Namibia Leopard and Plains Game #138

Namibia Leopard and Plains Game #138

You might ask yourself- why Namibia?? First, consider some statistics. South Africa has an approximate human population of 36 million people; while Namibia has a bit over 2 million. Since Namibia  is only slightly smaller in surface acres, you can see that Namibia is extremely sparsely settled! Namibia is also the more politically and financially stable country. Accordingly land is cheaper, living costs more reasonable, problems less frequent. Zambia, a premiere and extremely expensive safari country by way of contrast — is almost 9 million souls on almost the same land mass as Namibia. Namibia is a wonderful and often overlooked Safari country. Half the price of Zambia!

 Namibia-138-may-2011-huge-leopard-koehl-300x200  Namibia-138-oryx-2010-300x225  Namibia-138-Butch-leopard-1-2006-300x225

Namibia is also on average, arguably the biggest bargain of all the African countries in terms of getting the best return on your hunting investment. With the turmoil in Zimbabwe this is a primary alternative destination for free range plains game hunts and for high quality and quantity of leopard and the occasional cattle raiding lion. The cat prices are the best  prices in Africa!!!! If you want maximum value, then you should be looking carefully at this hunt. But this is free range hunting, so allow extra time for good animals—we suggest 14 days, but 10 can work. His ARCHERY hunts are at the bottom of this writeup.

Our PH is in northern Namibia, near Etosha, in part of the Loxodonta Africana Conservancy that is 650,000 acres and he also has hunting rights on two other conservancies: namely Etosha conservancy and further north the Koako conservancy. This gives him almost 2,000 000 acres of prime hunting land!! TWO MILLION ACRES!!

It is close to Etosha National Park and is situated between Damaraland and Koakoland. On Butch’s hunt in July 2006, he came away amazed at the vast wilderness- often 50 to 100 miles between towns. Mountain ranges, vast bush, dry river bottoms- it was hard not to think you were in Tanzania or Zambia! But the prices here blow those other destinations away!! Another special thing about his area — is that it lies about 30 miles from the famed Etosha Pan, which is a protected non-hunting Park of about 22,000 square kilometers. Etosha Park is a huge reserve that has vast numbers of animals including cheetah, lion, leopard, and the so-called desert elephant. The area has some truly giant kudu, some up to 60”; good Oryx, great Mountain zebra, tons of warthogs- and much, much more! Klipspringers, Damara dik-dik- a very long list!  The 28 adjacent ranches with their cattle make for fertile feeding for both plains game and big cats – a smorgasbord for predators!

As to relative costs for any of the Big Five, consider that in Tanzania for example, the daily rates for a 1X1 cat hunt routinely average $1000 per day and up!  Minimum bookings usually require 14 to 18 to 21 days or more. This mandatory minimum number of days means a client often spends $18,000 or more just on daily rates alonewhether or not they take a leopard! Plus hefty charter fees and trophy fees! Spending $25,000 for a chance at a leopard is easy!

In Namibia we have arranged for very modest daily fees for a 1X1 hunt on our leopard package! And baits and airport pickup are included—PLUS YOU GET A MAJOR REFUND IF NO REASONABLE SHOT AT A LEOPARD! So a 14 day hunt, with 1 on 1 guiding, with bait included, and no charter fees and including the leopard fee- and a refund if no reasonable chance!

Speaking of success, Leopard hunt success is never 100% with anyone-( not even with dogs – as scent conditions are often poor by early afternoon due to dry heat!)  Most outfitters run 50-65% on leopard, with an occasional lucky streak. But most charge $900 to $1500 per day for daily rates!! WE are about half of that!

Namibia-138-Bowers-Kudu-2007-300x284     Namibia-138-gemsbok-bow-2010-225x300

This guy is 80 % and often better consistently!! Opportunity has been nearly 100% for our clients.  Some misses- plus some noisy hunters (coughing, foot shuffling, movement in blind) do spook the cat! His area is one of the best in Namibia and he was 15 for 17 in 2008. We honestly expect you to be into leopard in a full 14 day hunt! He is close to 100% on opportunity. And the very few unsuccessful hunters normally have had leopards come in, but they may circle, growl at you (one did this 5 feet behind Butch!) –and then leave!  Or be spooked by a noisy hunter. When Butch was there his two clients each took leopards in the first 5 days, Butch took a leopard in 12 days, and one client also took a cheetah (non-importable but fun- not easy to get either!). However if you do not get your leopard than your cost is no more than a plains game hunt!

As to his plains game he has excellent kudu!! As of 2008, his last 50 clients took 47 kudu over 50” with a number in the 54 to 57 inch range and one reaching 62”!!  Still—not everyone will take a giant! Add in gorgeous and difficult Mountain Zebra, the beautiful Gemsbuck, big warthogs, red hartebeest- huge Kalahari Springbuck, and a host of other species including the small Damara dik-dik, klipspringers, steenbucks; small wild cats like genets, caracals and others- and you have a plethora of species to hunt! Oh yes- and giraffe’s- wild, wary and weighing near 3000 pounds each!!

And bowhunters- this PH is a bowhunter himself!! He has done leopard and all the plains game and normally hosts many bowhunters each year. Butch is a bow hunter also, and Butch felt the blinds were excellent and well located on waterholes. However it may be prudent to bring a gun also, these are all free and wary game animals! And both bowhunters and gun hunters can also stalk game- relatively low effort in the flatter bush country- but getting up into a category 6 or 7 for the mountain hunts where climbing rocky kopjes may be involved. Good ankle support needed there! You will earn your animals but you will see game every day and will relish the challenge, whether it be with bow or rifle. You will probably see elephant or their spoor as well and some of this country is so deep and wild it seldom gets hunted.

Namibia-138-warthog-bow-2010-225x300      Namibia-138-oryx-2010-300x225

One of Butch’s regular clients, Steve Walters, once told Butch this: “Namibia is like a box of  chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get next !!! ”   Steve has been to this operation 5 times!!!

Check out the attached pricing on the cats and on the plains game. We have suggested some packages for you, but we can customize any package by adding or deleting animals, or by adding or deleting days. These PACKAGE PRICES are often better than most of those available in South Africa. And the list of species available is excellent, including:  Oryx (gemsbuck), Kudu, Eland, Hartmann’s Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Damara dik-dik, Klipspringer, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Giraffe.

So you have multiple species available to you, whether you are hunting cats or plains game or both. We can also get you some extremely inexpensive wing shooting as well, plus fishing very inexpensively. And your pricing includes all field transport, lodging, meals, drinks, tracking, skinning and your guide. And the observer rates and the rates for children under 16 who hunt with a parent are exceptionally reasonable as well. And according to our clients – great bird shooting abounds as well, which can be added cheaply!

What better way to experience Africa coming alive then in the early morning in a well hidden blind with Francolin calling nearby and a  beautiful sunrise. That’s when you KNOW it’s going to be another great day full of surprises! Is this the day where one of the big cats will honor you by coming in for a drink? In this area are African Wildcats, Caracal, Spotted Genets, Cheetah and the elusive Leopard. Don’t be too surprised to get an early morning or late afternoon visit by one of them at a waterhole. Or will this be the day that you’re going to get a chance at one of Northwest Namibia’s heavy horned Grey Ghosts (Southern Greater Kudu)?

A few years ago this outfitter put 8 animals in the Top 10 of Namibia in a single season (with a limited number of hunters).

With Namibia’s dry climate it lends itself to hunting from blinds close to waterholes. The best time for this is in the dry season from the beginning of June till the end of October. However, if you are like me (Butch) with itchy feet, this outfit will accommodate you.  This is best done in the ‘wet’ season when everything isn’t as noisy, from the beginning of March into May.

They have over 20 different species to hunt that includes the biggest (Giraffe and Eland) to the smallest (Steenbuck, Duiker and Damara Dik-Dik). Butch note: Looking up at a giraffe from a ground blind is verrrry interesting!

They also have their own private estate land of 12,000 acres with 8 permanent blinds that are for bow hunting ONLY. They rifle hunt and also do some  bow hunting in their conservancy called Loxodonta Africana (African Elephant. That conservancy is a huge  650,000 acres. Butch spent many hours driving miles down old river beds and exploring this vast area, which is blessed with some wonderful game.

Bow hunting is usually  done from Double bull pop-up blinds in the more remote areas or from one of their already constructed blinds. Some of them are elevated blinds and others are pit blinds that give you the opportunity to shoot at an animal on eye level. Being a dedicated bow hunter myself blinds are built to suit every need a bow hunter wants. Or, you will walk, drive and spot and stalk over vast miles of Africa, looking for the one true trophy you want.  They  have excellent Bushmen trackers and also use dogs if necessary to follow up on wounded game.

He is basically 90 – 100% on all species, except for leopard, which runs between a low of 80% to as high as 90% plus over the years. Of course weather and other factors play a part on this big wily cat. Seeing the leopard or having him growl at you close to your blind is one thing – getting a shot is something altogether different! He has leopard clients who have returned to him- even after doing multiple Tanzania trips. Bill J., one of our clients who hunted here in 2003, said to us: “Butch, you should send every one of your African hunters to this guy!” Several of Butch’s clients have returned three to five times!!

We are expecting this to continue, so booking early is wise as he limits the number of hunters to about 4 per hunt. Best dates are normally run May through November, but you can hunt from Feb. on.  Most packages offer savings of 15-25% over individual pricing. Or you can hunt from the price list and pay only for what you take-your choice! We can also tailor any package by adding or deleting animals. Just tell us what you want- we will make it happen. One interesting side note: this outfitter has the Kalahari species of Springbuck, which is a separate specie for SCI purposes and it is the largest horned specie of Springbuck, with horns reaching 15 to 18” lengths!

TRAVEL: For Namibia, passports must have at least six months of validity remaining beyond your planned date of departure from Namibia. US State also encourages all travelers to or from Namibia via South Africa to have six or more EMPTY AND unstamped visa pages in their passport. The State Department warns, “Visitors who do not have enough blank visa pages in their passport risk being denied entry and returned to the United States at their own expense.”




14 DAY- 1X1- LEOPARD PACKAGE with BAITS. ONLY $18,000!!!

AND A REFUND OF $8000 On the spot if no shot at a cat!  And baits are included! NO charter flights either! Saves you thousands!

 The Leopard package Includes: guiding, meals, lodging, all trophy fees, skinning, baits, trackers and beverages.  And this is a full service 14 day hunt!  AND 1 on 1 guiding!  AND, you get an $8000 refund.

— if you do not have a reasonable shot on leopard!!!!!!! Baits are included in this package hunt!!   Cheetah can be substituted for leopard, but is non-importable into the US. Plenty of cheetahs! Other game can be added or substituted. This is a 1X1 hunt-and it is a full 14 days, plus 2 travel days.  AND THIS PRICE INCLUDES YOUR AIRPORT PICK-UP-NO HIDDEN CHARTER FEES!  Many outfitters will have charter fees of $1000 and up! You will however have to pay 15% VAT tax on lodging and meals. Also there are normally 2 wire transfers of funds- you pay $40 for each.  Time allowing, you can visit the nearby Cheetah facility and can arrange a sight-seeing tour of the famed Etosha National Park where you may see most of the big Five.(extra cost). COMPARE THIS PRICE TO ANYONE’S!!! BOOK QUICKLY- he is running a year ahead on leopard openings!! Openings may still be available however, so please always check with us!! With all that land you will have some great chances!

PACKAGE #1 7 DAYS $6950

PACKAGE #2: BEST BUY! Our custom package! 10 DAYS!! PLAINS GAME , $10,400

This is a custom designed safari! It is set up as a 1 on 1 hunt. You get to harvest a:

Blue Wildebeest
Red hartebeest


PACKAGE #3    12 Days:$12,850

Blue Wildebeest
Red hartebeest


Day rates 1×1 U$ 475
2×1 U$ 375

Day rates cover : Hunting guides, Trackers & Skinners, Field preparation of Trophies, Soft drinks & Meals, Transport to and from the Airport, Accommodation etc.

TROPHY FEES: (Gun or Bow)

Trophies Recommended days Costs (U$)  
Giraffe 2 2900 Special Package Hunts:Prices of Package Hunts includes all Transport, Accommodation, Trophy fees, all field preparations of trophies, delivery to Taxidermist in Namibia of client’s choice, soft drinks, including local beers, meals and Daily rates.


Eland 3 1850
Kudu 2 1550
Red Hartebees 2 900
Gemsbuck (Oryx) 2 950
Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra 3 1350
Warthog 2 450
Springbuck 2 750
Duiker 2 600    
Steenbuck 2 650  
Damara Dik-Dik 5 1150
Klipspringer 5 950 OBSERVERS $175/DAY
Baboon (trophy) 2 200
Blesbuck 2 950
Blue Wildebeest 2 950
Black Wildebeest   1150
Impala 2 950
Caracal   650    
African Wildcat   85    
Spotted Hyena   950    
Brown Hyena   2500  
Spotted Genet   250
Porcupine   250
Antbear   450
African Wildcat   250
Cheetah 10 3500
Leopard Trophy 14 8000  
Lion Male Upon request
Lion Female Upon request
Elephant Upon request
Crocodile Upon request

                                                 BOW HUNTING:

This outfitter has extensive bow hunting experience- he is a bow hunter himself! He has handled dozens of bow hunters to boot! Butch who loves to bow hunt, personally inspected the archery blinds and the hunting area. This is an excellent operation with some huge critters! This area has lots of cats also. African Wildcats, Caracal, Spotted Genets, Cheetah (non-importable into US)- and the elusive Leopard. Don’t be too surprised to get an early morning or late afternoon visit by one of them at a waterhole. How good is this place? How about putting 8 animals into the Top 10 of Namibia in just a single season (with a limited number of bow hunters)??!!    Below are some of the recent bow kills taken here.

Arrival and departure days are included in all 3 Bow Hunting Packages and can also be hunted if time allows.  Extra Days or other species can be added to these Hunting Packages if desired.


Day rates:HuntersU$375 p/p/p/day
Non- hunters or hunters under the age of 16 – U$ 175-00(The day rates cover ALL the hunt’ expenses: Hunting Guides, Trackers & Skinners, Field preparation of trophies, Soft drinks & meals, Transport to and from the Airport, Trophy hunting permits, Accommodation)

BOW PACKAGE #1:  8 DAYS- $6800

1x Kudu
1x Oryx
1x Warthog
1x Springbuck




                         FURTHER DETAILS ON ALL HUNTS!

  • TOURING: Etosha is awesome to see! Four of the big Five and more. Sight seeing is U$120- extra per person and so is the visit to nearby cheetah facility. PH’s wife, Madeleine will take the ladies to town with her for some shopping and they will also visit the local wood carvers if they want to buy some souvenirs. They will have a swimming pool done for 2009. Free game viewing from the lapa/ swimming pool area every night over cocktails. So non-hunters have choices! And a very safe country to boot! The Etosha touring is U$350- p/night p/ person; 2 nights/ 3 days will be enough. Not a one day trip!  A tour of  the coast is U$400- a day and this includes boarding, meals, sight seeing and shopping. Several of our clients report world class coastal fishing too!  Just ask to arrange it.
  • HOTELS: You have the option of arriving a day early and overnighting at your expense in Windhoek to relax from the flights before driving the 5-6 hours to the hunt camp. Please advise us SPECIFICALLY of your wishes on this- yes or no! PH will arrange it if you wish to do it.



NOTE: VAT of 15% is payable on daily rates to the PH directly before departure from Namibia.

NOTE: Your final bill will be reconciled while you are there– at end of hunt. So if you should not take all species, you will be credited for the deposit; the total recalculated- and you will pay him the difference while there, in US funds.

NOTE: If you prefer not to carry so much cash- you may make a deposit of the estimated balance with us. We hold it until end of safari, at which time we wire him the agreed upon balance. OR- you can take it with you. NOTE: Travelers checks are subject to a fee. Usually 3 to 5%- a fair chunk!

Prices subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE due to currency exchange fluctuation, but all bookings will be honored at quoted prices!  PH WILL ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, CASH OR TRAVELLERS CHECKS FOR YOUR FINAL BALANCE- NO PERSONAL CHECKS!


                       CALL US AT 1-307-637-5495      or          

REPORTS: How good is this hunt?  Ask our Client Bill J.: “Butch, thanks for the advice. You sent me on the best hunt, dollar for dollar, that I have EVER been on!” “ The food was great, the accommodations were great and I took gold medal gemsbuck (41”), a huge zebra, a 53” kudu and some other great animals.” Bill,  saw a lot of game, and especially a lot of good kudu, plus wildebeest, springbuck, bushbuck etc. Bill also noted that wingshooting here should be superb based on his observations. He liked the fact the game was free ranging and that he could hunt in a variety of different areas and terrains, all under this same PH. And he gave excellent marks to the PH, whom he called very friendly and personable. “ If I were you, I would send this guy as many hunters as you can!” Now folks, that is music to a booking agents ears! This was Bill’s fourth successful hunt through Butch Manasse Outdoor Adventures.

Our clients for the last few years have continued the high success pace- “simply awesome” is the frequent quote. One group has returned 3 times over 3 years!  This is probably one of the finest hunts for the money anywhere in Africa. The ground near Etosha is simply some of the best, most pristine free ranging game lands anywhere.

Butch says: I and 3 clients did a 14 day hunt here. Two have already re-booked for 2007- for their third trip here! Approximately 25 or 30 head of game were taken, including 3 leopards for 3 hunters (one with black powder); a cheetah, various kudu and gemsbuck, hartebeest, klipspringer, steenbuck, damara dik dik, warthogs, genet cat, baboons, giraffe- the list is very long! BUT- you work for these animals- this is NOT South Africa- game is widely scattered and you will expend some serious energy if you stalk in the mountains. Stalking in the flatter bush country is relatively easy, except for the thorns. Superb food, excellent PH’s, fine living facilities and the best trophy care facility I have ever seen. Very friendly, very willing, very concerned about doing the best for their clients. This is one of those rare true bargains in hunting– you will absolutely love this place. Incidentally, if you cannot climb mountains, they will adapt the hunt to your ability- using blinds, safari seats in the vehicles- whatever it takes! DO this hunt while the prices are where they are. The cat hunting will be excellent for at least a few years.

Butch-I also shot 51 Sand Grouse, a Guinea Fowl and a Francolin. Three of the plains animals are probably Gold Medal with maybe a fourth as well, the Eland should be a record book animal with a green score of 246 points. Caught the 45″ Cob surf fishing and caught his 40″ brother about 30 minutes later, plus a bunch in the 30″ range and as well as a considerable number of Spotted, Bronze and Sand sharks.” Curtis W. 10/2007

“Butch -Had a great time in Namibia with your PH–…simply the best, no other way to explain it.!  Don and I took the four animals we had contracted for, all very good mature trophies.  Don also took an Eland and a mountain Zebra.  I finally got a shot at a Zebra but lost it after tracking it for a couple of hours. Also, Dawn at the Travel Agency told me that you suggested just about the best itinerary that was possible!  Talking to other travelers we found that our flights and layovers were much more efficient than what they were experiencing. Thanks, John

Dave B.:

A great outfitter, super animals, the kind of stalks you see on TV and your  great  TRAVEL agent to put it all together made for the trip you can only dream about….Oh yeah the booking agent wasn’t bad either!!! Thanks!

 2008: He went 15 for 17 on leopard!! Just incredible! And some huge cats!! He now has TWO MILLION ACRES TO HUNT!


Clients: NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USFWS Seizing Namibian Leopard Trophies

The newest wrinkle in the trophy import crisis created by the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is the seizure of leopard trophies from Namibia. The reason given is that the information on the CITES tags was hand engraved and not stamped.

According to John Meehan of Fauna & Flora Customhouse Brokerage, USFWS seized two Namibian leopard trophies claiming that the tags did not meet CITES regulations because the quota information was hand etched onto the tag. Meehan says he was told, “A decision has been made that this does not comply with CITES.” He says the two shipments had been on hold for some time awaiting a decision from USFWS Headquarters; then last week, the two legally-taken trophies were seized.

John J. Jackson, III, of Conservation Force, looked at the CITES regulations (Res. 10.14 and Rev. COP 14) and the USFWS 2007 code governing what should be on leopard tags. Both are identical and merely say the information should be “indicated” on the tag. It does not specify either the quality or the kind of indication. It appears the insistence that it be printed in a particular way is beyond the regulation and completely arbitrary.

Jackson will be looking into this issue further .  For now, hunters planning to import a leopard from Namibia should contact their shipping broker and check how their CITES tag is completed. If your tag has been engraved rather than stamped, you should hold your trophy in Namibia until this new requirement has been addressed by Namibian authorities. A competent import broker should be up on all of these issues, so no worries if you use one.


Ammunition must be separated from weapons and may be packed within checked luggage, but must be properly secured in a locked plastic or metal ammunition case or solid box. No ammunition may be packed loosely in checked baggage or within the same case as firearms. It does not need to be anything special, just big enough to hold 2 boxes of 20 rounds each, and be lockable.

All luggage, domestic and international, is now being screened in South African airports. Screeners are finding ammunition in checked bags that is incorrectly packed and are forcing passengers to remove it from their bags, which is causing all kinds of havoc.

Remember that there is also a limit of five kilograms of ammo per passenger (about 11 pounds). That includes the weight of your ammo box. And don’t forget to declare your ammo at check-in. Have your keys handy- they will inspect the ammo!!  Butch