Limpopo Valley, South Africa #326

Limpopo Valley, South Africa #326

326.3CAPE-300x225  One of our long term Safari Operators recently contacted us, very excited about a new partnership he has set up for hunting the Limpopo area of South Africa. He has always produced at nearly a 100% rate for our clients, so we were delighted to learn of his new operation!

Limpopo is a South African province bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It’s known for its’ bushveld and wildlife reserves, including part of Kruger National Park. The term Bushveld refers to a sub-tropical woodland ecoregion of Southern Africa named after the term veld. It encompasses most of Limpopo Province and a small part of the North West Province of South Africa, and has long been considered a premiere area for hunting and photo Safaris. We consider it a top notch hunting destination and one that generally has modest pricing and produces great results. It is one of the lightest settled areas of South Africa and it also contains the Waterberg Biosphere, one of the largest undisturbed areas in South Africa. It is home to a huge variety of wildlife. It has four major mountain ranges but is a relatively arid region primarily devoted to farming and hunting and eco safaris. We like the mixture of low altitude bushveld, open plains and the views toward the nearby mountains.

326.2Camp-2-at-night-300x198  This safari company (our Hunt #326) is based in the most Northern part of South Africa and operates throughout the Limpopo Province of South Africa on hunting lands stretching well over 200,000 hectares ( a hectare is almost 2.5 acres- so they hunt about 500,000 acres). Their main Hunting area is the Limpopo Valley Game reserve which stretches over an area of 75,000 acres and they are part owners and have been managing the area exclusively for the past 16 years. Their hunting areas are home to basically all the animal species found in South Africa including the Big Five.

326.5SABLE-300x225  Their Climate allows you to hunt throughout the year but most hunting takes place from the beginning of March to the end of October. This period has warm days and cool to cold nights. They have an excellent Lodge of high quality and the camps have been built to create a great informal bush ambience. Medical help won’t be further than 30 min drive at any one time on the Safari. They are members of the South African Hunting Association. You can expect to stay in your own private upscale bungalow with en-suite bath, daily laundry and expertly cooked meals at the Main Lodge. We really like that all their hunting areas are normally within a 30 minute drive from your lodge, maximizing hunting time; and of course if you on their grounds you will start hunting right from camp!

326.Bedrooms-300x200  Their main hunting area is in the Limpopo Valley of South Africa on the borders to Zimbabwe and Botswana and a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg.
The hunting territory is called the Mopani Bushveld with a mixture of Mopani Bruch, acacia and Big Baobab trees. The terrain is flat that makes for easy stalking and the occasional rocky outcrop from which you can glass the area. The Limpopo Valley is known as one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. Within this area they have exclusive hunting rights on over 75,000 acres. The Game Reserve is host to Cape Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Leopard, Giraffe, with other predators roaming around free such as Hyena and smaller cats. This area is well known for its very Big Kudu Bulls and also Eland, Waterbuck, Nyala and Bushbuck. There are over 30 other species of game animals roaming within these areas.

326.9KUDU-2-300x169  They offer Rifle, Bow/Arrow and Handgun hunting, and have extensive experience in guiding all weapons and they actually guarantee you as a hunter that they will do their very best to take you to the best trophies. During your safari you would typically wake up at dawn to start hunting early in the morning, as this is a time of the day when most animals are very active. At midday you stop for lunch and to rest before the afternoon outing that will last until sunset. Both of their 4 Star Lodges are situated with the Game Reserve and you can start hunting straight from Camp.

326.8WATERBUCK-204A-300x225  If you want to include some dangerous game hunting this operation also is permitted in various areas around the Famous Kruger National Park on Private Game Reserves which are part of the Greater Kruger open system for Big Game such as Elephant , Buffalo and Hippo. These areas cover well over another 325,000 acres of hunting ground, with thick brush and riverine areas that will make your hunt and experience of a lifetime. Long hours of tracking are the order of the day, and sometimes you as the tracker — can become you as the tracked, due to the Lions roaming freely within these areas.

In short, you have the opportunity to do plains game — and if desired you can also add on some dangerous game hunting in an excellent area. There is also plenty for photo enthusiasts and wildlife viewers to do, and various tours can be arranged with very little effort, so do bring family or friends along.

TRAVEL: Most clients will enjoy being met at the Johannesburg Airport, then taking the 5 hour drive to their hunting area, while viewing Africa along the way. Charter flights are also available as is commercial flying into Polokwane Airport, some 2 hours away. They will also assist you with getting your guns into Africa, by simply furnishing them a copy of your customs form 4457, a copy of your passport and your flight itinerary. Rental guns are also available.

TOURING: For the non-hunting visitors, photographic safaris are available as well as game drives at night to meet the animals that only become active after sunset. They also offer trips to various Nature Reserves and Game Viewing areas such as:
• The Limpopo Lowveld and escarpment – a prime tourist destination.
• Tours of Kruger National Park,various private game reserves and conservation projects, the historical town of Pilgrims Rest, the Blyde River Canyon, with the breathtaking God’s Window and numerous waterfalls and water features such as Mac Mac Falls and Pools and Bourke’s Luck Potholes.
• They can also arrange visits to Sun City or Mapungupwe Nature Reserve where several historical sites have been discovered.
• Or do a Trip to Victoria Falls ( Zimbabwe or Zambia Side ) added to your Safari at either the beginning or the end.
• Furthermore, they can organize trips to the coast for fishing and diving on the east coast of South Africa where you can find some of the most beautiful reefs, home to astonishing sea-life.
Activities they offer in their immediate area include:
• Trips to the crocodile farm; Game drives; Bush walk; Jewelry and curio shops; Fishing; Bird watching; Beauty spa; Golf; White lion project.

Package 1 : $ 8 990
Includes: 12 Days – 10 Days Hunting INCLUDES ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* Kudu or Eland *Duiker
* Oryx * Warthog
* Zebra * Steenbuck
* Blue Wildebeest * 2 x Impala

Package 2: $ 6 290
* Kudu OR Nyala * Warthog
* Oryx OR Zebra * Duiker
* Impala * Steenbuck

Package: Buffalo / Sable
Includes: 9 Days – 7 Days Hunting ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* 1 x Trophy Buffalo less 40”
* 1 x Trophy Sable
Transport From nearest Airport
USD $ 14 620.00

Package: Sable
Includes: 7 Days – 5 Days Hunting ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* 1 x Trophy Sable
* 1 x Warthog or Impala
Transport from nearest Airport
USD $ 4 990.00

Package: Cape Buffalo less 40”
Includes: 6 Days – 5 Days Hunting INCLUDES ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* 1 x Trophy Buffalo
* 1 x Blue Wildebeest
* 1 x Impala
Transport from nearest Airport
USD $11 240.00

Package: Buffalo / Roan
Includes: 10 Days – 8 Days Hunting ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* 1 x Trophy Buffalo less 40”
* 1 x Trophy Sable
Transport From nearest Airport
USD $ 15 420.00

Package: Elephant
Includes: 12 Days – 10 Days Hunting ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* 1 x Elephant up to 35lbs
Transport from nearest Airport
USD $ 24 900.00
CITES Permit is $500 extra

Package: Buffalo / Crocodile / Sable
Includes: 10 Days – 8 Days Hunting ONE HUNTER AND ONE NON HUNTER
* 1 x Trophy Buffalo less 40”
* 1 x Crocodile up to 3 meters
*1 x Trophy Sable
Transport from nearest Airport
USD $ 19 500.00

Packages Include:
• All accommodation.
• All meals, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
• Transport Return from Polokwane Airport.
• Laundry Services.
• All transport in hunting area.
• Service of Professional Hunter.
• Cost of Hunting License.
• Field operation of trophies and transport to taxidermy.

Not Included:
• Tanning, processing and shipping of trophies to the US.
• Tipping of camp staff and PH
• Airfare and accommodation outside the Lodge

Ala carte: 2021 Price List – applies to clients NOT buying packages.
1 Hunting Client + 1 PH $375
2 Hunting Clients + 1 PH $ 325
Non Hunter / Observer $ 225
Photo Safari to Kruger Park $ 375
Day Trip to Kruger Park $ 125
Transport from JBG Airport to Camp (1 Way) $ 400

JACKAL $ 175 GIRAFFE Female $ 950 KLIPSPRINGER $1 390 MTN REEDBUCK*** $ 790
MTN ZEBRA*** $2 900 NYALA $2 050 OSTRICH $ 630 SABLE $4 200
WHITE BLESBUCK*** $ 915 ZEBRA $ 995 BABOON (Permit Needed) $ 175
BUSHBUCK – Limpopo $ 1 390 BUSHPIG $ 475 GENET CAT $ 475 ELAND $ 2 050
RED HARTEBEEST $ 1 290 REEDBUCK(common) $ 1 690 GEMSBUCK (ORYX) $ 1 290
HYENA – SPOTTED (Permit) $ 2 800 KUDU $ 2 050 DUIKER $ 300 IMPALA $ 340
TSESSEBE $ 2 450

BUFFALO Male less than 40” $ 11 000 BUFFALO Male over 40” $ 13 300
BUFFALO Female $ 3 900
ELEPHANT UP TO 35 LBS $ 23 800
ROAN $ 4 900
HIPPO (Permit Needed) $ 11 200
CROCODILE<3m (Permit Needed) $ 4 590
CROCODILE>3m (Permit Needed) $ 5 350
HONEY BADGER(Permit Needed) $ 570
CIVET CAT (Permit Needed) $ 570
Daily Rate Includes:
• All Accommodation.
• All meals, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
• Daily Laundry Service.
• Service of professional hunter, camp staff, skinners and trackers.
• Field preparation of trophies and transport to taxidermy.
• Transport from nearest Airport (Polokwane)

Not Included:
• Tanning, processing and shipping of trophies to the US.
• Tipping of PH, camp staff, skinners and trackers.
• Airfare and accommodation outside Lodge


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