New Zealand Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag – #149

New Zealand Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag – #149

We are justifiably proud of this outfitter of ours He was named the PROFESSIONAL HUNTER OF THE YEAR recently by the prestigious Safari Club!! Considering the thousand of professional outfitters out there- this is an awesome honor!! So if you want some of the very best guiding and hunting there is any where in the world- this hunt is for you! And the touring options for non-hunters are truly exciting as well!! Butch and Joan personally hunted this operation along with a bunch of their clients taking stag, elk, chamois, fallow, boar and tahr. We unhesitatingly endorse it and you will love it. Here is a picture of Joan’s 337 class stag:

New-Zealand-149-Joans-Stag-300x240 Joan’s 337 Stag – Butch is envious!

One thing we really like about this outfitter is his expressed preference to us to do package pricing, not the “so much per inch of horn” rule which is prevalent in much of New Zealand and elsewhere. He has also recently introduced a new bargain-priced option of a 5-day/4-night hunt for any stag up to 360” for just $6,500 per person (Joan’s stag pictured above was a 337”). This hunt must be done 2×1, so take a buddy, your spouse or your kid.

We had a recent client book this hunt, taking a 600 class stag, an elk of almost 400 class and a giant fallow buck as well, taking three giant animals in under a week of hunting! Here is a picture of Peter B’s stag:

600 class stag by our client.

This outfitter has at present two different ranches to hunt from. Most hunters stay at his main Wilderness lodge looking up the valley toward Mt. Cook and its glaciers! His other Lodge is a 2 hour drive. Each lodge has a full time cook and all the amenities of home. A third lodge is for waterfowlers.  His main lodge is magnificent in every way. Each guest (or pair of guests, has their own room set up much like a luxury hotel, with private bath. Huge dining room with magnificent mountain views. Rumor has it the building cost in excess of $1 million US to construct!

Food was absolutely delicious, chef prepared, waitress served, great wines- simply everything gourmet and top notch in all aspects. In Fact this whole hunt here was like that- you can run out of superlatives describing it!

OUTFITTER HAS A “HUNT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!” If no shooting opportunity presents itself; or if the guides, the efforts made, the organization or the lodging is inadequate, you get a full refund!! Also, he has an in-house trophy crating operation- no lost trophies!! He alone in NZ does this.

YOU MAY USE BOW OR GUN- YOUR CHOICE! And he gives you a package price- you chase the biggest animal you can find in that package, all at one price. And his prices are relatively reasonable. So if you are one of those hunters who is not thrilled with asking your guide 8 or 10 times a day-“How much is it to shoot that one?”—then this is the operation for you. We ourselves are not crazy about asking that question- it feels too much like we are going shopping- not hunting. We prefer to be cut loose with our guide to shoot the best critter we can find! And we know beforehand the price-no surprises!! However, that said, do not be afraid of trophy fees, especially when hunting the giants! The giants cost money, and you must be prepared to pay for that privilege.

RED STAG : The red deer rut or roar begins in March and continues through to early May. During this time, the stags become very vocal and aggressive. Stag and fallow deer are hunted on large privately-owned fenced hunting estates, but some free range too. The terrain on these estates varies from small rolling bush covered hills to mountainous terrain. It helps to be in shape as you must earn your animals, BUT HE CAN HANDLE ANYONE! We really like his 5-day package for stags in the 340 to 380 class. Hunt for the biggest you can find in that range! You will be hunting approximately 40,000 private acres, both free range and high fence.

The packages all include lodging, guiding, meals, and daily rates and trophy fees are also ALL included. NO surprises! If you do not score by the end of 3 days, he commonly asks you to stay on at no extra cost. So consider allowing an extra day or more for travel etc. NOTE HIS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ABOVE TOO!

TAHR & CHAMOIS – These are 5-day packages, but helicopter time is NOT included in the price. The use of a helicopter is optional. If you do so opt, then normally they put 2 hunters in the helo, each paying for 1/2 of the time. But there are also chamois and tahr that can be stalked in the hills near camp, saving the chopper cost. You can walk them up or drive around until you spot them, then spot and stalk. This is for folks not relishing the helicopter rides or who are budget-conscious. Butch will tell you he loved the chopper ride in the glacier! You can also consider walking into the mountainous Alps, but you must be in superb condition. You can also spike out with helicopter assistance for a true glacier experience.

Tahr rut in May, June and early July. At that time of year, tahr are in their winter coats. Tahr and chamois can be successfully hunted from March and into August. Hair is best from mid-May on, but pretty good when Butch hunted in March of and took his 12.5” bull. If stag is your only quarry, hunts in March offer the best selection of stags. But if you want to both hit the stag roar and also hunt tahr, try late March into early May. On these hunts into the Alps, most hunters will choose to fly by helicopter through the mountains in search of the tahr. Once a trophy tahr or chamois has been located, you and your guide will be dropped off within stalking distance and attempt to harvest the trophy on foot. If the animal is not taken, your guide will radio the helicopter and it will return and continue flying you. In New Zealand
it’s legal to fly and hunt the same day, although this could change in the future.
If you prefer, you can start your hunt on foot, and if the effort is too much, or success is elusive, by the third day or so you can switch to a chopper—provided one is available! On tahr and chamois hunts, depending on your physical ability, we suggest the use of a helicopter to access their higher hunting areas in the Alps. If you choose this option, budget approximately $2,500. Keep in mind that the helicopter is optional, so you do not have to use it.

Costs of the chopper can be split between the 1 or 2 hunters using it. Normally their procedure is to book 2 hours for 2 hunters, very early or very late in the day when winds are down. On Butch’s inspection hunt, all hunters took their tahr in one single flight of around 2 hours.



We think it is a real sleeper! Taking three premiere animals in this great location and at a world class lodge, for the cost of a hunt in Europe for a single European stag, is a deal in today’s world! It includes a stag in the 340 to 380 SCI class (if they tell you a stag is a Silver and it turns out to be a Gold, that’s a free bonus for you!). This hunt is 7 days, and it too carries the guarantee!

ELK ADD-ON: ADD WAPITI TO ANY PKG: There are some huge bulls in the 360 to 400 class! 6×6, 7×7 and bulls into the 400 class are also available. One of our clients took an awesome 395”. He also took a 597” stag and a giant fallow!

They also have a large number of wallabies, hares and rabbits, and it is not uncommon for a hunter to shoot 80-100 rabbits in an afternoon.

Suggested Hunting Combinations:
• February: Stag, Wapiti, Fallow, Chamois, Tahr, Boar, Fishing
• March: Stag, Wapiti, Fallow, Chamois, Tahr, Boar, Waterfowl and Fishing
• April: Stag, Fallow, Wapiti, Chamois, Tahr, Boar and Fishing
• May and June: Tahr, Chamois, Stag, Fallow, Wapiti, Boar and Waterfowl
• July and August: Tahr, Chamois, Stag, Fallow and Boar

Special pricing includes 2×1 guiding

-Red Stag: 5 days 4 nights
up to 360″  $6500

360”-400” 1×1 $9,500;     2×1 $8,500
400”-430” 1×1 $13,500;    2×1 12,500
430”-470” 1×1 $17,500;     2×1 16,500

-Tahr/Chamois: 5 days $11,000

-Stag, Tahr & Chamois: 6 days
 $17,000-  BARGAIN!!

Trophy Fees for any Additional Animals
Rusa $7000
Wapiti 320-360 $6500
Wapiti 360-400 $10000
Red Stag $6,500
Sika $7000
Whitetail $5,500
Tahr $4,750
Chamois $4000
Fallow $4000
Boar $2000
Ram $950
Goat $950
Sambar $10,000
Waterfowl Hunting $600/day
Extra Hunting or Fishing Days $600/day
Non-Hunting Guests $275/day

Included in all hunts:
• Trophy Fees
• 1 x 1 Guiding
• Daily Rates
• Lodgings
• Meals
• Airport or Hotel Transfers

New-Zealand-149-Gold-Medal-Stag-1-300x225 New-Zealand-149-Barath-Fallow-300x169

Additional Charges
On Tahr and Chamois hunts, depending on your physical ability we suggest the use of a helicopter to access our higher hunting areas in the Alps. If you choose this option budget app $2,000 – $2,500. Keep in mind that the helicopter is optional, you do not have to use it. Trophy preparation/expediting is app $200 – $250 per trophy depending on the type of mount.

NEW-ZEALAND-248-2012-STAG-C-MARTIN-249x180-150x150   New-Zealand-149-Tahr-300x195

This outfitter can arrange to have up to 2 full time tour guides available. Do either day-trips from the lodge, or do 3- or 4-day sightseeing adventures of the island! Cruises from Queenstown, glass factory tours, golf, vineyards, gondola rides, horse trekking, hot air ballooning, National Park touring, awesome beaches, glacier gazing, museums, art galleries – they can arrange it! While Queenstown is renowned for adventure, you’ll also find mellow, relaxing attractions and great shopping opportunities. In recent years, the region has acquired wineries, golf courses, art galleries, exceptional restaurants and fabulous day spas. Take a trip into Skippers Canyon to enjoy a mix of history and high adventure including bungee jumping, rafting, flying, and jet boating. Butch and Joan absolutely loved the Shotover Canyon jet boat rides for a super adrenaline charge! Gibbston Valley Wines, Queenstown’s first commercial vineyard, is known for seriously good lunches and wine tasting. You can also tour their wine cave and cheese factory. Ride the gondola 450 meters above Queenstown to Bob’s Peak to enjoy views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains. Cruise Lake Wakatipu aboard TSS Earnslaw, a 100-year old steamboat. Go horse trekking in Glenorchy. Spend a day at Arrowtown, a historic gold mining town that provides an interesting journey back in time. Don’t miss the Lakes District Museum. Experience high country farm life – horse trekking, sheep shearing and dog trials. Bungee jump the Southern Hemisphere’s highest land-based bungee jump, The Nevis Highwire Bungee. Drift over Queenstown at dawn in a hot air balloon. All can be arranged through the lodge.

You must plan to arrive in NZ no later than one day pre-hunt. For example, you would arrive June 22 in order to start a June 23 hunt. Assuming a 5-day hunt, you would then be dropped off back into Queenstown on the evening of the June 27, and depart for home on June 28.

There are daily direct flights that leave Los Angeles for Auckland, which is your point of entry to New Zealand. Auckland is also the port where you will clear customs. From there you will fly to Queenstown and then onward, probably to Christchurch, but it depends on which lodge he is using – we will verify that for you when the time comes. We suggest you arrive at least 1 day prior to your hunt commencing (even more is better!), so you can adjust to their climate and get over any jet lag you may have.

IMPORTATION OF FIREARMS: New Zealand is a “hunter friendly” destination. Approximately 8 weeks before your safari commences, you will make your on-line application at: . Form is easy to fill out. On arrival, it should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to clear your guns at Auckland International Airport. Or use one from their assortment of bolt-actions in .270, .30-06, .300 Win Mag and .300 WSM, all with Zeiss, Leupold or Swarovski scopes – no extra charge! Hopefully you will bring along 2 boxes of your chosen ammo. ARCHERY must be declared on arrival, no permit needed. It is permissible to bring up to 60 rounds, but you must declare it on arrival.

CLIMATE: New Zealand’s weather is very unpredictable. It can snow and rain at any time of year, so it’s important that you bring good warm and waterproof clothing.

Customs:  On arrival in New Zealand, when filling out your New Zealand Customs Declaration Form, be sure to declare your firearm(s) (in addition to the ‘Visitors Firearms Licence’ detailed below) and hunting boots. Also make sure your boots and all packed footwear are cleaned spotlessly. If you fail to declare or have unclean footwear, you may be fined 200 NZ$. It is helpful to keep your footwear packed in the top of your bag, so you can easily find them when you arrive at customs.
If you are traveling with your firearm, it will be processed at the Police Desk, opposite the baggage carousels on arrival in Auckland. It is also very likely that your checked firearm case will be delivered directly to the Police desk, and NOT placed on the carousel at baggage claim. The police will simply confirm the serial number of the firearm (s), collect the 25 NZD fee, and provide you with a stamped permit for your travel. This permit will also be presented to NZ Customs prior to leaving the airport.

TRAVEL: Booking online with Air New Zealand is simple and at times, considerably cheaper than a travel agent. Look at all departure airport options in your area, and also use the search by week option to get the best fare for flights.

TROPHIES: They do all their own trophy prep and boxing and crating on site; and this insures you have zero problems with work quality! They will provide you with your trophy shipment cost at the end of your hunt and will ask you to pay for this item before your departure. This charge will be for your trophy processing, crating, export permit, and NZ to USA destination shipping to 1st port of entry.


Phone: 307.637.5495