Texas Exotics, Hogs, Free Range Species & More # 107

Texas Exotics, Hogs, Free Range Species & More # 107

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Butch first met this outfitter years ago when Butch placed some advertisements in a hunting magazine that he was the editor of. He was also outfitting, always for high end hunts for very large trophies. Now he is outfitting full time, in a number of Western States. And he is a licensed outfitter in all of them. He has a regular following who swear by him. He was approached four years ago by a wealthy group who own a big Texas ranch they had purchased solely for their own enjoyment. A lot of money had been spent, including building a Private landing strip. They had 40,000 acres with a 10,000 acre high fence full of exotics as well. They asked him to help make the place pay for itself; as the feed bills for the game was exceeding $250,000 per year!! Lots of critters!! He of course agreed. He contacted Butch for help in securing additional hunters, and we readily agreed.

This operation has its own meat processing facility complete with a big cooler. It has cabins and they are in the process of building a brand new lodge. There are several thousand head of game in the high fence area, and many more in the free range 30,000 acres. Free range animals include whitetail deer, aoudad, hogs, some blackbuck and axis, and even some elk.

Inside the 10,000 acre high fence are Armenian red sheep, Fallow deer, Mouflon Sheep, Axis deer, Sika Deer, Addax, Scimitar horned oryx, whitetails, aoudad and more. That is a huge area to hunt, and the terrain means it is a hunt. There are big canyons, draws, water sources, brush-everything an animal needs to live, breed and survive and hide.

They are just completing the building of a 30 acre lake, so fishing will shortly be possible for bass and panfish.

LOCATION: Most clients fly to San Antonio and rent a car. Of course some folks fly to the landing strip. Airport pickup and return is $250/person.


The type of terrain that you may hunt is varied, there are flatter and easier areas which some species of game prefer. Fun country to spot and stalk in, and a challenge.

Hunts are typically 3 days in length, unless a number of species are being sought. Whitetails here can be hunted free range with most running in the 130 to 150” range. Deer over 200” are available in the high fence. Aoudad average 28 to 32”, but can exceed 35”. Skinning and caping of trophies is included in the daily rate pricing; and your meat can be frozen and shipped. They have a taxidermist come in at intervals to pick up and process any trophies needing mounting or shipping. If you want meat to take home, it is most economical to take it with you as excess baggage, shipping is very expensive.

HUNTS: All hunts are 1X1, and the cost of 2X1 is the same. Daily rate is $550 per day, 3 day minimum. Normally this is 2nights and 3 days. This day rate includes professional guide, vehicle, private accommodations, all beverages and meals, field dressing, caping, meat quartering and cold storage.

HOG HUNT (Min group of 4) Price $1770 for a 3 day hunt including lodging, but not food which can found nearby. . I was able to get them to agree to allow every hunter Unlimited hogs and also predator hunting.

Deposit is 50% on booking = $885. Bring the final $885 with you in cash. Easy, no pain.

107.6exotics-9-300x169 This price will include lodging. Food will be extra. You can bring your own and cook or drive into town 20 minutes away for restaurant food.
The new Main Lodge is not yet complete. As of Jan 3, no date for completion is known. Best guess may be Mid March/early April. Currently there are 25-30 laborers building it.
The outfitter himself will be there to help facilitate the hunt but he will not be guiding- simply supervising to insure all goes well. You will be semi-guided, meaning you will be shown around and then you can drive the roads which are good enough that you can drive rental cars around on them.

You will be hunting 40,000 acres. Outfitter also told us that if spot and stalk is not producing well, he can get you onto an adjacent ranch with feeders.
The main ranch also has a high fence operation on 10,000 acres with elk, mouflon, fallow, axis, sika, etc. Should be fun to see these unusual animals in your spare time. Bring cameras.
DAILY RATE: $550 PER DAY. 2 PERSON MINIMUM. Price is same for 1X1or 2×1.

These rates include a professional guide, vehicle, private accommodations, all beverages, field dressing, caping, meat quartering and cold storage.



1. Black Buck Antelope $4130
2.Red Sheep $7080
3.Axis $4130
4.Fallow Deer $5900
5.Corsican Sheep $2950
6. Aoudad $7670
7. Whitetail Deer $3540

OBSERVER COST $350 per day MINIMUM PARTY SIZE is 2 persons