New Zealand Stag, Elk, Tahr and Chamois Hunt #199

New Zealand Stag, Elk, Tahr and Chamois Hunt #199

image103-300x201 This outfitter hunts the South Island of New Zealand. He specializes in custom tailored hunting adventures throughout the South Island. He also hunts on the North Island, but he concentrates on the South Island. A range of unique big game species are available including Sika, Sambar, Fallow, Bush Bulls, Wild Boar, Goat and Ram. He is equally at home with rifle or bow hunters.

image101-300x201 The quarry of choice for hunters visiting New Zealand are usually Red Stags, Himalayan Tahr, European Chamois and Elk (New Zealand Wapiti). All of these species were introduced to New Zealand from overseas 80 to 150 years ago. There are no indigenous mammals in New Zealand — and therefore very few predators. He hunts many areas on the North and South Island, so just tell us your wish list!!

2024 Hunt-Nation Special Packages Pricing

#1 Red Stag Free Range hunt 5 days/4 nights up to and including 14 pts US$6,250
#2 Red Stag/Himalayan Bull Tahr hunt 5 days/ 4 nights up to and including 14 pts US$10,500
#3 Red Stag Estate hunt 4 days/3 nights – 300-320 SCI US$6,500   

That’s all inclusive of airport pickup and return , ranch house accommodations , guiding , meals and beverages , trophy fees , field prep of trophies and delivery to expediter , transport during hunt (4×4)
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Selected other NZ Custom Hunt Packs:
Included in these packages are trophy fees (license + tag), airport pick-up and return, accommodations during hunt, transport during hunt, guiding, meals and beverages, field prep. of trophies, use of firearms, (if applicable) air and/or boat charter.
Mountain Slam – 7 Days
355-380 SCI Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Ram, Goat and high country trout fishing for 3 days. Starting at $22,500.
Super Slam – 10 Days
380-400 SCI Red Stag, 220-235 SCI Fallow Buck, Tahr, Chamois and Goat. Three days game fishing (marlin, broadbill, tuna, shark). Starting at $32,500.
Grand Slam – 10 Days
Red Stag 400-420 SCI, Bull Elk 400-420 SCI, Fallow Buck 235-250 SCI, Bull Thar and Chamois. Price on inquiry.
Dream Slam – 14 Days
450+ SCI Red Stag, 450+ SCI Elk, Fallow Buck 250+ SCI Tahr + Chamois. Five days game fishing for Marlin , Broadbill, Tuna and Shark. Price on inquiry.


• Apollo Slam – 21 Days
This is the ultimate hunting and fishing experience available in New Zealand. Details on inquiry
Here are individual trophy fees if you would like to make up your own customized safari.
Please let us know what you require in the standard of accommodation and we will put it all together for you.
• Red Stag Trophy Fees 321-stag-1-225x300
>300 SCI $3,500
300-320 $5,500
320-340 $7,000
340-360 $9,500
360-380 $12,000
380-400 $14,500 400+ SCI $P.O.A

• Free Range Red Stag
>250 SCI $2,500
250-300 SCI $3,500
300+ SCI $5,500

• Elk Trophy Fees
300-340 $5,000
341-360 $8,000
361-380 $12,000
381-399 $16,000
401+ SCI priced individually

• Fallow Buck Trophy Fee fallow-pic-300x225
>220 SCI $4,000
220-240 $6,500
240 SCI+ $P.O.A

• Additional Trophy Fees
Sika Stag $5,500
Boar $1,500
Ram $1,500
Goat $1,000

• Daily Rate
Starting at $600 1X1; then 2X1 is $450 p.p. per day. Includes airport pickup and return, transport during hunt, hunt accommodation, guiding, meals, field preparation of trophies and use of firearms. Non-hunter daily rate starts at $300.

Helicopter Hire:
Helicopters are Hughes 500E and MD520 NOTAR and will be charged at US $1,750 per hour to the hunter when used.

• where fly to: Fly to Christchurch
• any cost for pickup and return? Airport pickup and return is part of the deal.
• how far a drive from airport to camp? 3 hours from airport to hunting area.
• How much fly time is allowed on Tahr hunt and what cost for extra time? Includes up to 1 hour fly time if desired/required , extra fly time @US$1,750 per hour
• How physical is it? Terrain ranges from rolling hills, to big hills to moderate mountain country.
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