British Columbia Moose, Goat, Caribou, Sheep Hunt # 151

British Columbia Moose, Goat, Caribou, Sheep Hunt # 151


BC-151-Moose-2012-pic-300x225 We have worked for many years with this outfitter, almost from his very beginnings. He is a small-volume outfitter that specializes in quality, personalized service and big-time adventure. He takes 13-16 clients per year. He has been hunting, fishing and trapping in northern British Columbia for over 25 years and takes tremendous pride in being able to offer you a high-quality guide service. The outfitter is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and takes a hands-on approach to every aspect of the operation. With the small number of clients the outfitter accommodates each year, chances are good he’ll be there to personally greet you when you arrive for your once-in-a-lifetime hunting adventure.

His moose hunts are done from various camps and in various ways. In his area any bull moose is legal. No antler point restrictions, but most hunters want a good bull of course. Hunts for moose can be tailored to your physical abilities within reason. He hunts using tree stands; and by spot and stalk; and by calling. Just talk to us about your physical abilities, and we will work with you and him to see if his hunts are suitable to you. This outfitter has had years when he’s averaged over 85% on moose, with an amazing average spread of 51-inches. However, we prefer to be conservative and intentionally understate so your expectations remain reasonable. Our clients hunting here have taken bulls in the high 30” range to one over 60”. Incredible for the Canada moose sub-species. The average moose (being conservative) will probably be either side of 44” – a very respectable Canada moose. We think a patient hunter in good shape, with favorable weather and a bit of luck, should be able to tag a bull in the 45- to 50-inch range. Clients have bagged several monster bulls that have exceeded 55 inches, and one giant that spanned a mammoth 63 inches. Broad, expansive paddles and lots of points mean that an impressive 45-inch bull will score better than a wider 50-incher. His success rate is about 80% on bulls.

His main camp consists of log and frame cabins. This is the starting point from which most hunts are conducted. He does conduct some moose hunts by boat from here as well. He also has spike camps in various locations consisting of wall tents. On some goat hunts you may use backpack-style tents to access the higher and more remote areas. All moose hunts are backpack, but he does utilize an Argo ATV on some moose hunts. He also has some small remote lakes that we conduct backpack hunts out of. Most hunts are 10 days and consist of single or multiple species (longer trips can be arranged upon request).


BC-151-2012-big-goat-300x225 We have had many clients take their goat with this fine outfitter. Goats here are normally silky-haired and average around 9 inches. The outfitter offers two types of hunts. One is from a base camp while the other is a backpack hunt. Hunters will be required to carry a 35-pound pack (sometimes he can arrange for a packer to carry some of your load). The outfitter will work with you in terms of deciding where and how to hunt, based on your physical ability, but his backpack hunts are some of the most physical hunts you will encounter.

The outfitter’s success rate on big billies is extremely high, close to 80%. It would be higher if more clients were in good shape. You typically start in a valley floor at around 4,000 feet of elevation, then hike with packs to 5,000 to 7,000 feet. You may be staying on the mountain in tents . Hunts run from mid-August to early October. You will be required to carry all your own gear on your back, and help to pack out meat and hides on the way down the mountain.

The best advice is to talk to the outfitter and tell him exactly what you’re looking for and your expectations. The outfitter is a no BS kind of guy and will tell you if it can be done. A bonus is that the outfitter’s pricing is among the best and most reasonable for these types of hunts.

Again, the outfitter runs a small operation, is very personal, guides almost everyone himself, and by the end of your hunt chances are good that you will have become great friends. Know this right up front – the better your conditioning, the better chance you’ll have to be successful. Realize this is a physical, no-frills hunt and requires the kind of effort consistently needed to harvest trophy animals.

One experienced hunter, with many hunts under his belt, said this to Butch:

“ He is very knowledgeable and is a glassing fool! I saw sheep, goat, griz, lots of moose, mountain caribou and wolf. Was into goat every day, and had 3-4 in easy shooting range. He was a very patient guide, good humored, physically tough. He paid attention to detail and there was lots of communication between us. He was flexible; his guides and cook were excellent. Very safe outfitter with Satellite phone in camp. Saw plenty of Mountain caribou. I would send my best friend there!”

“Butch & Co.:
Thanks for the referral. It was a resounding slam dunk success! Had an absolute adventure of a lifetime!
This outfitter couldn’t have done any more to help me achieve some lifelong hunting goals!! He’s knowledgeable, extremely hardworking, and most important to me, as honest as the day is long. Got my moose, my goat and fishing too! Thanks again. Good Hunting, Dean M.”

As you can see from his prices, this sheep/goat combo is very reasonable. Primarily that is because taking a stone that qualifies as shootable is a bit of a long shot. BUT THAT ASSUMES YOU ARE IN VERY GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION. If you think you have interest in this hunt, we insist on your speaking directly with the outfitter. We do not want anyone booking this hunt unless they truly understand what to expect. Now- we do think you will take the goat, and if you do not take the sheep, you do not pay the trophy fee, so you should be partially successful, no matter what. Other game may be possible, depending on your dates. So just ask, and we will have the outfitter contact you.









The outfitter guides in a remote area situated in northern British Columbia at the headwaters of the famous Skeena River on the border of Spatsizi Wilderness Park. This area has a burgeoning moose population and is home to world-class grizzly bears. The area also has exceptional populations of mountain goat, Mountain caribou and black bear. Historically, this area has been lightly hunted due to its remote location accessed by a 200-mile flight north of Smithers, British Columbia. This area is approximately 1,200 sq. miles in size. The hunting area takes in the drainages of the Skeena, Klappan, Spatsizi, and Stikine rivers. 

The outfitter’s main camp consists of log and frame cabins. This is the starting point for most hunts. From there you may go to spike camps in various locations consisting of wall tents. On some goat hunts for the more physically fit clients, the outfitter may opt to use backpack-style tents to access the higher and more remote areas. All hunts utilize backpacks, but they also take advantage of Argo ATVs on some moose hunts, and he may also use boats. He will work within your physical limits. The outfitter also has some small remote lakes where they conduct backpack hunts. Most hunts are 10 days and consist of single or multiple species (longer trips can be arranged upon request).

Most of his hunts are backpack hunts (including all moose hunts), so the more physically fit you are, the more ground you can cover and the better your odds of putting yourself in a position to harvest a trophy. FOR GOATS, YOU NEED TO BE AT LEAST IN REASONABLE SHAPE AND ABLE TO WALK AT LEAST FIVE TO EIGHT MILES IN A DAY, CARRYING A FAIRLY LARGE PACK. For moose, he has easier hunts, but again, being in shape pays off. Please work to get in shape starting at least 90 to 180 days pre-hunt. Meals are very basic, but satisfying, and tents are the normal mountain accommodations.

Fly to Vancouver, then onto Smithers via Air Canada. Arrive in Smithers the day prior to start of your hunt. Then scenic float plane flight into hunting area via Alpine Lakes Air (approx. 1.5 hour trip) on day of hunt commencement.

You are allowed to bring your personal firearm with you. This includes your rifles, shotguns or muzzleloaders (NO HANDGUNS!). For your firearms, a simple one-page form is required to be filled out to obtain a temporary Canadian firearms permit. This form can be down-loaded or mailed to you well in advance from The Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Click on the link on the left hand side for visitors/non-residents, then download the NON-RESIDENT FIREARM DECLARATION (form RCMP 5589/CAFC 909). Completing this in advance should reduce your time clearing customs.

DO NOT SIGN IT UNTIL YOU APPEAR IN FRONT OF CUSTOMS, but fill it out. A confirmed declaration costs a flat fee of $25, regardless of the number of firearms listed on it. It is only valid for the person who signs it and for those firearms listed on the declaration. It is a simple form to fill out. NO FORMS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING YOUR HUNTING BOW INTO CANADA!

You will also need a U.S. Customs form 4457 – easy and no cost to obtain. It is simply proof of ownership from U.S. Customs. Mandatory basically! Go to nearest U.S. Customs office, and bring your gun along.

Availability List (US Funds  (On those hunts not requiring an air charter- it is so noted )

2024-2026 (all prices per person in USD; prices subject to change without notice)

August 23-September 2, 2024 (1 spot)
• 2×2 Mountain Goat $13,900 (This hunt requires 2 people)
• 2×1 Mountain Goat $10,900

August 22- September 1, 2025 (1 spot) NO charter 2025 SOLD OUT
• 1×1 Mountain Goat $13,900
• 2×1 Mountain Goat $10,900
• 1×1 Mountain Goat/ Caribou $15,900

August 24-September 3, 2026 (2 spots)
* 2×2 Mountain Goat $13,900 (This hunt requires 2 people)
* 2×1 Mountain Goat $10,900

September 5-15, 2026 (1 spot) No charter. SOLD OUT
• 1×1 Mountain Goat $13,900
• 2×1 Mountain Goat $10,900
• 1×1 Mountain Goat/Caribou $16,900

September 28- October 8, 2026
• 1×1 Moose $12,900
• 2×1 Moose $9,900

• Hunts are 9 full days with arrival and departure day.

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Observers are $300/day.
3rd species on combo hunt trophy fees:
Moose, Mtn. Goat, Mtn. Caribou $5,500
Black bear or Wolverine $3,500
Wolf No charge.

Rates Include:
Meals & lodging
Expediting service and hotel arrangements in Smithers
Professional guide service
Field care of meat and trophies

Rates DO NOT Include:
Airfares to/from Smithers
Air charter fee as required on some hunts ($1,500, includes return transport of meat, hides, antlers)
License and tags
Hotel accommodations and meals in Smithers
Trophy crating and shipping
Liquor, tobacco and gratuities
5% Goods and Services Tax on hunts, charters and licenses
$200 Hunting Preservation Fund
B.C. government Royalty Fee on some species, as below

                                              BC Gov’t Royalty Fee on Kill
(Prices subject to change)
Hunt License $180.00
Bear Tag $180.00                       $75
Goat $350.00                               $150
Caribou $300.00                        $125
Elk Tag $300.00                         $125
Moose Tag $300.00                  $125
Wolf Tag $50.00                         $50

Cancellation & Payment Policy: 50% deposit required to confirm all bookings. Balance due 60 days before start of hunt. In the event of a cancellation, a 20% handling fee will be taken from deposit. Deposits will only be refunded if dates cancelled are subsequently rebooked by client.

Disclosure and Responsibility: The outfitter states his policy is that he will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to participants or personal property, or for any cancellations, expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, transportation or other conditions over which he has no control. He reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel any excursion offered at any time and to make changes and alterations in itinerary or rates as may be found to be necessary for safety and proper handling of said excursions. All guests have the responsibility to disclose any special medical, physical or dietary conditions.




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