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Florida Exotics Hunt # 253

Florida Exotics Hunt # 253

This is probably one of the top locations for doing an exotic hunt in Florida. Nice lodging, reasonable costs, experienced guides and staff, butchering available at extra cost, meals of exotic game, and just a great deal of fun at modest cost.

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Main thing is, if you decide to go, we will need several possible dates, as he might be busy. That is because he normally only takes a single party at a time!! If so, we may have a backup guy available.

You are hunting on 2,000 acres near Okeechobee within the Seminole Reservation. These are self sustaining animals, living, growing and breeding here. Some really large trophy animals are available. But if you want to do a modest cost hunt for a day or two, then consider these bargains:

Axis Does- meat deer $725 each.

253.1-300x225  253.5-300x225  Trophy boar $500. Meat hog $200.
Sheep hunts $1500 approx. Some go higher depending on specie.
Sika deer $2500

Blackbuck: 16″ $1800; 17″ $2000; 18” $2500
If you want to stay over night it is $350/day including lodging, meals . guide and animal prep. Butchering can be done at $125 per animal. You will see also water buffalo, Fallow deer, Trophy Axis, Pere David deer, Barasinga Deer, Red stag, red stag and gators. All can be hunted, although horns may be an issue on certain animals. Axis are in velvet in April Most deer are still growing horns. Blackbuck, Boar, Oryx, and buffalo are hard horned year round.

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