Idaho Whitetail and Mule Deer- Private Land #103

Idaho Whitetail and Mule Deer- Private Land #103


This outfitter has one of the largest private land lease holdings in the state of Idaho.  You have seen guys like Ron Spomer, Jackie Bushman and Bill Jordan doing many of these hunts on TV.  His ranches are located in the Hell’s Canyon area, near the famous and picturesque Salmon and Snake Rivers.  Access into these various ranches is strictly controlled.  His success rate with rifle on whitetails during the mid-November rut normally runs about 95%. Several of the whitetails each year can exceed 160 B&C. Most range from 135 to 155. Success is a bit less if you choose to use a bow. This area has elk, whitetails, mulies and a lot of black bears and lions. There is superb fishing nearby as well.


These leases have been in place for a number of years and coupled with the limited access –they have produced quality deer year after year. His success rate with rifle on whitetails during the mid-November rut normally runs about 95%. Several of the whitetails each year can exceed 160 B&C. Most range from 135 to 155. Success is a bit less if you choose to use a bow.  All his hunts are from permanent camps or lodges. Hunting is very close by, so no long drives! Incredibly scenic area to boot. Normally you see excellent deer numbers. We think his bow hunt is a true sleeper, even though it has been on national TV several times. September bow hunts for big bucks in bachelor groups and in their feeding patterns. Scouting is done before hand to locate stands. The rifle hunts are also done in much the same way and with excellent success as well. You are hunting on something in excess of 50,000 acres, and in 2009 they saw a buck they thought might make 170 class on a new lease! As we said, a real sleeper, with a scenic area, plenty of deer and a national reputation.  Realtree and Buckmaster have hunted here many times, and the hunts have been aired dozens of times.

Here is one quote from Bill Krenz who is the Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Bear Archery:

“I was unprepared for the sheer number of trophy whitetails in your very special, north Idaho hunting area. In the five days we bow hunted together, I saw 11 different whitetail bucks that I estimated would score between 130 and 155 record book points. That’s one hot trophy whitetail area!”


He produces some incredible mulies, with several over 190 B&C!! One of our clients reporting seeing 20 to 25 mulie bucks a day. Butch took a 175 class mulie here in 2005, and Joan took one just a bit less. They saw good numbers of mule deer every day, (the real big one got away too!) and the country is spectacular. No guarantees of course as these are free range deer. In addition to the excellent mulies and whitetails, you are likely to see elk, big black bears, turkeys, Hungarian partridge and more! You will be pursuing mule deer in the 24-30 inch range, and they reach into the 160-180 class.

A reasonable expectation is a fully mature 4X4 or 5X5 or better. Mulies are hunted in October and a bit of Nov. He also has a very healthy bear population with regular sightings, and his fall spot and stalk bear hunt is virtually 100% on big bears! Butch and Joan saw 26 bears in 4 afternoons of bear hunting-and it is not over bait. That hunt for 2011 is $2400. His hunts have been aired many times on OLN with Jackie Bushman and on Real Tree Outdoors with Bill Jordan. Here is another quote:

 ID-103-whitetail-deer-pic-1-300x225  ID-103-2007-mulie-pic-300x225  ID-103-elk-pic-2-2007-300x225

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 6:48  AM
   I just wanted to thank you for another great hunt.  You came through again.  You told  me that we would be able to take an elk, a whitetail and a mule deer on a 6  day hunt and you were right!!  The video we got was great and of course the experience of each hunt was second to none!  In the 17 plus years that we have hunted with you we have always gotten our animals and our show.   And out of all the trips we do every year, your hunt in Idaho is still my favorite.  I look forward to coming out there every year.  So keep up the good work and we’ll see you this fall.
Mark Oliver –  Buckmasters Producer/Videographer


 This outfit has extensive experience with both archers and riflemen. You normally stay at one of his base lodges which are quite comfortable.


WHITETAILS: Rifle: $3,700 5 days – 2 clients per guide;

                                                   3 days -2 clients per guide ONLY $2900.

                Bow: September hunt while deer are in feed patterns 2 guides per hunter Only $2700!


This unique rifle hunt is specialized for serious hunters wanting to take their best whitetail buck ever. The action is often fast and furious with the November rut exposing the best of the whitetail bucks. Hunters can expect to hunt bucks of 140-160 B&C points, with several larger bucks falling to a hunter’s well placed shot during the last few seasons. This hunt alone has aired 15 times on TNN Outdoors and more recently on the Outdoor Channel with Buckmasters founder Jackie Bushman and twice on RealTree Outdoors with RealTree Camouflage originator Bill Jordan. 

The outfitters  success on this is very high; we boast a 98% success on this hunt, with opportunity on mature bucks easily reaching 100% every year.  This season starts November 10th and goes through December 1st and they offer either a 3 or 5 day hunt.  This hunt takes place on private land along both the Clearwater River and Hells Canyon regions of north central Idaho, which according to Idaho Fish and Game hold some of the densest populations of whitetails in the state.  They have been hunting this area for over 20 years now, and the hunting has been getting better with each passing year, they believe. I did a mulie hunt here a few years back and saw several very nice bucks in the 140 range. But we were not looking for whitetails. I have also seen their TV shows many times as well. Many of the big name guys have expressed surprise at the size of the bucks and numbers of bucks seen.

This hunt takes place out of their two private ranches and is mostly done by the spot and stalk method. They like to keep on the move while glassing canyons, fields, active game trails, and doe groups. This is big country with long vistas and lots of pine forest for cover. They couple this technique with constant monitoring of rut activity such as rubs and scrape lines.

This is a 1 on 2 fully guided hunt with all lodging and meals included.  The accommodations are modern, including full bathrooms with showers, bedrooms with places to store and hang your gear, and comfy main living area to unwind in after a long day out in the woods.  

MULE DEER RUT HUNT :  Rifle 5 days – 2 clients per guide $4700. Add a Whitetail, and, or a bear for only $500 each.



NON-RESIDENT HUNT LICENSE:  $154.75                                     

Elk tag:   $ 416.75;  Deer tag:  $301.75; Bear tag:   $186; Backcountry bear: $31.75 ;

Mountain Lion:   $186 .
Archery tag:  $20

NOTICE: all hunts are subject to Idaho sales tax of 6% and hunts 4 thru 11 also a 3% Forest Svc. Tax. 

In terms of licenses, the outfitter will assist in getting them. You can verify current license pricing etc., by calling Idaho F &G at 800-554-8685 or web

In terms of getting there, you are heading for an area about 40 miles north of Riggins. We can supply exact directions when you book. If you fly in-you can fly to Lewiston, (closest); Spokane (1 hr 45 min. away); Missoula (2 hours); Boise (2 hours). Then rent a car. Check around for best airfares.

Lastly, we often get some bargains from this outfitter as we have worked together for many years. Two deer deals too! Always check with us to see what we have in house as with our busy schedule it is impossible to keep every piece of literature up to the minute! Call us- we are easy to talk to!!