This is probably one of the top locations for doing an exotic hunt in Florida. Nice lodging, reasonable costs, experienced guides and staff, butchering available at extra cost, meals of exotic game, and just a great deal of fun at modest cost.

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If you want the Turkey Slam, you must hunt in Southern Florida. It is the only place you can take an Osceola Turkey. And this outfitter has excellent turkey hunting in the heart of their home grounds, and experienced guides. Season starts March 1 and ends in April.

2021 PRICING (all prices subject to change without notice until deposit received)


Four days of hunting including one turkey AND one hog, meals, lodging and guide is only $2,850 per person.


Gator hunts on public waters (Lake Okeechobee) here run August 15 to end of October and they have sizes from 6’ up to genuine dinosaurs well in excess of 10’. Hunts involve boats and the use of a rod & reel to attract and “hook” the gator; then a bow/crossbow/air bow to get a line into the gator; a harpoon is sometimes used to get a second line into a big gator; and finally a “bang stick” is used to dispatch the gator at boat side. These hunts are incredibly exciting and are great for pairs of hunters, whether 2 buddies or father/mother-son/daughter, as one person can be fighting the gator with rod & reel while the other hunter gets ready with the bow. They also have year-round private land gators hunts with your choice of weapon, including rifle. All gators hunts are near 100% success.

They have a 6’-8’ gator package with bow, crossbow, or rod and reel (night time), including a hog and 2 nights of lodging and all meals, license/tags for just $1,750, or go after a 9+’ dinosaur gator for just $2,750, including 3 nights of food and lodging, and license/tags. THEY AVERAGED CLOSE TO 11FT. ON THESE HUNTS THE LAST 2 YEARS!

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Year-Round Private Land Alligator Hunt Prices
Daily fee of $250 plus:
6 foot – $1,400
7 foot – $1,500
8 foot – $1,750
9 foot – $2,750
10 foot – $3,750
11 foot – $4,750
12 foot – $5,750
13 foot – $10,000

Florida has one of the largest populations of wild boars in North America, and this outfitter has 2,000 acres of prime hog hunting on this private, fenced ranch. The terrain consists of mostly palmetto bush, with some open areas. Hunt from a Swamp Buggy, from treestands, over feeders/water holes, by stalking, using dogs and even using night vision (hogs are very smart and be can very hard to hunt during the day without the use of dogs). They will cater to your desires and budget to customize a hunt for all ages, beginner or expert. They harvest about 300 hogs a year, so they definitely know what they are doing!

Hog Hunting Packages
1 Day – $525
2 Days – $775
3 Days – $925
All above packages include meals and lodging.

Afternoon hog hunt – $400 (meals and lodging not included)
Evening thermal hog hunt – $475 (meals and lodging not included)

All above hunts include 1 meat hog. Trophy hogs are an additional $150 each. Additional meat hogs $225 each. Additional trophy hogs $375 each.

Add thermal package to any hunt for extra $125

You are hunting on 2,000 acres near Okeechobee within the Seminole Reservation. The animals are self-sustaining – living, growing and breeding here. Some really large trophy animals are available. But if you want to do a modest cost hunt for a day or two, then consider these bargains:253-300x203                     

Rams – $1,500
Buffalo – $2,250-$5,000
Trophy axis – $2,500-$3,500
Axis does – $725
Blackbuck – $2,000-$3,500
Fallow deer – $3,000
Sika deer – $3,000
Pere David deer – $4,500
Lodging and meals is $125/day per person.

All exotics hunts carry a daily rate of $250/person. Overnight accommodations at the beautiful lodge including meals can be added for $125/night per person. Butchering can be done at $125 per animal. All available species can be hunted year round, but axis are in velvet in April, and most deer are still growing horns at that time. Blackbuck, boar, and Asian water buffalo are hard-horned year round.


Florida offers some outstanding duck hunting. The season is split into two part, with a one-week hunt in late November, with the second part opening early December and lasting until late January. If you are looking for a “bird slam”, they have some species that are usually only found much further south, including mottled ducks, black-belly tree ducks, ringnecks, and teal. Hunts are half-day and can either be in the morning, which typically lasts 4 to 5 hours after sunrise, or choose the afternoon for about four hours before sunset. Limit of three hunters to a boat.

$225 per hunter for half-day, 2-hunter minimum. $50/each for observers.

Ultimate Waterfowl Challenge Package
Specifically targets the Florida mottled duck, black belly whistler, and fulvous.
3 days of hunting, 4 nights lodging, all meals included – $2,000 per hunter – 2 hunter minimum.

You can bring your own shotguns or you can rent one for $50. You will need to purchase a Florida duck hunting license/migratory bird permit, Florida waterfall permit, and a federal duck stamp.

Accommodations are in 4 private cabins attached to a beautiful lodge right on the ranch. Each room has a private bath and satellite TV. There is no WIFI, and cellular service is spotty. They cater to small groups and usually have no more than 5 hunters at a time, but they have room for 7 overnight guests. Accommodations are definitely suitable for spouses, but there is not much to keep non-hunters occupied while hunters are in the field, and the ranch is about a 45-minute drive from the nearest town.

The lodge is located in south-central Florida, near Lake Okeechobee. The outfitter will provide driving directions to the ranch, but please note that most GPS units tends to direct you to a remote corner of the ranch, rather than the entrance to the ranch, so please keep driving until you see the well-marked main gate.

   PH: 307-637-5495 email: info@hunt-nation.com