Texas Aoudad, Scimitar Oryx, Turkeys Hunt #113

Texas Aoudad, Scimitar Oryx, Turkeys Hunt #113

We have worked with this outfitter for about 15 years, sending him sheep clients and for other hunts as well. He hunts both New Mexico and Texas, but his aoudad hunts are in Texas on private leases. The outfitter has been outfitting for nearly 30 years, and is very successful and well-respected and we think very highly of him. He has a very successful West Texas aoudad hunt.


These sheep are free-ranging, and have proliferated over the past 90 years since they arrived in the U.S. They thrive in the arid and dry West Texas ranges. It is nearly identical to the natural range of these sheep in their native North African Sahara deserts. These are big animals, often 36” to 40” at the shoulders, and weighing 200 to 300 pounds. Their main characteristic is the long flowing hair on the throat, chest and forelegs (called chaps).

They have large, heavy, sweeping horns forming a “C” or scimitar-shape that sweep out and back. A good 27” long aoudad will usually make the SCI book, and the biggest will exceed 30 inches. They top out around 33”, but a few giants have reached 36” and a bit. Horn bases run from about 12”-13.5”, with a very few reaching 14+”.

They are physically tough and sturdy and require a substantial and well-placed bullet. With superb eyesight and great stamina, they make for a challenging quarry. And once mounted, they are truly spectacular conversation pieces and a trophy to be proud of. Success with this outfitter is generally 100% most years on sheep in the 27” to 33” range, but you still will earn your aoudad here. This is rugged country and you need to be able to get around without difficulty.

On this hunt you can take one aoudad ram, one javelina, feral hogs and coyotes. The season is open year-round, although these hunts take place between November and May – the off-season, so that most of us can go at times when we are catching bad cases of cabin fever; a nice February sheep hunt is a sure cure for that cooped-up feeling.

These hunts take place on a 73,000-acre ranch in west Texas near Alpine that is home to hundreds of free-ranging scimitar-horned oryx. These magnificent animals make gorgeous mounts, and not many hunters have those in their trophy room! Success is close to 100%, and these scimitars average 35”-40” horns. The season is open year-round. These are fully-guided 3-day hunts, with ranch house lodging. You can also add trophy aoudad (same ranch), but would need to add an extra day or two to the hunt. A non-resident license is just $48. He can take up to 4 hunters at a time.

These hunts are 4 days in length. You fly to Midland or El Paso, rent a car and drive a couple hours to the ranch. Meals and lodging are included. A rustic cowboy camp is home for the duration of your hunt, with a shower and a generator. A Non-Resident 5-Day Special Hunting License is required for just $48.

Do be aware that because these sheep are hunt-able year round, they can be combined with mule deer, whitetails or antelope. If you combine one of those species with aoudad, then a $315 license is required.

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

Aoudad – $5,800 2×1 guiding; $6,500 1×1 guiding. 4-day hunt. Observers $300.
Includes one aoudad, one javelina, feral hogs and coyotes (time permitting). Although 1×1 guiding is $175/day more than 2×1, in actuality, the outfitter will rarely pair up two single hunters who don’t know each other with one guide (but he might), so you’ll likely end up 1×1 anyway. In fact, he sometimes will send 2 guides with 1 hunter! 3-day javelina hunts are $1,250 per person 2×1, plus $250 for a second animal.

Scimitar-Horned Oryx$5,800 per person 2×1 for a fully-guided 3-day hunt, including meals and ranch house lodging. You can also add trophy aoudad (same ranch) for an extra trophy fee of $5,800 (would need to add an extra day or two to the hunt).

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