Nanavut Caribou Hunt #226

Nanavut Caribou Hunt #226

This Outfitter has caribou camps in two provinces- both in Nunavut and in Manitoba. Nunavut is the more expensive and further to reach, hence it costs more. The Manitoba hunt is less expensive. In 2016 and 2015, the Manitoba hunts were difficult as the caribou did not migrate down from Nunavut, so success was only fair. In 2017 the bou came on hard and it was a great year in Manitoba. You can choose either place.


This friendly and hard working outfitter is normally at or very close to 100% on success for two caribou bulls— and this is one of the very few caribou hunts that still allows two trophy bulls!! You will hunt the newly created Canadian province of Nunavut. Central Barren Ground Caribou is the specie.

Nunavut is a massive, sparsely populated territory of northern Canada, forming most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Has vast expanses of tundra, rugged and craggy mountains and remote villages accessible only by plane or boat. It’s known for its indigenous Inuit people’s artwork, their carvings and their handmade clothing. Caribou have thrived here for centuries!

The outfitter has 2 camps separated by about 60 miles. The Northern camp is normally the best for caribou and it sits 30 miles north of the 60th parallel, which is the longitudinal line that separates Manitoba from Nunavut. This amazing hunting camp oon a lake, essentially puts you in the best possible location to hunt huge Trophy Caribou Bulls that are making their way south to their wintering grounds. You basically have the first opportunity at hunting these Caribou before any other outfitter or hunter can have a go at them! This camp has a long history of extremely high success on big trophy caribou bulls- normally all or nearly all hunters take two trophy bulls here. All guiding is done by the Inuits- the very people who have lived with this herd for a thousand years or more! They know the area like no-one else in the world. They look after your safety and they think like caribou- if anyone can!

This Northern Camp is uniquely situated near a funnel type of area that runs many thousands of caribou through , and it has been so for a thousand years. It funnels the caribou into their hunting grounds. The result has been decades of high success caribou hunting. You will hunt from boats primarily, so it is not terribly physical, but once on the tundra stalking, you do need to be in reasonable shape

Lodging: The buildings are Weatherhaven structures, which are the Cadillac of all Arctic tent structures and are also the first choice of the U.S. military, mining companies, and commercial wilderness operators world-wide. They are fully insulated and have wonderful thermostatically controlled propane heat for your comfort. That is about as good as it gets in this part of the country. No getting up in the middle of a freezing night to re-start a wood fire!


Guides will take their hunters by boat from one area to the next in search of trophy bulls. From time to time, your guide will beach the boat and you and he will take a short hike onto higher ground to glass miles of tundra for caribou. The rolling tundra is not usually very hard to negotiate, and combined with the use of boats, allows the outfitter to tailor a hunt to an individual’s preferences or physical abilities.

TRANSPORT: Hunters get themselves to Winnipeg, and then on to Thompson, Manitoba. From there the Outfitter will pick you up aboard a King Air 100, and will fly you to their main lodge. From the Main Lodge you then transfer to a float plane for the 40 minute flight to this Northern Camp in Nunavut.
You will need a US Passport to cross the border if you are flying, and it is the best document if you are driving. Flights to Winnipeg are available from Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver, and then you take another flight into Thompson. Calm Air is the major carrier for the Thompson hike. You must plan on over-nighting your first night in Thompson. Once they meet you in Thompson, they pick up all the flight costs from there to camp.
The outfitter gets a special rate from the Days Inn there (1-800-778-6000). Then early next morning you fly 260 miles north to the Main Lodge.

All Caribou Hunts Are 7 Days In Length (5 Full Days Of Hunting)

2018 Price per Hunt – $9,995 per person
Caribou License – $480 per tag, 2 tags available per hunter
Ask us about adding a Wolf or Wolverine to the hunt (license fees apply)
Caribou License’s – includes all licenses and trophy fees along with export permits (Prices subject to change as per Nunavut Conservation)
Non-Hunting Companion Rate –$4,995.00 (dependant on availability)
NOTICE: YOUR FINAL 50% MUST BE PAID IN FULL 60 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL! Failure to do so may result in loss of dates or deposits.
2018 Hunt Dates
Aug 29 – Sept 4
Sept 4 – 10,
Sept 10 – 16
Sept 16 – 22

After you have successfully harvested your caribou, the outfitter transports everything to their taxidermist for finishing or shipping to your home.
Your initial deposit to book this trip is 50% of the Hunt price.

NOTICE: YOUR FINAL 50% MUST BE PAID IN FULL 60 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL! Failure to do so may result in loss of dates or deposits.

We do strongly suggest that on your return trip, you plan to fly out to Winnipeg on the late flights, as weather can delay you and you can easily miss the normal noon time return from the Main Lodge.

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The Hunt Includes:
• Round trip air transportation from Thompson MB to Caribou Camp
• Comfortable, dry and warm accommodations.
• ‘Delicious home cooked meals
• Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly Inuit guides – 2 hunters per guide
• Boat, motor and gas along with all boating equipment
• Opportunity to hunt Arctic Wolf, Wolverine and Ptarmigan (ask for details)
• Field care of your trophy animal
• De-boning, caping and freezer service
• Preparation of both meat and antlers for your travel home
• 50 lbs of meat per animal for take home.
• Fishing for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling
• Rods, reels and basic tackle for your complimentary use
• Complimentary soft drinks, beer, wine with dinner
• Services of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff

Not included in the hunt:
• Applicable Taxes
• Hunting and fishing licenses
• Gratuities to guides and support staff
• Pre and post meals, accommodation and transportation
• Deposit Requirements A deposit equaling 50% of the total package is due within 14 days of booking. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. All remaining balances are due in full 60 days prior to your trip date.
• The initial deposit is due within 14 days of booking, and once received; your reservation is considered confirmed. If secondary (where applicable) and final payments are not made by the due date and in the amount outlined on your invoice, your reservation may be cancelled and your deposit withheld.
• Cancellation Policy If the cancellation of a trip is necessary, deposits can be credited towards another trip within the same calendar year only if space and availability exists. We strongly suggest the purchase of travel or trip interruption/cancellation insurance. Some companies require this coverage to be bound within 14 days of your first deposit, so please check carefully with your insurer as to their requirements for this type of insurance.
• Overnighting in Thompson Guests must overnight in Thompson, Manitoba the night before their scheduled arrival
flight to The Lodge. For your stay in Thompson, we recommend The Days Inn 1-204-778-6000. Mention at the time of booking you are a guest of the Outfitter and you will receive a discounted corporate rate. Guests are responsible for the hotel charge
• Lodge Representative (expeditor) in Thompson Outfitter has a Lodge representative (expeditor) in Thompson that will meet your flight, provide transportation to your hotel, make sure you get checked in, and bring you back to the airport early the next morning for your flight to The Lodge (app 7:00 am). Alternatively, if you are driving, contact can be made with Colleen once you arrive at your hotel. (204-679-6315)
• Guests that miss the chartered scheduled flight to the Lodge are financially responsible for their own transportation to The Lodge, and on to the Caribou Camp. Guests must overnight in Thompson, Manitoba the night before their scheduled flight to the Lodge.
• Once your trip is completed, the outfitter will make every effort to have you back in Thompson by 11:00 am on the day of departure. Please try to make all southbound air connections to Winnipeg late afternoon/early evening.

This is the alternate location for your caribou hunt. It is in Manitoba.
The Manitoba Lodge is nestled in the heart of Northern Manitoba’s Sub Arctic Wilderness, some 675 miles north of Winnipeg MB. This is truly a fascinating land that has changed very little over time. Over 250 miles separates you from the closest road or intrusion.
No other lodge this far north welcomes its guests to the convenience and comforts of a Northern 5 Star Lodge complete with chef prepared meals, individual cabin accommodation with private 3 piece ensuite, daily cabin service, thermostatically controlled heat, 24 hour a day power and a fully modern cedar appointed Main Lodge. If staying in touch with the outside world is a must during your stay, high speed internet is available in both the main lodge and cabins, along with free long distance calls using their VOIP phone.

Their twin turbo prop aircraft brings you safely to the 4000’ private airstrip that is equipped with a “state of the art” GPS Approach, a system similar to what are used at most major airports. This enables their pilots to take off and land safely even in periods of inclement weather. As a matter of fact, The Lodge here is the only lodge in Manitoba that has embraced this flight safety technology.  This is the land of the midnight summer sun, and in the fall guests are often thrilled to experience the colorful and ever changing displays of the northern lights. Nothing compares to the allure of the Aurora Borealis: natural, mysterious and unforgettable! You’ll be thankful to have your camera along regardless of the season. Surrounding the Lodge in all directions are crystal clear lakes, rivers and streams that provide unlimited angling opportunities to catch Trophy Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling.
This magnificent part of Northern Manitoba is also home to the Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herd that is still estimated at well over 265,000 animals. These Central Barren Ground Caribou have used both this area for their annual fall migration for centuries. In 2015 they expanded their Caribou hunts into Nunavut and are now offering Trophy Caribou Hunts at their newly acquired Caribou Camp, located 70 miles north of the Manitoba camp..

Friendly, helpful and accommodating lodge staff along with friendly and experienced and licensed guides for both your fishing and hunting adventures.
The Lodge here is the only full service lodge located on the annual migration route of the Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herd that is estimated at over 285,000 animals.
The Caribou season opens near the end of August and the hunt goes through the 4th week of September. Traditionally, The Lodge at Little Duck has stays open one week longer than most lodges, and although the weather can be rather challenging, the hunting can be fantastic. These lucky hunters get to experience the last big “push” of animals coming through our area from their northern calving grounds.

Since 1995, The Government of Manitoba has allocated only 250 Non Resident Caribou tags on an annual basis to a select group of outfitters in this vast area. This coupled with the fact that other jurisdictions in North America have totally closed their seasons, and the fact that the Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herd is still considered to be the healthiest caribou herd on the planet currently makes this an extremely sought after World Class hunt.

Although the 2015 and 2016 hunting seasons had some serious migratory irregularities, the 2017 caribou hunting season at The Lodge was nothing short of amazing. The caribou once again came through their area in good numbers from the start of the season till the last hunting guests left. The overall quality of the animals harvested provided one of the best years they have ever experienced. The hunters had 100% success on first tags and roughly 90% on their second tags. What else can a hunter expect on a caribou hunt….- But how about some of the best fall fishing to be found anywhere North America. They had the guys from the In Fisherman TV show in the second week of September filming a segment for their 2018 season. Believe me, these are tough guys to impress, but by the end of the week, master guide Wayne had them in total awe at the quality of the fishery on both their Lakes. Keep an eye out for this show that should air early in the New Year.

A little more on the caribou. During the first part of the season, the bulls are still in velvet, but by the second week of September most of them have stripped and polished their antlers. As the month of September progresses, their manes become fuller and turn snow white. This is when the Caribou bulls are absolutely magnificent. The areas lakes and rivers are all connected and offer hundreds of miles of shoreline for spotting caribou. Guides will take their hunters by boat from one area to the next in search of trophy bulls. From time to time, your guide will beach the boat and take a short hike onto higher ground to glass miles of tundra for caribou. The rolling tundra is not hard to negotiate, and combined with the use of boats, allows us to tailor a hunt to an individual’s preferences or physical ability. Use rifle, bow or muzzleloader. Terrain is mainly tundra, yet it still offers excellent cover in terms of small stands of spruce, dwarf birch, outcroppings of rocks and natural ridges that enable a hunter to not only wait for the animals to come to them, but also lends to a “spot and stalk strategy” for that monster bull of a lifetime. Once your bull is down, your guide will field dress the animal and pack out the cape and head (with antlers) along with your boned out meat to the boat. Once at The Lodge, your cape will be bagged and frozen along with the meat. A durable plastic container will be provided to bring everything back to Thompson for your trip home. Hunters can either take their cape and antlers with them for mounting, or we can deliver your trophy to a reputable taxidermist in Winnipeg. The choice is yours. Hunters return at the end of the day to a hot shower in the privacy of their own electrically heated cabin. Before settling down to a great dinner in the main lodge everyone shares in the stories of the day while snacking on tasty appetizers and enjoying ones favorite cocktail.

All Caribou hunts are 7 days in length (5+ days of hunting)
Price per Hunt – $6,995.00 (includes 1 caribou tag and 1 fishing license)
Trophy Fee on first caribou – $2,000.00
Second Caribou License – $475.00
Trophy Fee on Second Caribou – $1,000.00
2018 Non-Hunting Companion Rate – $4,295.00 (subject to availability)

Please note – It remains the choice of the individual hunter to pursue 1 or 2 caribou, and is therefore priced as such
(Prices subject to change as per Manitoba Conservation) Trophy fees in place for successful harvest of caribou. Please see above
The above trip is combined with fantastic fall lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling fishing. We can supply all the fishing gear
You will also have the opportunity to explore historical sites, search for historical artifacts or pick wild blueberries and cranberries.
Other details are very similar to the Nunavut explanations at the beginning of this writeup.


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