Far northern Manitoba is often overlooked as a hunting destination and as a fishing destination. However, these folks have been in business for many years, producing superb moose and barren ground caribou (now in Nunavut too), top notch Musk Ox hunts, wolf, plus lake trout, walleye and northern pike.


This is a high quality operation, with lots of boat access to wilderness area. There are a lot of lakes, and boats can be used extensively. They take a limited number of clients, max of four at one location, and only 16 or 18 hunters a year in their huge area. They also have a number of base camps, plus out-camps, so getting deep into the wilderness is no problem. Getting people and supplies that deep, ups the costs, but it also greatly ups the uniqueness and pleasure of the experience, and success as well.

Update from Outfitter 12/20/2016:
“Over the past couple of seasons we did some serious homework and built up our inventory of moose hunting camps, and it paid off. After we confirmed specific sites were moose-worthy, we started the long process of permits and approvals. This often takes up to three or four months and if all is approved we get on the ground and set up camp. This fall, we had two new camps in operation.

We had six hunters with us for week one. Three hunted out of our cabin camps and three out of our new tent camps. The first day of the season, Ken took a great bull in one of the new camps with his bow! It was 54” wide and a great start!

In another new camp, one of our hunters booked on the condition of NOT shooting a trophy bull. His wife was not going to tolerate a big bull coming home, so meat was his first priority. Well, Steve got a little of both, as he got a good young bull with antlers of decent width (32”). In our two established camps, we went 3/3 with another archery bull being taken and breaking the 40” barrier at 42.5”. This hunt will appear next year on Drury Outdoors’ Bow Madness series.

Week two brought us 10 new hunters and a shift in the weather. A couple of days during the hunt were just not conducive to moose hunting. High winds can really slow a moose hunt down, which unfortunately is what happened halfway through week two. Our cabin hunts were 3/6, which is well below normal for us. Our new tent camps went 2/2 and 0/2.
From the information gathered after the season, the 0/2 camp could have been a lot closer to 100% had fate dealt a better hand. The 2/2 camp did very well, considering the conditions, and took two awesome bulls. They also topped things off with everyone getting a wolf!
Then, as often happens when dealing with remote fly-in camps and a northern climate, our luck turned on the last day of the hunt and bad weather rolled in. This unfortunate shift in the weather lasted for two full days, so everyone got to spend some extra time in camp listening to the rain fall and the wind blow. When the storm finally broke, we got extra planes in the air so that all of the hunters and guides could get out of camp and on their way home.”

You will normally stay at one of their outpost camps and spend mornings and evening spotting, glassing and calling at old burns, river mouths and swampy areas. They have produced bulls over 60 inches, but the average is more like 45 inches, which is big for the Canadian moose specie.

 mule-deer-225x300  Opportunity on moose will normally run close to 100%. In 2013, everyone took a moose except for 2 hunters who turned down several bulls while they held out for a giant.

There are cheaper moose hunts, but saving several thousand dollars on a hunt that either does not produce or is not right for you, is no bargain at all. We think the combo hunt for caribou and moose is a relative bargain!

TRANSPORT: Fly to Winnipeg then on to Thompson, where you will over night. Outfitter will make your reservation in Thompson. Plan to arrive in Thompson one day before your hunt, (allow more time if bad weather is predicted). Their personnel meet and greet in Thompson and get you to the Lodge you will staying at. You return home on the final day of your scheduled hunt, meaning 6 days hunting, 2 days for travel.  All hunters stay at the Days Inn & Suites.

Tags Allowed: 1 per hunter @ approx. $375 each (price subject to change as per Manitoba Conservation) Wolf: Available on any unused big game tag, once filled, tag can still be used for original big game kill.
Also due is a $100 fee for Manitoba Resorce Allocation. (price subject to change by the Manitoba Conservation Comm.)  

Tags Allowed: 1 per hunter @ $475 each (price subject to change by the Manitoba Conservation Comm.)                 



These are Central Barren Ground Caribou and you are situated in the heart of their migration route and grazing areas. This caribou herd is doing well, and numbers in the 400,000 range. You can harvest two caribou per hunter. This is one of the healthiest herds on the continent.

In 2015/16, the caribou stayed North of Manitoba, and all Manitoba outfitters had an awful year. This outfit partnered up with a well known long time Nunavut outfitter, and for 2017 all caribou hunts will be in Nunavut. They expect to have an excellent year with relocated camps.

They normally have 100% opportunity on these caribou hunts. There is no extra charge for the second caribou- you just need to buy the second tag!! You stay in comfortable, 8 man mini-lodges, complete with kitchen and lounge areas, and indoor washrooms with shower. These camps are situated about as far north as you can go in Manitoba, and are poised to intercept the migrating caribou masses as they head for the shelter of the boreal forest. This beautiful virgin north-land is also surrounded by pristine waters teeming with Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. Bring your fish pole!

Caribou hunts are professionally guided and can be combined with moose hunting or fishing. This is truly unparalleled caribou hunting, a “hunter’s paradise”.

Tags Allowed: 2 per hunter @ $475 each (price subject to change as per Manitoba Conservation Comm)

Date (approx. dates)
Aug 31 – Sept 6; Sept 6-12; Sept 12-18; Sept 14-20; Sept 18-24; Sept 20-26 Usually 8 per hunt.

PRICING 2018/2019

Hunts are scheduled to take advantage of the peak rutting time of moose in THE area. For that reason, they only hunt the following dates:
• September 19-26
• September 26-October 3
They limit number of hunts to no more than 18 hunters per season.

Price: $14,500 plus license and taxes (1:1 guiding)
2018: 2:1 hunts are available for $9,995 plus licenses and taxes.
2019: 2:1 hunts are available for $10,495 plus licenses and taxes.

What’s Included:
• 6 Full days of hunting
• NO trophy fees
• Round-trip transportation from Thompson to camp
• Professional, licensed guides
• Field prep of trophy and meat
• Hunting for Wolf and Black Bear
• Fishing
• Meals
• Comfortable accommodations (Accommodations will range from tent camps to insulated cabin.)

Not Included
• Taxes
• Moose License
• Bear License
• Fishing License
• Pre/Post trip travel and accommodations
Once an animal is wounded, every effort will be made to recover that animal. Regardless of the outcome, the tag will be considered filled for that animal.

2018 Dates
• August 27 – September 2
• September 2-8
• September 8-14
• September 14-20
• September 20-26
Hunts are limited to no more than 40 hunters per season.

2018 Rates
Price: $10,495 plus licenses and taxes. Up to two caribou tags per hunter.

What’s Included
• 5 full days of hunting, in on Day 1, out on Day 7
• 2 x 1 guided, professional guides
• Hunting in Manitoba
• Comfortable cabin accommodations with indoor plumbing
• Up to 2 bull limit
• Charter fees from Thompson to camp
• Field prep of trophy
• Transport of trophy from camp to Thompson
o 2 capes, 1 split rack and 1 unsplit rack

Not Included
• Items as listed above
• Travel from your home to Thompson
• Meals and accommodations prior to and after your hunt
• Shipping of trophies from Thompson
• TaxidermyOnce an animal is wounded, every effort will be made to recover that animal. Regardless of the outcome, the tag will be considered filled for that animal.

Because of the multiple opportunities that are possible in their guide area, some clients may wish to take advantage of combining adventures to create a multi-species hunt. This provides an efficient way to use the time and cost of travel so as to experience 2 different hunts on the same expedition. Here are the most popular examples.
Caribou/Moose Combo : Inquire of Hunt Nation for pricing and availability

This adventure begins as a normal caribou hunt, with hunters arriving in Thompson the day prior to their departure date. The following day, guests will be flown into Caribou Camp for five FULL days of Caribou Hunting. On the regular departure day, instead of being brought back to Thompson, Combo Hunters will be relocated to Moose Camp. Here they will spend 6 FULL days of Moose Hunting. The day after Moose Hunting, they will be brought back to Thompson. This is a 14-day adventure, with 11 plus FULL days of hunting, in two separate camps.

Black Bear: Black Bear can be combined with our Moose Hunts and most of our Caribou Hunts. We do not charge extra for these hunts, but the hunter will be responsible for the cost of the Black Bear license. Odds of a bear are not high- perhaps 10 to 20%. But a bargain if you have the tag in hand and one is seen!
Wolf: As with Black Bear, Wolf can be added to any of our hunts. On our Manitoba hunts, Wolves can be hunted under the authority of any unused big game license. There are no trophy fees for taking a Wolf on any of our hunts. Odds are not high- perhaps 10 to 20%. But a bargain if you have the tag in hand and one is seen!

Payment Terms
• Deposits of 50% per hunter are required. Bookings will not be considered complete until the deposit is received. Deposits may be made by check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or wire transfer payable to Hunt Nation..
• Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure and can be paid by check, wire transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) with a 3% fee.
• Full payment must accompany any reservation made less than 90 days prior to departure.Once final payment has been received, you will receive and information package regarding your trip details.
Travel arrangements:
• A passport or original birth certificate is required to enter Canada. If you are a US citizen, a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, along with photo identification will suffice. You also need a gun permit and we can help you with that or else visit the Travel Canada web site. The outfitter also sends you the forms as well. NOTE: If you havea DUI or criminal conviction you will not be allowed to bring a gun into Canada UNLESS you go through a procedure. Cost is usually over $1000 and it can take months to complete. Talk to us first!
• All major airlines connect to Winnipeg International Airport from anywhere in the world. The outfitter can arrange your whole travel package from your doorstep to ours, hassle free – through their travel department once you are booked for the hunt.
• Moose hunting trips depart from Thompson, Manitoba.
• From Winnipeg, Manitoba to Thompson, Manitoba you have the following travel options::Fly with Calm Air Airlines; or Drive to Thompson.
• We recommend that big game hunters wanting to take most of their meat home drive to Winnipeg or Thompson if possible. This will help you avoid costly cargo charges and tight baggage restrictions on commercial airlines.
• Round trip transportation from Thompson to the Hunting Camp is included in the price of your hunt.

Day BEFORE your trip dates:
• You will need to arrive in Thompson one day prior to your departure into the lodge.
• For your overnight in Thompson we recommend the Best Western – we can make these arrangements for you.
• Upon your arrival in Thompson, you will be met by the Lodges expediter and brought to your hotel for the evening.

Your Trip To The Lodge:
• Our expediter will pick you up at your hotel on the first day of your hunt for your departure into the lodge.
Return Trip Home:
• You will return to Thompson on the final day of your hunt, where you will again be met by the expediter and assisted with making your connection home.

Fishing Dates & Rates

North Lake – $5,950 plus taxes and licenses
• June 19-24, 2018
• June 24-29, 2018
• June 29 – July 3, 2018 – SOLD OUT
No more than 16 guests per trip or 50 per season

• Round-trip transportation from Winnipeg to North Knife Lake Lodge
• Luxury accommodations in 8,000 sq. ft. custom lodge
• Delicious gourmet meals and famous shore lunches
• Licensed dining room with complimentary cocktails and soft drinks
• 14 and 16 ft. boats with padded spring ride seats, casting decks and 30 hp motors
• Fishing rods and reels if needed (please indicate if required)
• Professional guides, 2 fishermen per guide
• Conference facilities
• Satellite phone and internet

Not included:
• Taxes
• Gratuities
• Fishing license
• Store and tackle shop purchases


Cost is based on 6 people: $2,750 each for a group of 6! Other rates apply to smaller groups. You get a 7 day trip with transport from Thompson to your camp. You have exclusive access to the lake! You get 14- to 16-foot boats with 15- to 25-HP motors, gas, life jackets, nets and paddles. You supply your food, but the lodging has mattresses, pillows, sheets, washrooms and showers and a full kitchen. You need to buy groceries, fishing license, your drinks and bring a sleeping bag and your tackle and clothing. GREAT DEAL! Taxes and licenses are extra.
7 Day Adventure, Dates subject to availability
• Round-trip transportation from Thompson, Manitoba to camp
• Only party on lake with exclusive access
• Comfortable accommodations including mattresses, sheets and pillow cases
• Indoor washroom with shower
• Full range of cooking appliances and utensils
• 14 and 16 ft boats with 20 hp four stroke motors, life jackets, landing nets and paddles

Not Included:
• Taxes
• Fishing license
• Groceries
• Soft drinks, beer or liquor
• Sleeping bag/towel


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