Botswana Plains and Dangerous Game Hunt #318

Botswana Plains and Dangerous Game Hunt #318

good-kudu-300x225  Botswana made the mistake of closing all hunting in country in May of 2014. At that time, their elephant herd was estimated at 130,000 animals and its’ Okavango Delta was considered to be their premiere hunting area; If not perhaps one of the best in the world. Their then President Ian Khama closed all hunting; largely in a mistaken belief that it would allow them a way to better control the illegal ivory trade, –and gambling that tourism would replace the loss of hunting revenues. Many predicted the crash of the herd within 10 to 20 years. Fortunately, in May of 2019 they reversed course and re-opened hunting, including elephants and other dangerous game. Once the safari companies left, there were no poaching patrols to protect the elephants!

We are excited to be able to once again offer our Hunt Nation clients some truly premiere Botswana plains game and dangerous game hunts. You will be immersed in a true, unparalleled hunting adventure alongside one of Botswana’s most experienced Professional Hunters, plus native Kalahari Bushmen and his professional camp staff. A true African experience!!

PLAINS-GAME-CAMP-300x203  One of our clients had this to say after two hunts here:
“He has hunted Botswana for 17 years, and after the ban he now has his own outfit. He specialized in Dangerous Game before the government shut the dangerous game down. He has done over 350 elephants and 200 leopards — all in Botswana. He is fantastic guy and PH. Runs a first class operation. Plains game hunts take place in Ghanzi (3 hours south of Maun), with access to well over 100,000 acres. I liked the beautiful safari tented camp with its’ main lapa area for meals and drinks. Also 2 chalets were built last year giving the client choice of accommodation. This area is excellent plains game hunting on large areas. All game is naturally occurring. Camp consists of Safari tents with 2 new chalets giving client option of where they want to stay. Trophy quality here is exceptional. Especially kudu eland and gemsbok. Kudu here is extraordinary, and the 2019 smallest was 54 inches with largest being 59 inches. In camp a guy from Alaska stated he has hunted all over Africa with 21 trips under his belt and he will not hunt anywhere else for plains game. ”
Matt E.

The rich diversity, and abundance of unsurpassed quality of trophy species is only part of what makes this operation a must return destination for so many. In addition to his plains game area, his Okavango area is a massive 250,000 hectares (roughly 600,000 acres). Home to thriving herds of buffalo, elephant, antelope and cat species it is guaranteed to give you an exclusive hunting and viewing encounter as only the Okavango can do.

70-pounder-outfitter-watched-for-20-minutes-1-300x200  PH States: This photo was taken on Tuesday morning while we stood with this 70 pounder for 20 minutes on this concession. We only had the one day to drive around before we had to be back in Maun for the results of concession tenders. This area is loaded with elephants. Before the hunting was closed we ran 85% success rate on Leopard. I expect it will be the same or better. I have hunted all of these areas for 17 years and there are plenty.

76-pounder-1-204x300  Your host and PH, is the essence of a true hunter. Born and raised on a farm in the Kalahari bush he found his passion and honed his skills from an early age becoming one of the most experienced and knowledgeable dangerous and plains game hunters in Botswana. He has led over 350 elephant hunts and 200 Leopard hunts. Beginning his professional career in 1996 he has spent over 20 years in the industry pursuing his dream of building the best safari experience in Botswana. Botswana is a country rich in tradition and culture and that is readily apparent here. Your PH is proud to continue to hunt with native indigenous people, many of whom he was raised with! This gives you a hunting experience unlike any other.

Big-leopard-1-210x300  PLAINS GAME HUNTS 2020 PRICES:
Packages are all inclusive and include guiding, lodging, pick up and drop off at Maun airport, all accommodations, all food, beer, wine and local spirits. Also includes all camp staff with a chef and daily laundry. Also trophy prep and delivery to Mochaba in Maun. Saves you a ton of money- no charters! Pricing is very reasonable. Look at Option 6 for 2 to 4 people- split the package and 4 people could EACH take 5 animals, and all-inclusive it would be just $2500 per man (or lady!). Amazing!!!

All Plains Game Packages are 6 days of actual hunting, and 7 nights. Obviously a client can add days and animals to any package. Just ask us! No charge for the day you arrive or day you leave!

Option #1
1 Eland or Kudu
1 Gemsbok or Red Hartebeest
1 Zebra or Blue Wildebeest
1 Warthog or Impala
1×1 $5300 2×1 $4700

Option #2
1 Eland
1 Kudu
1 Gemsbok
1 Zebra
1 Blue Wildebeest
1 Impala
1×1 $7600 2×1 $7000

Option #3
1 Eland
1 Blue Wildebeest
1 Zebra
1 Impala
1 Duiker
1 Jackal
1×1 $5500. 2×1 $4900

Option #4
1 Kudu
1 Gemsbok
1 Warthog
1 steenbok
2 Zebra
2 Blue Wildebeest
1×1 $6600. 2×1 $6000

Option #5 trophy and cull mix
1 Trophy Gemsbok
1 Trophy Impala
1 cull Eland Bull
2 Cull Eland Cow
2 Cull Zebra
2 Cull Blue Wildebeest
$5800 per hunter (need 2 hunters for all cull packages)

Option #6 Cull Package
4 Eland
4 Zebra
4 Blue Wildebeest
4 Gemsbuck
4 Warthog
$10,000 for package which allows sharing by 2 hunters. Can also do this package for 4 hunters just less shooting.

Happy-leopard-hunter-300x225  DANGEROUS GAME HUNTS 2020
The dangerous game government concession he has is located an easy driving distance — just 2 hours– East of Maun. The following prices are for dangerous game and all hunts are 10 days. That is 10 full hunting days, no charge for the day in or the day out. That adds up to big savings!!! All guiding is 1X1.

• Elephant …….. $65,000 (expect 50 pounds —but 70 is definitely possible)
• Leopard……….. $32,500 (over bait.) He ran 90-95% success before Botswana closing hunting 6 years ago. Now re-opened! PH expects the same as the area is loaded with leopard.
• Buffalo………….$27,500
• Combo #1 Elephant and Leopard $87,500
• Combo #2 Elephant and Buffalo $82,500

plns-game-camp-pic-5-300x202  His Okavango Dangerous Game concession area is roughly 600,000 acres. Camp will be tented style with full camp staff including daily laundry and chef. Only about 1.5 hours from Maun so no need for charters—MORE BIG SAVINGS !

These hunts are all inclusive. No hidden fees. Only things not included are airfare, taxidermy, dip and pack, gratuities and personal expenses before or after the safari.

PH: 307 637 5495 Email: