Mozambique Cape Buffalo and Plains Game #157

Mozambique Cape Buffalo and Plains Game #157

Hunt Nation founder Butch Manasse hunted with this operation in Mozambique with four clients a few years back. The hunt was primarily for Cape buffalo, croc and hippo, but also included plains game such as sable, nyala, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Chobe Bushbuck, Reedbuck, Red and Blue duiker and suni. One client also took a monster hippo as well. Previous clients we sent there killed croc, buff and an abundance of plains game.

Butch noted: “I expected to see lots of buff, and was delighted to see huge herds of them, sometimes numbering into the hundreds. But – I was absolutely unprepared to see such a huge amount of plains game including quantities of sable and nyala. I was also enchanted with the experience of boating on the giant Zambezi River and seeing hippos, crocs and lots of very alert natives carefully watching the water as they bathed!  This safari is the real deal- you will get the true East African experience.””
Mozambique-157-S-Walters-Buff-2009-300x225  Mozambique-157-NormB-Buff-300x196

This place is the real Africa in all its primitive glory! Because of this operators private hiring of some very aggressive poaching patrols, the game is awesomely abundant. Butch said this is perhaps the best safari he has ever been on. Each year it seems to have more game due to the anti-poaching efforts. BMOA clients have been saying the same thing. We at Hunt nation have sent nearly two dozen clients to this operation over the last few years and to a man, most call it their best safari ever; the real deal. Africa the way it was. This is a grand safari in a country with an awesome amount of game of every specie.


Mozambique is situated in East Africa. This outfitter hunts in two concessions in the easternmost portions of the country, called Coutada 11 and 12. There are millions of acres under his control, much of which has not yet been hunted! It has widely diverse habitat, from gigantic swamps along the Zambezi River to jungle forest to open grasslands and pans. The outfitter just added a third area, to the north. It is called M’Tsewa and is in NORTHERN MOZAMBIQUE. M’Tsewa is situated in the Cabo Delgado Province in the far northern reaches of Mozambique. It may well be that in the next few years this operation will concentrate on Coutada 11, where they now have 3 camps. They may release Coutada 12 so as to better handle 11 and maximize anti-poaching patrols. All this will make a great operation even better!

The diversity of the habitat lends great deal of interest to the hunting, and means a wide variety of species co-exist together in close proximity. It is one of the few areas remaining in Africa where you can still do the REAL Classic East African Safari today. You may see half-clothed native women, bathing along the Great Zambezi, while watching for the huge crocs that regularly grab them and their children! You will see a lot of remote areas, and may access the swamps thru the use of amphibious ARGO’s, which greatly eases travel. You will likely overfly the swamps to look for herds of buffalo, sometimes seeing several hundred in one herd, and sometimes with a herd of elephants nearby!

Craig Boddington says this about hunting here:
“I have been fortunate to ramble across a lot of Africa in the last 35 years. I’ve loved it all, but I’ve seen a lot of great game country that isn’t so great any more. The only area I’ve seen in wild Africa that is better today than it was when I first saw it is (this operation). This miracle of management has happened for two reasons: Proper utilization of a sensible game quota, and a sound, extensive and aggressive anti-poaching program…..They are working toward the best future I have seen for African wildlife in wild Africa.”

This area borders on the game rich Zambeze River, in eastern Mozambique not far from the Indian Ocean coast. The s spectrum of wildlife is really remarkable, with over 20 species from the tiny Livingston Suni to giant elephant. Buffalo he herds can regularly number into a hundred animals (and even into the thousands!)–and roam the open flood plains .

Sable exist in huge herds, and Butch regularly saw 30 to 75 in a day! Also Butch never before saw such large number of Nyala.And a huge variety of other plains game to boot. You have in effect 3 types of habitat in the concession: sand forest, tropical savannah and of course swamp. They have a long term government lease to assure that the area is carefully managed to maintain this incredible display of wild game. And their anti-poaching efforts are some of the best in Africa! Many clients donate to the efforts. and swamps and also the forests. He actually borders the Mozambique National Buffalo Reserve which has thousands of buffalo within it, and which regularly trade thru his Coutadas.

Those extensive anti-poaching patrols have done wonders for the game! Populations increase every year. The result is vast herds of game, the likes of which are reminders of the days of Hemingway and Ruark! This is a unique place to hunt in- one you will enjoy immensely. This is the real deal! And the cost is very realistic and reasonable for today! A great place- the REAL AFRICA!

You will stay in the typical East African styled tents, complete with your own concrete shower and bathroom! Much of this land went unhunted for almost 16 years during the wars, until it re-opened about 10 years ago. Accommodations vary from comfortable East African style tented camps to an Old Portuguese hunter’s camp that has recently been revamped. All rooms enjoy en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water. Both camps run generators and solar plants generating 220v electricity.

Mozambique-157-NormB-Sable-300x195  Mozambique-157-Nyala-2007-Brad-K-300x225

On Butch’s inspection hunt, the one thing that impressed him the most about the two giant concessions being hunted was the great abundance and variety of plains game. Buffalo numbers were off the chart. Butch said he saw hundreds. You were constantly seeing game of one specie or another. Obviously, the vigorous anti-poaching patrols hired and paid for by the safari company have paid huge dividends over the last few years. Do not exclude Mozambique from your thoughts on plains game. If you do you are making a big mistake! Add on top notch buffalo hunting and you have a great safari destination. Even Boddington has returned here several times and has remarked on vast amounts of plains game plus buffalo.

A typical day in the field during Butch’s hunt might show you this by way of variety: Cape Buffalo sometimes in herds of a hundred or more; 20 to 60 Sable; 20 to 50 Lichtenstein Hartebeest; 10 to 30 Nyala; a dozen or more waterbuck; 50 to a hundred reedbuck; dozens of red and blue duikers, several suni, a dozen or more warthog, maybe a bushpig, and an abundance of monkeys, baboons and birdlife!! Float the Zambezi for croc, hippo and an incredible glimpse at wild Africa! And big trophies as you can be selective to the extreme, the game is so plentiful.

This is the real East Africa- remote, uncivilized and teaming with wildlife. Much of it has never been hunted and is unexplored. These two huge concessions (called Coutadas) are in eastern Mozambique, and border a giant reserve set up for the Cape Buffalo. The reserve is about 50 square miles. Because it borders these concessions, herds of 50 to 500 head of buffalo are common. Butch saw probably 1,000 buffalo during one short recon flight! How good is the buff hunting? Butch feels confident, especially if you hunt the swamps with ARGO’s, that you can expect to take a trophy Cape buffalo in one day. For an even bigger challenge, chase them in the forest. Expect to spend three to five days then and be prepared to do plenty of walking. Butch had an experience in the swamp watching a herd of 100 buffalo being pushed at him and his PH by 25 elephants! When the buff got within 50 yards away, it got pretty dicey. AWESOME!

Here is what one client had to say about his buff hunt:

Butch———thought you might like to have this for your files. I went on your recommended Mozambique safari – Hunt #157. THANK YOU! It was my best hunt in Africa to date. In fact, I never thought any trip could equal my trips to China and Mongolia that you have sent me on — but this one did. To start—-the outfitter and his staff are just great people to work with. They answered all my questions prior to the hunt—-there were no surprises! Their “Greeter”, Jami, was right there at the airport to meet me——he walked me through every procedure—-no questions or problems anywhere getting through Moz. customs or getting cleared on the gun permit. Then their pilot, Pete, was on hand answering every question. He is a very personable and knowledgeable young man and a great pilot. When we arrived at the landing strip at camp, more great people to meet and take care of me. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I was then taken to my main camp and met Sara and my PH, L J Marisi. I was soon settled in my cabin with more help than was needed. Sara took care of every request immediately without question. ( I only had one major request and that was extra blankets and a minor, for a candle—–I knew that I would be up every morning before the generator would come on). After getting completely settled,—off to their gun range to shoot my gun as well as the 416 Remington rental. All was well! I need to add that the facilities and the food as well as the hospitality was more than anyone could ask for. On to the hunt———game was plentiful and the PH and the two trackers, Mudu and Venise were just outstanding. All three took excellent care of me every day. It was just a wonderful hunt———I am glad that I opted for the Buff hunt in the Swamp. It was an experience that every hunter to Africa needs to see and experience—-I am glad I went, although, it was a very taxing hunt (in the Swamp ) for this 72 year old hunter. I may never get to go back to Africa——getting old just ain’t for sissies—-but if I do get to go, it will most likely be with them again for their great plains game. I still want a Sable, as well as their Reedbuck, Bushbuck and Hartebeest. Please feel free to use me as a reference. My hat is off to both you and them for providing an outstanding hunt and experience. Pete J.



For those wanting to hunt croc or hippo, you will boat down the Great Zambezi River, possibly all the way down to the Indian Ocean or close to it. A grand experience! Allow extra time for big crocs as they are smart and elusive. Earlier hunts (June) are preferred for crocs. As of 2014, hippo can no longer be exported out of Moz, so consider using our Zimbabwe guys.


Base Pricing here rivals Zimbabwe, but is a bit higher. Transport costs for you and your trophies is much higher due to the remoteness and need to fly everything in and out. However the hunting in this particular operation is generally superior to almost anywhere Zimbabwe. The experience is truly Old Africa! You do have more extra costs here then in Zimbabwe, but we think you get a much different experience in Mozambique. Zimbabwe has a large human population while Mozambique is remote and is much closer to the true Safari “feel”. Add to that the marvelous game concentrations in this concession, including the huge herds of buffalo and glorious amounts of plains game, plus the prototypical tented camp of East Africa, add in the remoteness and the true African experience, and it makes Mozambique a must do! Butch rated it as his best safari ever. As do almost every client we have sent there!

If you have been paying attention to what has been happening in Africa over the last five years or so, you realize that much of the picture has been changing rapidly. That is especially true concerning the dangerous game species. Because demand for dangerous game far outstrips the supply of quota available, prices have been jumping skyward at a very rapid pace. Less so with plains game. But prices for the Big Five (or 6 if you prefer) have skyrocketed upward. Buffalo hunts that just a few years ago were available for $5000 to $6000 are now $14,000 to $20,000 and more and going up fast. Elephant, has increased by many thousands of dollars. Tanzania in October of 2007 just went nuts pushing fees to outfitters up 300% and more!! I think you will see buff hunts in some countries selling there for close to $20,000 shortly (More by the time you roll in all the “extra” costs there) and it may pressure other countries to do the same if it flies. It is absolutely a sellers market as to dangerous game. So if you are even thinking about doing a dangerous game hunt in Africa- DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Plains game has remained relatively stable price wise, with small upward changes due more to our currency falling then to any increase in demand.

The good news, as you see from the report on Butch’s hunt with four clients, is that BMOA (now called Hunt Nation) has a very solid working relationship with a truly outstanding safari company who has a substantial and extremely capable staff with a wonderful stable of highly qualified PH’s..
In the years since then, we have sent about 25 clients to this operation, and the results and smiles have been gratifying. Most clients call it their best safari ever!

If you have been to South Africa, and/or Namibia and/or Zimbabwe, you may be ready for something different. Mozambique, at least in this Coutada, is the REAL DEAL- the old Africa. Natives get picked off the river banks routinely by huge crocs and hippos. There are literally thousands of buffalo roaming the area and the two million acres of the two concessions have barely been touched. It’s common to see 20 to 75 sable daily, a hundred reedbuck, several dozen Chobe bushbuck, dozens of Lichtestein Hartebeests, waterbuck, suni, red duiker, blue duiker, eland, Oribi and lots of warthog. There are some awesome Nyala and a lot of them. Butch took a large 29.5-inch Nyala; a big 16-inch Chobe Bushbuck, a big buffalo and a giant warthog, and some other plains game. Whether you go for plains game, dangerous game or both, this is a reasonably priced hunt in deepest Africa, near the Equator and the Indian Ocean. This is a top notch operation that is simply getting better every year, thanks to strict anti-poaching patrols. See this part of Africa NOW!


All prices are quotes in US Dollars & per person per night.

Buffalo Packages

BUFFALO PACKAGES        RATE        COST              VAT

10 Day Buffalo Package        1×1           $15,125      $1,625.00
10 Day Buffalo Package        2×1          $14,500     $1,517.76
7 Day Buffalo Package           1×1          $13,915       $1,418.31
7 Day Buffalo Package           2×1          $13,310       $1,315.46

These packages include buffalo, license, and trophy fee for a buffalo, as well as the daily rate.

Leopard Package
10 day Hunt Includes: 1 x Leopard + Leopard Dogs-  $38,500  VAT $3268.25
14 day Hunt Includes: 1 x Leopard (Baited) $33,000- $3693.25 VAT

This package INCLUDES:

1. License & Trophy Fees for the species listed in the package
2. Daily rate

If Quota is available: You can add: Sable, Nyala, Crocodile and Hippo (can be taken only on a 10 day buffalo Package) On a 7 or 10 day you can add – Red Duiker,Blue Duiker, Suni, Oribi, Warthog, Bushpig, Baboon, Reedbuck & Bushbuck for the extra license & trophy fee. To ensure quota is available, these must be pre-arranged at time of booking if possible. Otherwise quota may not exist on your arrival.

This package & all standard safaris EXCLUDE:
1. Rifle Permit: $275.00 / rifle
2. Hunting License / Hunter: $500.00
3. Trophy Export Admin Fee / Hunter: $440.00
4. Shipment of trophies to the USA & South Africa.
5. Charter flights – as per quotation.Figure $1500-$1650 roughly . varies with number of passengers.
6. A Community Fee of $50.00 / night / Hunter or Observer.
7. 17% vat on Daily Rate portion of the package.
8. Bird License of $500.00 / week / Hunter IF APPLICABLE..

Big Five  1×1   $1 250.00 /day
Big Five 2×1 $ 950.00 / day
Plains game 1×1 $ 750.00 / day
Plains game 2×1 $ 550.00 / day
Observer $ 300.00 /day
Bird Collectors $ 750.00 / day



License Fees
License fees are payable 30 days before your safari and are not refundable should the trophy not be taken. A hunting license is also required by all clients at a cost of $350.

Packages are payable in full 30 days prior to departure. As they are sold at a discounted rate, in the unlikely event of the package trophies not being taken, no portion of the package is refundable.

Export of Trophies
A basic fee of $440 is charged per client for government paperwork per client and export fees for trophies to be added on. Trophy Exports Mozambique will handle this on your behalf.

A 50% deposit on the daily rate, or 50% of the total cost of a hunting package is required to confirm the booking. The balance is payable 30 days prior to your safari. In the event of a cancellation, deposit is liable to forfeiture if we are unable to contract another safari to replace your booking.

Outstanding amounts on daily rates are to be paid on the day of arrival. Daily rates are charged per night spent in camp. Trophy fees are to be paid on the last day in camp. All payments are to be made in cash, certified bank draft or travelers checks. (They do not accept personal checks as they can take over a month to be cleared.)


“Butch-Here’s a few pics from the hunt you suggested I do in Moz. Absolutely fantastic time. Really hot…was hunting the buff in 110 degrees and 100% humidity. The buff are incredibly tough, like shooting a tank…10 shots to kill him (all in the shoulder and neck)…closest shot was when he jumped up and came at us…10 feet!! What an adrenaline rush!!! Order of photos is chobe bushbuck X 2, oribi, buff and a giant nyala (I’m told will go top 20 in the books). Thanks so much. Brad K.”

Needed for Mozambique
1) Visa – to be applied for 60 days before your safari, from the Mozambique Embassy in your country.
2) You need to send us: 1) A scanned color copy of your passport.
3) A scanned color photograph of yourself.
4) Proof of Ownership of your rifle (the US Customs Form 4457)
Please note: rifle permits cost $220 / rifle or shotgun.
The above information must reach us at least 12 weeks before your hunt.

Customs & Immigration They have a private Agent meet you at Beira with all your relevant paperwork. Please bring your passport. A fee of $50 is paid directly to the Agent.

Payment : Outstanding amounts on daily rates are to be paid on the day of arrival. Daily rates are charges per night spent in camp. Trophy fees are to be paid on the last day in camp. All payments are to be made in cash, certified bank draft or traveler’s cheques. (They do not accept personal cheques as they can take over a month to be cleared.)

About the Hunting Area
Mozambique is situated in the South East of Africa. You will be rewarded with the sight of vast wilderness areas, unchanged from their past fame as Africa’s greatest hunting lands. As our area has not been trophy hunted for 16 years prior to the hunting areas re-opening 7 years ago, the spectrum & quality of wildlife is quite remarkable. You will hunt in varied terrain; grass & palm savannahs, forest & swamp. Our concession; Area 11, is part of the Marromeu complex & is bordering the Mighty Zambezi River. It is approximately 2000 square kms. The area is located in the central part of Mozambique & near the coast.

CALL US AT 1-307-637-5495


Your trophies will be shipped to you after dipping and packing and shipping. This can be 3 to 6 months post hunt. In order to import your game into the US, you need two things: a Customs Broker and a USDA approved taxidermist, licensed to accept foreign shipments. Not all taxidermists qualify- most do not. Most however work with someone who is licensed. To find a USDA approved taxidermist go to: For an informative web site which answers many frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about imports of trophies- go to:

Clients: NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All luggage, domestic and international, is now being screened in South African airports. Screeners are finding ammunition in checked bags that is incorrectly packed and are forcing passengers to remove it from their bags, which is causing all kinds of havoc. The flight from Joburg into Moz- weight limit is 20 kilos- about 44 pounds including gun! Butch paid $100 in excess luggage for 30 kilos with his gun case. Pack light! Daily laundry helps!
All ammunition must now be packed and transported in a lockable ammo box placed within your checked luggage. A manufacturer’s carton is no longer sufficient. Remember that there is also a limit of five kilograms of ammo per passenger. That includes the weight of your ammo box. And don’t forget to declare your ammo at check-in. A pistol case will work if locked.

We strongly recommend that ammunition be packed in lockable cases, which can be handed in as loose items at the firearm counters to avoid possible delays during checked baggage screening


1. Final payment- will you take clients personal checks? Credit cards? Certified checks ? Travelers Checks? PERSONAL CHECKS ARE FINE


3.I know there is a charter flight? With 5 of us- how much $$$ each? How do we pay?? When and where do we pay?? THE CHARTER WILL NOT TAKE ALL 5 OF YOU AT ONCE – SO IT’LL BE 2 CHARTERS @ $2000 / CHARTER (RETURN) SO THE $4000 WILL BE DIVIDED BETWEEN THE 5 OF YOU.

4.Could you list and itemize all other charges so WE get no surprises? I know there are rifle permits; hunt licenses, charter flights; community fees;–and maybe more MEET & GREET @ $50 / HUNTER;TROPHY EXPORT ADMIN FEE OF $300 / OTHER CHARGES PER MATERIALS.

5. When do we pay the license fees for the plains game- and where and to whom? AT THE END OF THE SAFARI.

6. Pre safari: PLS. supply Hunt-Nation with two color passport photos; a notarized copy of your 4457 for weapons; two notarized copies in color of your passport , your itinerary; and the original of the SAPS form for import of your weapon thru So Africa. Butch can assist you. Notarization must say it is “a true and accurate copy of the original: !!!

CALL US AT 1-307-637-5495