Patagonia Red Stag, Mouflon, Pere David Deer Hunt #85

Patagonia Red Stag, Mouflon, Pere David Deer Hunt #85

Patagonia- the very name conjures up Andean Condors, snow capped peaks, cold clear mountain stream, lakes and rivers, and yes- big Red stag hunted in the mountains. This is as much a true cultural experience as it is a hunt. And this particular hunting operation is truly unique and very special. First it covers over 185,000 private acres of land! Secondly, it is believed by us to have been one of the very first hunting operations in Patagonia, and one of the first in Argentina to put an animal into the SCI Record book. This operation is now over 50 years in the making, and to many it is a dream hunt in a dream location.

Uniquely, its founder searched across the European continent to locate the best trophy red stag in England, Austria and Hungary. Over the next 50 plus years those animals formed the bedrock of the present herd. In addition he brought over Mouflon Sheep Pere David deer and Fallow deer.
While much of Patagonia, in our travels there, is often quite dry and vegetation free, this area looks almost European with its forest and lakes and trees and lush growth, all due to lake moisture. Prime Habitat! You will walk, perhaps ride horses, glass, stalk and be blown away by the alpine scenery in this incredible and unique location!
“Our trip was a perfect vacation for my wife, Kate and I. While I hunted red stag during the peak of the roar, Kate rode horses every day before returning to the beautiful main lodge and perfect meals accompanied by some of Argentina’s famous red wines.
My hunting was primarily by stalking to the sound of the stag’s roar or walking trails through the estancia to spot the numerous animals. A great way to see the forest on my first trip to the Patagonia region! The individual log cabins with mountain views provided individual privacy while only a short walk to the main lodge. We could not ask for a more perfect week together and hope to return again one day.”Dan & Kate L (Colorado)“

Wanted to thank the entire staff for a wonderful time. The property was breathtaking. The accommodations were perfect from the comfortable cabins to the 5 star main lodge. The food was some of the best that we had in South America. The hunt was exceptional, the roar was full on with lots of chasing and fighting stags. The trophy quality was good, with plenty of animals and some monster stags. The guides were full of knowledge and tradition, really something special. I felt we came as hunting clients and as friends. I will recommend this to any of my hunting companions. Thanks. Bill Mc.
There are also some huge wild boar that are a real bonus if found. The Mouflon hunting is a true sheep hunting experience, and they have some excellent trophies. Pere David Deer usually requires booking two years in advance. There is of course also excellent trout fishing in the area.

Weather can be quite cool in their Fall (our Spring)- call it March thru May. Expect mid 30’s up to maybe 55 or so. Rain can happen as well. Bring warm clothing, good boots and of course rain gear.

85.1enero2012_8-300x204  85.3enero2012_1-300x204   TRANSPORTATION:
Guests are greeted in either Bariloche or Chapelco airports and the Outfitter provides transportation in and out from both airports. They will have a sign with them identifying them or you. Normally you will find it necessary to fly thru Buenos Aires, and we have an excellent tourism agent who can pick you up, set up touring, and arrange transport between the domestic and international airports. We enjoy the museums, the boat rides, the local sights, the night time tango dinner dances and much more. Great treat for you favorite lady.

There are no taxes, but they do charge you $200 to prepare trophy export paperwork. There was an entry fee (reciprocity fee) that has been waived for 2016- but please ask us for current info.

FIREARMS: Rules are in a state of flux right now- please talk to us in advance. Best advice we believe is to rent a firearm and ease your travel pains and aggravation. Having fun is best!

2017 PRICING: All pricing is ala carte- no packages. Pay a trophy fee and the daily rate.

Trophy Fees:

Mouflon $ 3,000

Fallow Deer (Bronze & Silver Medal) $ 1,300
Fallow Deer (Gold Medal) $ 2,300

Pere David Deer $12,000

Red Stag (SCI Scores):
Up to 300 $ 3,200
301 – 320 $ 3,500
321 – 340 $ 5,000
341 – 360 $ 7,500
361 – 380 ` $10,000
381 – 400 $15,000
401 – 420 $20,000
421 – 440 $25,000
441 – 460 $30,000
460 + Please inquire.


Daily Rates:
Non-Hunters $ 200
Hunter $ 450
* All prices are stated in US dollars and are subject to change.

Day Rate Price Includes:
Local airport (CPC) pick-up, deluxe accommodations all meals and beverages, professional guide service (1 x 1), choice of hunting method (horseback, foot, 4WD vehicle, and field preparation of trophies.

Day rate Price does not include:
Transfer from Bariloche (BRC) airport (aprox. $300); Firearm rental, ammunition, permit fees, trophy packing, dipping, export documentation, shipping, meals/lodging before and after the hunt.

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