Multi-Species Waterfowl Alberta #5

Multi-Species Waterfowl Alberta #5

Simply put…this is possibly the most amazing waterfowl hunt you will find!

Sept-2018-ducks-and-geese-300x249 This outfitter offers waterfowl hunts in Kansas and in Alberta. If you have interest in his Kansas hunting (which also includes pheasants and deer), please ask us for that information too, as we are just dealing with this Alberta hunts in this document.

This hunt takes place near Wainwright, which is about 2 hours east of Edmonton, out in the prairie lakes area. This area is rich in habitat for waterfowl with miles of agriculture and lots of water for the ducks and geese that abound. In terms of quantity, on his best day his two hunters took 114 geese, about ½ being snows. Another day 3 guys took 93 geese in one morning! His worst day was 40 birds!!

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A past clients had this to say:  We just returned from our trip to Alberta with your outfitter Alberta # 5. What an incredible experience! From the minute that we walked into that amazing lodge to each of our hunts, we simply could not believe the attention to detail and professionalism. Outfitter and his guides as well as his chef were friendly and very accomplished. The lodge cannot be described without actually being there. The hunt was incredible, with different setups and different birds every time. We hunted 3 days. We had 4 hunters one day and 3 the other 2. We killed 186 birds according to my count. Mixed bag of big Canadas, specklebellies and a few snows, as well as mallards and pintails. He scouts hard and can put you on whatever you prefer. We hunted from ground blinds a few times and layouts a few. We hunted peas, hay and grain fields, and the ammo was all included!! – Don B.”

Species hunted include snows, mallards, pintails, specks, Canadas (both greater and lesser), and more. Daily limits per hunter are 8 ducks (including up to 5 pintails), 8 dark geese (including up to 5 specklebellies), and 50 snows!


Lodging and meals and guiding are all included. They put out extensive spreads of decoys in fields, but will also hunt prairie potholes, lakes and local streams. Your shotgun shells are also included! This is huge, as shotgun shells can be expensive, and bringing enough with you from home for such a hunt is not feasible either. They provide you with an unlimited supply of Challenger 12 gauge 3” shells in BB and #2 shot size.

The lodging is unique. They took a page out of Africa, and used it to decorate the posh lodge. Each room has an African theme, and offers wonderful comfort and all the amenities. This mansion will handle up to 6 clients and is complete with a Jacuzzi, a chef and all the goodies. A truly amazing facility of 5 stars plus!

GETTING THERE: Fly or Drive to Edmonton, then drive w hours to Wainwright.

DATES: First week in September until the end of October. Minimum 3-day hunt and 2 hunters required.

2023 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; all prices in USD)

$2,600 per person for 3 days/3 nights (up to 5 hunts). Includes guiding, meals, lodging, shells, bird cleaning.

Minimum group size is 5 hunters and maximum is 10 per group (but smaller or larger groups may be possible). Minimum stay is 3 days, which will total 5 morning/evening hunts.

Your license will cost approx. $120 USD, plus a $25 firearms import fee.