lots of waterfowl frequent this area. It is excellent habitat.
What is a plus, is that there is also excellent fishing for Golden Dorado (catch and release) which are 8 to 15 pound fighting devils! And if that is not enough, this location has wild turkey (species unknown) to hunt, plus snipe, perdiz (partridge) over pointers, doves and pigeons!! Even water buffalo and wild boar can be done, on horseback!

In short a regular smorgasbord of opportunity for the discriminating sportsman or sportswoman. We like variety in our hunts, when possible, and here the variety is awesome. And there is nearby horseback riding, boat tours, a casino, a nightclub and much more, so even the family can be kept entertained. It is hard to find one place with so much to offer! Two lodges, one of which is a VIP lodge with VIP pricing, a couple miles from the main lodge.

Argentina-191-duck-bag-one-hunt-pic-300x199 TRANSPORT:You normally will fly into Buenos Aires, typically leaving from Dallas or Miami on an overnight flight, usually arriving the next morning in Argentina. Their man will meet you, and will assist you with getting to his Lodge. You have 3 travel options, charter flight (about $2000 divided by the 3 to 5 persons in the group- so about $400 to $600 ea.). OR, you can take a private car (about 6 and one half hours) if group is not more than 3 persons. Cost of that is about $800 round trip split among the party. Third choice is to take their comfortable Pullman style commercial bus. It is the standard transport in Argentina and will cost about $160 round trip- a good way to relax. Fourth choice is fly BA to Santa Fe ( around $200 we believe) then about a 3 hour drive to ranch.
Upon arrival, you will rest and relax and the next day you will start hunting. Typically the waterfowl hunts start before dawn, so you are up very early. Then to the blinds and after 3 or more hours of shooting (limit is 20-25 ducks per morning per man- and limits are normal!!). Then lots of photos, load up, return to Lodge for a delicious luncheon, siesta and red wine and beer. Afternoons are usually best for upland hunting, so you hunt Perdiz (a type of partridge) (limit is 10 per man)- usually over dogs; and snipe, and doves and pigeons, or some combination of all of them!! You will be tired by evening, when a gourmet meal is served, often using the Peridz, ducks etc. Lots of wine, and then off to bed, unless you are inclined to visit the nearby town. Your rooms usually have a river view and private bath.


There are many variations on each days plans, but this is a basic day. In addition we can custom add on boar hunts, dorado fishing, polo lessons (really!), bow and arrow turkey hunting, and even buffalo hunting, all depending on time of year of course. Best water fowling is May thru August, but peak time is typically June, give or take 2 weeks. That is their winter.
The freshwater Dorado (Salminus maxillosus) is known in Argentina as the “Tiger of the River”. Many believe it to be the single most challenging native freshwater game fish in South America. It is a brilliant yellow-colored, salmon-like fish with an extremely strong jaw and sharp teeth. The Dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer and normally ranges in size from 8.8 lbs to 15.4 lbs, although the world record is 52.8 lbs. It hammers top-water flies with reckless abandon and immediately explodes out of the water in a series of outrageous jumps and relentless, line stripping runs. This is a strictly catch and release fishery!!.

5 Full days of Wing Shooting in Argentina (Corientes)
Apr. 15 – Aug 30: $2870 Includes 10 hunting outings for Ducks, doves, pigeons, snipe, turkey and partridges; 6 Nights at the lodge (full room & board).

5 Full days of Fishing in Argentina
Dec. 20 – Nov. 1: $2520. Includes 5 days of Dorado fishing and 6 nights at the lodge (Full room & board)

TRIP INCLUDES: 5 intensive days of fishing; 6 nights of lodging based on single / room; 4 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner) and beverages (wine, beers, sodas); boat rental; experienced guide; fishing gear; meal and drinks during the fishing trip.

TRIP DOES NOT INCLUDE: International and domestic airfare, telephone calls, travel or personal insurance, personal expenses and tips

5 ½ Days – two locations- Corrientes and Cordoba $2590 ea.
Doves in Cordoba, Duck and partridge in Corrientes

2 ½ days dove shooting (5 shoots) in Cordoba; 3 days ducks and partridge in Corrientes ((6 shoots).
Meals, lodging guiding and local transport all included.

big dorado

NOT INCLUDED: Flight to Cordoba and then auto or charter flight to Corrientes; gun rent @ $50 per day; shells, bird boy and other tips.

Water Buffalo hunting. Big Game in Argentina. $2690.
All year Round. $2690. One hunting outing. Includes the animal, hunting services, 2 nights at the lodge (Full room & board). Hunt on 22,000 acres. These can weight 2,200 pounds! Drvie aobut 20 miles from Lodge, then a horse for about 3 hours thru forest and wetlands and meet up with the guide who has pre-located where the buff are. Lunch is in the remote fields. Add ON

Wild boar- $500; Axis deer $1400, Antelope $900.

Dove Hunting in Argentina.
Help farmers to control Doves and Pigeons.
Sep. 1 – March 31: $2870 now only $2296 (20% off regular rates). The province of Corrientes is located in north east Argentina. The province of Corrientes is in northeast Argentina and enjoys a mild climate that changes little throughout the year. The thousands of acres of grain crops, coupled with suitable roosting conditions, have produced a dove population that have become a pig for eating the farmer’s crops.The typical shooting day in Corrientes begins with breakfast at 7:00 AM, followed by a short drive to the pre-selected volume dove fields, then nonstop pass shooting until lunch. Corrientes is fantastic for all skill levels – set your sights on the more challenging high flying birds or go for sheer numbers and shoot at the waves and waves of doves just above the tree line. At times you’ll notice pigeons overhead which are fair game as well.
Lunch is yet another reason why our clients love Argentina — weather permitting, you will enjoy a wonderful meal in the field. The traditional asado-style lunch features an open-air barbecue of famous Argentine beef, chicken and sausages complete with fantastic wines and fresh crisp salads. If you’d like, enjoy a relaxing siesta before returning to the fast and challenging shooting. The afternoon session will last until approximately 6:00 PM when you’ll return to the lodge. Relax by the pool with a cocktail, explore the surrounding acreage or take a nap before savoring a delicious dinner with your fellow wing-shooters.
Recent law changes have made it almost impossible to bring in your own gun!! You now must go to the nnearest Argentine embassy with your weapon, and jump thru some hoops ot get a paper that begins the pprocess. Most clients are hundreds of miles away from the nearest Argentine Embassy. So best to avoid iiissues, avoid getting tied up on entry, and instead rent a gun and move smoothly thru customs. Less luggage ttoo!

You fly at night into Buenos Aires from the US, arriving in the morning. You process through easily if you do not bbring a firearm- but- you must have paid the new reciprocity fee of $160 before arrival in their country!! (pay oon line before leaving home!) FORGET TO DO THIS- THEY SEND YOU HOME!!

Call: 307-637-5495

1. Does this hunt work as a two man hunt? He only has himself and a friend.
Yes its does, two is the minimum of hunters.
2. Is there any particular day of the week we need to arrive?
3. Are there any charters? How do we arrange them.
Yes, there are charters and we arrange them for hunters. You could choose, car, bus, charter flight and helicopter.
What are the charter costs?
Car $1400 Roundtrip (2 passengers)
Charter flight $3400 roundtrip (2 passengers)
Bus $200 (2 passengers)