South Dakota Bison, Whitetails, Waterfowl & Pheasant Hunts #101

South Dakota Bison, Whitetails, Waterfowl & Pheasant Hunts #101

WT-2-168x300 This outfitter is located near Aberdeen and Redfield in northeast South Dakota, nestled in the rolling prairies and vast corn fields is some of the finest pheasant hunting and archery whitetail hunting to be found anywhere. And you can even combo deer with great pheasant hunting on the earlier bow hunts.

He hunts about 25,000 acres for whitetails. It stretches over a large land area, running maybe 40 miles in one direct and 25 miles the other way. There are some serious trophy deer here. The mule deer hunts (only a few of those annually) are on a 10,000-acre ranch in the northwest part of the state. On all hunts, the lodging and meals are included. He has multiple lodges housing 3 to 12 people.

“I just want to thank you for this great hunting trip and I will definitely never forget the moment when I shot that big buck with my bow. The atmosphere and the hospitality were wonderful and would recommend to anyone that wants to have a good time and a great hunt. Hopefully we will see you next year and thank you for everything – putting me on the deer and experiencing the hunt of a lifetime.” – Adrian G.

“Anyone thinking about booking that ‘once in a lifetime hunt’ will be easily convinced that this operation ranks at the top of the list. Allow me to waive any doubts you might have – from the minute you arrive it will meet or exceed all aspects, starting with the comfortable and clean accommodations along with the well-prepared and plentiful meals. The well-placed stands with placement that will always surprise you, the herd of mature whitetail deer, the constant juggling of hunter locations because of the diligent attention to the constantly changing winds and weather. The percentage of opportunities presented to the hunters is a true testament to the type of dedication you represent. Just sent in my deposit for my 7th consecutive year.” – John F.

This outfitter’s deer management goal is to harvest only mature whitetail bucks that score a minimum of 125”. With this management goal in mind, there will be a $600 fee assessed on any buck harvested that scores under 125” (gross). During the 2018 season, they ran 80% shot opportunity on 125” or better bucks. The biggest buck harvested at this place scored 183 6/8” and stands ranks as the 3rd all-time archery buck harvested in South Dakota!
WT-3-300x225 WHITETAILS: This outfitter offers a limited number of archery whitetail deer hunts. Hunts are fair chase as there are no high fences. All of the guides are archery hunters and know the habits and patterns of the deer and know what it takes to get you close enough for that shot of a lifetime. Hunts consist of 6 days of hunting, 7 nights of lodging, and include guides, good, field transportation, field dressing, etc. You will be hunting in Harding County. The 10,000-acre ranch consists of gently rolling hills and prairies, wooded draws, and badlands. By only hunting few clients, the bucks tend to stick on the lightly hunted property.

PHEASANT HUNTS: Located in the heart of some of the best pheasant hunting in the world, this outfitter is situated on over 25,000 acres of prime pheasant hunting habitat in eastern South Dakota. They provide hunters with all-inclusive pheasant hunting packages tailored to a wide variety of hunters or groups.


With highly-trained guides and dogs, you will hunt some of the best grass fields, CRP, sloughs, tree lines and food plots known to the area. The staff is available at all times to make your pheasant hunting experience as comfortable and memorable as possible. The midwestern-style cooking is homemade, and the people are friendly. You are guaranteed to leave with a cooler full of pheasants and a smile on your face.

Some of the acreage is situated on a preserve, which means they have the opportunity to run longer hunting seasons than most lodges or outfitters in the region. Early season preserve hunts run mid-September to mid-October; regular season pheasant hunts run mid-October to late November, followed by late-season preserve hunts through the month of March. Temperatures and weather conditions are more demanding during the late season, but the pheasants are considerably more concentrated and it is not uncommon to see as many as 1,000 birds each day of your hunt. You will be hunting CRP, food plots, cattail sloughs, shelterbelts, etc. Limit varies by package, and lead shot is OK to use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time, but here’s a rundown on the various pheasant seasons:

EARLY SEASON PRESERVE HUNT (approx. September 15 to October 20) – Hunt 2,500+ acres of perfectly-managed pheasant habitat which includes CRP fields, corn/sorghum food plots, shelterbelts, and native grass walks. This time of year provides warmer temperatures, more time in the field, increased limits, and less expensive licenses. They also offer great discounts for youth hunters this time of year. This is a very popular time for smaller corporate groups to hunt, along with introducing new hunters to the sport. Early season hunts are also a great time for veteran hunters to enjoy the better weather conditions. License is approx. $75. DAILY LIMIT OF 5 BIRDS.

REGULAR SEASON HUNT (approx. October 20 to November 30) – Hunting starts at noon each day for the first 7 days of the season and then opens at 10 AM thereafter. They hunt 25,000 acres of prime pheasant habitat, which insures minimal hunting pressure on the birds. You will be hunting CRP fields, food plots, corn fields, cattail sloughs, shelterbelts, and native grass fields. With this many acres, you don’t have to worry whether you will hunt the same walk twice during your stay. Rest assured, you will not be hunting heavily pressured fields as they manage their hunting land very carefully. Day-time temperatures can vary from 10 to 60 degrees, so it is important to bring the proper gear. DAILY LIMIT OF 3 BIRDS.

LATE SEASON PRESERVE HUNT (approx. November 30 to March 31) – Temperatures and weather conditions are more demanding this time of year, but the pheasants are considerably more concentrated and it is not uncommon to see as many as 1,000 birds each day. You will be hunting CRP, food plots, cattail sloughs, shelter-belts, etc. If you can handle the weather conditions, this time of year offers some of the best hunting you will see anywhere! Proper hunt execution is the key this time of year as the birds are very wily and can provide a very challenging hunt. Bring your cold weather gear and 3-inch shells for these hunts. DAILY LIMIT OF 5 BIRDS.

SNOW GOOSE HUNTS: These take place in northeast South Dakota in some of the finest snow goose areas existing anywhere. These guys have been at it for 25 years, and know their business. They are a South Dakota based operation and only hunt within a 100 mile radius of their hunting lodge so their season is pretty short, typically 3 to 4 weeks. They spend countless hours scouting the next great field for your hunt. No one will work harder to give you the opportunity, and they aren’t afraid to pick up and move the entire spread for the next day’s hunt. This, along with extensive scouting and top of the line equipment, is what it takes to be successful.

They now also offer snow goose hunts in Nebraska, a bit lower down the flyway and a bit earlier (approx. mid-February to mid-March). There is no lodging included in Nebraska.

So much of the migration is weather dependent, so the season in their area can last 1 week or 1 month. They average 3 to 4 weeks so only a small number of groups can be accommodated during this time. We suggest you book early so you are the first hunters they call when the time comes. The hunt is somewhat narrowed down from March 10th, through April 10th. This can vary by a few days on each end so if is very important for you and your group to be flexible. You are basically “On Call”!

Party size of 6 hunters will allow you to hunt in your own, exclusive field. Groups with less hunters than 6 can reserve their exclusive field for an additional charge. If you don’t have 6, you may be combined with other smaller groups to reach the desired number of hunters in each field. Hunts run from ½ hour before sunrise until sundown, with a mid-day break for lunch and rest.

Outfitter provides all decoys, blinds, callers, etc. Also provided with these hunts is lodging. Very few South Dakota snow goose operations provide lodging and it usually is at an additional cost to you. They provide lodging and it is included the cost of your hunt when chosen. You can stay in 1 of 5 very nice lodges based on the size of your group. Their comfortable lodging makes your time away from the field very pleasurable. By offering lodging, you don’t have to worry about where you are going to stay, how much it is going to cost, is the motel full, etc. We have it covered for our Hunt Nation clients!

South Dakota has no daily limit on snow geese nor is there a possession limit. You are allowed to hunt with guns that are unplugged allowing more than the traditional 3 shots. The license cost for the spring snow goose hunt is: Adult – $50 + Habitat Stamp – $25, Youth – $25.

2024 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

Archery Whitetail Hunts – 6 Days* (Season opens Sept 1)


*The first day listed is your arrival date and the last day listed is your departure date – 6 days hunting! Please plan to arrive no earlier than 4PM. There is no hunting on your arrival or departure dates.

INCLUDED: Guiding, meals and lodging. He has multiple lodges for 3 to 12 people. The main lodge has 4 private bedrooms each with its own attached bath. Can sleep up to 12. It has a 1,500-square foot great room with pool table, satellite TV, wireless internet, and laundry. Transportation to and from the Aberdeen, SD (ABR) regional airport is included in all hunting packages. If flying into any other airports (such as the international airport in Fargo, ND), you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the lodge.

NOT INCLUDED: License approx. $285, 6.5% South Dakota State Sales Tax, and tips. Ammo is available.

DEER SEASONS AND LICENSES The archery whitetail and mule deer season is set in May and is open to residents and non-residents. THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION AND LICENSES ARE SOLD THROUGHOUT THE SEASON ONLINE. The license is a Lottery Draw, but Non-Residents are guaranteed to draw. The cost of the license is approx. $285. Licenses can be applied for at the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for the license to be processed and mailed to you before you leave for your hunt.


Pheasants: $750/day per hunter (non-hunters are $150/night), including guiding, in-field transportation, airport pick up, lodging, meals, bird cleaning, kenneling for your dog. Not included is license, SD sales tax (6.5%), and tips. All pheasant hunters will hunt in their OWN group. Outfitter does not group hunting parties together, and requires min. 2 hunters per group. Bring blaze orange (hat at least), upland pants, shooting vest, glasses and gloves, and good boots.

NEW: BIG SHOT PHEASANT PACKAGES – Includes ammo, loaner shotgun (if needed), bird cleaning, sporting clays, 5-bird daily limit (additional birds available at $40 per bird) for $995/day per hunter.

Snow Geese:
Included: decoys, blinds, callers, lodging (depending on hunt package). No daily limit – unplugged guns legal.
Not Included: License (can be purchased online), 6.5% South Dakota State Sales Tax, and staff gratuities.

Full-Day Hunt – $300
2 Day Hunt/3 Nights lodging $590 per hunter per day
3 Day Hunt/4 Nights Lodging $840 per hunter per day

However, we actually recommend the PREMIER PACKAGE for just $595 per person per day. These hunts utilize full-body decoy spreads, when needed (in which case, all decoys and premium layout blinds will be set and ready for your arrival).

They can take up to 8 hunters at a time, but 6 hunters will reserve the pit exclusively for your group (if 5 or fewer hunters, you may be put with another smaller group, or you can pay for 6 hunters and have exclusive rights to the field).

In-ground enclosed heated pit blinds (2 different pits) over Full Body SX Decoys or a mobile full body decoy spread with premium layout blinds; lodging; all meals (breakfast and lunch will be cooked and served in the pit while hunting; supper will be served at the lodge; bird cleaning (no one wants to clean birds after a long day of hunting).

Not Included: License, shells, tips.

No meals included in these hunts. 6.5% Sales Tax will be added to ALL rates.

BISON HUNTS:  Our research led us to this outfitter in the northeast part of South Dakota. He provides one of the more challenging bison hunts in the country, we believe. These bison run on 5,000 acres of rolling hills, canyons and prairie, much like their ancestors did. They are about 500 in number and you will need to stalk them. You pick however your preferred animal to hunt – and you then hunt it using archery, black powder, rifle, or pistol. Whatever your weapon of choice, you will earn your trophy – you are not shooting fish in a barrel here. Of course, bison are a plains animal, normally quite visible, so please bear that in mind. Multiple stalks are often needed.

101.Cow-Buffalo-1-300x169 cow bull

101.Medium-Bull-1-168x300 medium bull

101.Trophy-Bull-3-168x300 Trophy Bull

The hunts are conducted from mid-December to the end of February when the hides are in the best condition. He usually allows you two days, but will give you a third day if needed, which we like a bunch. Success is 100%, and the outfitter will not let you leave without your bison trophy.

This outfitter also offers terrific pheasant hunting, as well as archery whitetails and mule deer. We have separate information on these other hunts, so please ask for it.
Trophy/Large Bull                                         $7,395
Medium Bull                                                    $6,395
Young Bull                                                        $5,395
Buffalo Cow (live weight approx. 850 lbs.)   $4,395
Observers                                                       $150/night

Processing by their professional butcher runs between $400 and $900 depending upon the size of the bison. Charge to skin/quarter is $125/cow, $175/medium bull, and $225/trophy bull. Generally, the “hanging weight” (head, hide, hooves and guts removed) of a bison will be approx. 56% of its live weight, and professional butchering will yield approx. 60% of the hanging weight in the form of processed meat.

Processing Information and Rates
If using our processor, he will normally process the buffalo in one day. If you flew in and need the meat shipped, it will be expensive as he ships via FedEx. You can expect the following meat yield and expenses based on good shooting from our processor.
• Buffalo Cow – 230 to 280 lbs. – $600 – $680
• Small Bull – 260 to 300 lbs. – $640 – $710
• Medium Bull – 320 to 390 lbs. – $720 – $900
• Trophy Bull – 420 to 540 lbs. – $980 – $1180

Most hunts are 2 days, but you can stay until you harvest. Also available are add-on pheasants (great way to spend some time while your bison is being processed) or archery whitetails, subject to seasons set by State.

If you want to hunt while your bull is being processed, he can arrange some pheasant hunting at a reasonable fee. Just let us know in advance. Archery deer may also be added, depending on dates.

Not Included:

• 6% tax payable on arrival directly to outfitter
• Cost of processing
• Taxidermy
• Additional days and meals while waiting for meat processing
• Activities such as pheasant or deer hunting

We really like that a buffalo hunter can have his buddies along to do pheasants and deer! Makes this a great opportunity for everyone. Or you can just hunt deer and/or pheasant too.