Colorado Elk, Deer & Antelope Hunt # 196

Colorado Elk, Deer & Antelope Hunt # 196

196.5-elk-7-1-300x204-300x204  This is a Ranching For Wildlife operation (RFW). In case you are not familiar with that program, these are all free-ranging animals (no high fences), but any RFW ranches must go thru an intensive management program supervised by the State of Colorado. The ranches actively and intensely manage all the ranch’s resources including forage, water, timber, the numbers of animals, and habitat improvements,- all done under the supervision of a trained biologist. In return, these ranches are given the right to set their own seasons and issue their own licenses under the supervision of the State. RFW ranches present some of the state’s premier hunting opportunities for elk and other species. Superb habitat and tightly controlled access result in exceptional success with very good quality and quantities of trophies.

AND NO DRAWS- JUST BUY THE HUNT AND GET YOUR LICENSE ON ARRIVAL! It also means you can rifle hunt in September and early October, during the bugle season/rut. Or you can hunt Mule Deer during the November rut. Or Antelope during the rut.Now this particular operation only offers RFW elk hunts in November and December.

196.4-elk-6-1-300x204-300x204  Their earlier hunts are not RFW, but are conducted on a mixture of private and BLM lands where they are permitted. They hunt all clients in north-west Colorado, considered to be the area with the largest elk herds in the world! More elk here per square mile then anywhere in the world is the areas claim.

Lodging varies with the hunt booked, but range from a 2 bedroom high country lodge with living room and kitchen, to the lower country lodge with 3 recently built bunkhouse with running water, wet bars and beautiful pine interiors.

Main Lodge near Craig, CO
This is the headquarters of their outfitting business. It is a central location to access their leased hunting grounds. The main lodge has 4 cabins built in the last 2 years. The largest cabin sleeps four with a bathroom, small living area, and kitchenette. There is one cabin with 2 queen beds, flat screen TV, and wet bar. The other two cabins are 1 person bunk beds with couches and flat screen TVs. The main lodge built in 2015 has a full bar, commercial kitchen and dining area, large bathroom, living room, card tables, and outside patios.

Williams Fork Camp near Hamilton, CO
This camp is a modular home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, land a living room with a wood stove. There is a deck off the back of the house to watch wildlife.

Myers Lodge

The Myers Lodge is located in the heart of their leased land. It is a newly remodeled house that sleeps 12 with a game tables, full kitchen, large living room, and deck with great views

Hunt Type/ Dates Species Type of Tag Hunting Unit # Available for sale Price per tag # Sold
RFW                            8/15 – 10/31 Antelope                $3500 LOV 3,301 10 $3,500  
Archery                      8/15 – 9/20 Antelope             $2000 LOV 3,301 4 $2,000 4
General                     10/7 – 10/13 Trophy Antelope     $3950 LOV 3,301 20 $3,950  
2nd Rifle Season              10/21-10/29 Elk/Deer/Antelope Combo $12,000 OTC,LOV 3,301 D/A, General  ELk 4 $12,000 2
2nd Rifle Season              10/21-10/29 Elk/Deer Combo  $7500 OTC,LOV 3,301,4,441,15 4 $7,500  
2nd Rifle Season              10/21-10/29 Deer   $6000 LOV 3,301 8 $6,000  
3rd Rifle Season             11/4-11/12 Elk/Deer Combo   $8500 OTC,LOV 3,301,4,441,15 4 $8,500 3
3rd Rifle Season                11/4-11/12 Deer      $7000 LOV 3,301 12 $7,000 5
4th Rifle Season              11/15-11/19 Elk   $6000 Draw, Left over 3,301 8 $6,000  
4th Rifle Season          11/15-11/19 Deer   BIG DEER TIME $9500 LOV 3,301,4,441 2 $9,500  
RFW  Rifle                    12/10 – 1/31 Elk     $7000 LOV 3,301 6 $7,000  
Mountain Lion   11/20 – 3/31/2018 Mature Lion   $6500 OTC 1×1 Little Snake Field Office 10 $6,500 1

196.2-mule-deer-30-1-300x204-300x204  196.1-mule-deer-20-1-300x204-300x204

ELK and/or DEER: RFW HUNTS: 5 days,2X1 guiding, W/ meals and lodging:


Elk- muzzleloader (draw hunt) Sept 12-20: (Units 15,131)