Texas Helicopter Hog Hunt #53

Texas Helicopter Hog Hunt #53

Redefining Hog Eradication and Aerial Adventures

This Outfitter has created a new era in the helicopter hunting industry. As you’re barreling through the sky at 130 mph, strapped into 1,500 pounds of American-made steel, you’ll scour hundreds of thousands of acres of Texas farmland being destroyed by feral hogs. With state-of-the-art custom suppressed AR platforms supplied by TRIARC Systems, and pilots so talented they make Top Gun look like child’s play, they guarantee you’ll get off this adrenaline-packed flight with life-altering memories. Take a look around the site to learn more or call us today to book your flight.
Adrenaline Inducing Aerial Adventures
They wrote the book on thrill rides. Take the front seat on a day or night aerial hunting mission. The hair-raising vibrations of the MD500 slicing through the air will fall second to the smell of burnt powder and the sound of your spent shell casings hitting the floor as you empty your magazine. Some things in life are merely memorable. This is unforgettable.

This Outfitter is the leader in the fight against invasive feral hogs, which cause an estimated $1.5 billion (with a “B”!) in agricultural losses per year. With a gestation period of only a few months, these destructive vermin are multiplying at a catastrophic rate. They are impossible to eradicate and an impending threat to the environment; more importantly, the livelihood of the American farmer is at stake. The use of specialized helicopters and precision weaponry is a proven method of combating this problem at scale. Suit up, strap in and join us as the last line of defense in this overwhelming battle of monumental proportions.
If anyone understands the sheer devastation and income lost due to feral hog infestation, it’s This Outfitter. Years of blood, sweat, and tears have been spent making farmland profitable. We are not one to back down and submit to the destruction of family’s hard work and income by a species that serve no purpose.

“My brother and I did a three hour hunt on 03/04/16 and let me tell you, our experience was WORTH EVERY PENNY!”

“The flight team is EXCELLENT and the hunting was great. We downed somewhere around 15 hogs and half-dozen coyotes.”

“The MD500 is a Cadillac and the guys really know where to look for hogs and will at least put you where the animals should be.”

“I can’t rate these guys highly enough in terms of friendliness and customer service, so give them a shout and set up a hunt.”

11665449_758169990984237_5675485534411357258_n-225x300  This Outfitter has pioneered the aerial hog eradication industry since 2011 when Texas made it legal. They provide bucket list experiences to thrill seekers while assisting landowners with the environmental devastation and detrimental economic issues caused by the feral hog epidemic.   They set themselves apart from competition with unmatched experience, equipment and staff along with a deep passion for helping the farming families in our community.

They have the most advanced, accurate firearms and staff at your disposal. Additionally, they offer day and night aerial gunnery adventures and supply our customers with the latest in night vision and thermal optics. Bring the whole crew; this experience is great for corporate groups.

You’ll fly over 250,000 acres of Texas farmland on an adventure provoking laughter even louder than the guns. Regardless of skill level, they’re equipped and prepared to train you to use all of our gear and have a 100% safe aerial gunnery mission. Our pilots and guides are highly specialized, professional and personable. They are closely involved in the training process which is just as awesome as the flight. Your experience starts the second you walk into the hangar.

Grab a gun and aid in the efforts against the destruction from harmful hogs for landowners across the Lone Star State. Few things in life measure up to the experience This Outfitter is known for. You won’t leave here without an ear-to-ear grin on your face. This Outfitter is closely aware of the devastation feral hogs have caused across the Lone Star State and are passionate about helping the landowners who have worked their entire lives to maintain their farmland.

Helicopter Hog Hunt: from $1,800/hr (2 hour minimum)
One of the most popular hunting experiences in the world, hunting hogs from a helicopter doesn’t compare to anything else. They offer riveting hunts in the best location on earth to hunt destructive pigs.
• Includes: short barreled AR15 with silencers and unlimited ammo
• Aerial gunnery package: call for pricing
They offer specialized training from industry experts for groups of 6 to 10 people utilizing our specialized MD500 Little Bird.

3 Hour Helicopter Hog hunt & Night vision, thermal hunt package
They’ll provide you with the latest night vision and thermal optic equipment and train you to use it. They offer night ground hunting and target shooting which is great for large or small groups. This package is scalable to accommodate everyone.
2-Day Hunt

Quarter Day Hog Hunt – $3800
Half Day Hog Hunt – $5800
Full Day Hog Hunt – $11,000
Night Time Hog – Ground Hunt night vision and thermal -$1500
Unrivaled Equipment


Team Building Like You’ve Never Experienced
Do you need to inspire your team to work together with SEAL-like precision and execution? Forget trust falls and company picnics! Let This Outfitter accommodate your large groups for the ultimate team-building exercise.
They custom tailor our services to each and every client. They can also provide highly specialized, advanced training for your law enforcement operation.
“Your Safety Is Our First, Second, and Third Priority”

The instructors are unparalleled. Their pilot has welll over 13,000 hours of flight time and They have hand-picked the upper echelon of safety officers to keep you safe during this pulse-pounding sky showdown.

Take The Plunge and Call Today to Learn More.  Whether you’re an arms enthusiast, avid hunter, or have never shot a gun in your life, this live-fire operation is catered to your dream’s desire. Customers from all over the world come to This Outfitter and consistently return after experiencing our high-octane adventures.

This Outfitter takes great pride in helping landowners solve their feral hog problems at no charge and with the utmost professionalism. They operate under a strict code of ethics with safety and respect for your land as our highest priority. They hold the distinction as one of the only companies in Texas certified by the Department of the Interior for ACETA, Aerial Capture, Eradication and Tagging of Animals.

Fly into either Dallas or Austin. Outfitter can pick you up for an additional $350 charge each way.
This is an eradication hunt- They DO NOT harvest meat or trophies for clients.